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Subaru is ALREADY giving the STi treatment to the 2022 BRZ ?

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Subaru is readying “STi” parts of the 2022 BRZ before the vehicle is even available. Could there be a true “STi” and “GRMN” models to come from Toyota and Subaru?

While we were all focused on the unveil of the new toyota 86 subaru also announced some exciting add-ons that could be alluding to a sportier model coming fingers crossed sti bring it on we also hear that the hyundai veloster could be getting cancelled today we’re gonna dive into this grab your snacks and drink some buckle in all right over at auto blogs subaru

Brz accessories and sti performance parts revealed it’s pretty crazy that they’re already unveiling these things we see these trickle out for toyota products they’re called trd parts so you can just you know buy at the dealership and then they can put them on you can put them on yourself well subaru’s doing the same thing but with sti parts and the brz that’s not

Even out till this fall so check out these sick pieces guys okay so at the bottom with this additional lip and this this lip makes the the front end of the brz look so much better i don’t like the brz’s front end compared to the a6 i think the 86’s front end looks a whole lot better now it looks like they also added some led lights inside of here don’t know if

It looks good or not but it’s cool that you have that customization next image we have an aggressive inlet here on the side scoop which kind of reminds me just a little bit of the aftermarket pieces that you put on a lexus f card to accentuate that side slit that gill that shark gill and we’re going to keep going you can get these 18-inch bbs wheels and i think

They’re forged wheels so they’re a little bit lighter as well guys these these are like kind of like the bronze gold type of wheels that we see sometimes on like wrx stis so maybe a little bit more bronze than the gold but it still looks pretty cool i’d love to see what it looks like uh with like black i think it would look cool with a black paint color maybe even

White i don’t know how good it would look with like yellow or maybe okay with blue but uh look at this wing this carbon fiber wing looks pretty sick and it has sti logo right there at the top of it that is a there’s a crazy wing that is right there in there with the sti parts that i would expect from subaru i don’t know if i was getting this thing that wing might

Be on the short list now they have a lighter exhaust system sti badge there on the side man they’re making some pretty cool parts and the car is not even out yet i’m just super excited now on the back we it’s interesting uh well i just saw this for the first time we don’t have any additional side skirts but you have this little piece here i think it looks kind of

Tacky this piece in the the very rear of the side and then back here we have additional ground effects and lips and yeah i think it looks a lot meaner on the back of course this has the upgraded exhaust so that’s going to look pretty sick and then you have a deck lid spoiler which we haven’t seen we just saw the big fat one which i don’t know that probably the

One i would get uh and then on top you have you see these in a lot of wrx and sti models with this diffuser roof diffuser but yeah overall these kits make the brz look a lot meaner which that’s what it’s expected to do it doesn’t look like there’s any information on availability and pricing so if you’re looking to sti your brz probably check with your dealer for

That now what if we’re going to go to the spreadsheet real quick what if we’ve already i’ve already speculated on this in my head but subaru could actually build an sti or brz sti therefore there would have to be a toyota counterpart which would be a grmn86 we already got the gr86 so would they just drop the wrx’s upcoming engine in there the fa-24f turbocharged

Uh boxer four it’s a possibility and it could have you know 260 horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque that’s the amount of power we see and let’s say the legacy the outback etc with this engine but we know they’re also working on higher higher power output versions of it with the upcoming sti and wrx so we’ll we’ll see how that is but could they just turbocharge

The 2.4 liter fa-24 that’s already in there they could i don’t know if they would due to weight so it would be interesting to see if and how they would do it maybe they put the 1.8 liter cb18 new turbocharged engine but they would have to boost the heck out of it because the torque’s there and it smokes a torque of the fa-24 naturally aspirated version if you

Guys have ideas on how they would grmn or sti the upcoming toyoburu twins put it in the comments below i mean the simple answer i think would be the fa24f turbo don’t know if they would want to put in all that additional weight for the turbochargers intercoolers etc we’re moving forward over at motor one hyundai veloster could soon be killed as deals dry up for

Quirky hatch what’s going on i this this kind of caught me surprised and actually a commenter on my channel is like hey i hear that the velocity could be canceled what do you think i’m like no there’s no way they’ll cancel the vloster because it’s kind of like the test bed for them for their end platform or their in models that could still be the case but check

Out what is going on right now the cars direct is reporting that they have discovered that the standard veloster lacks any incentives from the automaker as of april 1st no rebates no lease deals no apr financing incentives hyundai is offering a final pay incentive a special one designed to help dealers clear out stock which looks to be working cars direct found it

Almost impossible to find models in stock discovering around 200 velosters on sale nationwide most of which are being the veloster invariant and hyundai is continuing to offer incentives for that model so what the speculation is about this is that hyundai could just be canceling the normal veloster in favor of just having a veloster in it is quite strange with

These or the lack of incentives on the on the base for lobster but if it’s just not selling uh i i understand that they could cancel it and i i personally would not be sad at all if the velosters canceled the veloster n would be cancelled they would find something that would be sporty to replace it uh we know that the the kona end just came out i know that’s not

Quite the same but it has the same eight-speed dct in it it also has uh the two-liter turbo with 260 or 270 horsepower so now it could just be that they’re clearing stock on the 2020 models waiting for the 21s to come in that’s a possibility as well because the the dealers are saying or at least the company hyundai has said that 2021 model year veloster veloster

Turbine blaster and models are in dealer slash port stock so this is probably what’s going on is that they’re just trying to clear stock they had a little bit of wall in production between the 2020 and the 2021 model sometimes that happens if they’re adding new things to the car revising the car wouldn’t say that the veloster is dead quite yet but guys i’ll see

Down in the comments do you think hyundai should cancel the veloster and just have the veloster end should they kill both of them should they have something to replace it uh i’ll see you guys in the comments on that and one last article that i also thought was interesting with state of motor one for this is 2022 infinity qx55 already getting significant dealer

Incentives discounts manufacturer incentives uh so let’s read into this now this is coming from cars direct as well that was just mentioning the information on the veloster this is the same sort of information when it comes to incentives but the entry level qx55 lux is getting an 1825 lease cash incentive followed by a 2775 discount for the essential trim level

And then the range topping sensor and get grade it comes with a 3 375 discount and that is just for leasing so wow um typically well at least my experience in the car industry when there’s a brand new model out they typically don’t at least lexis because that’s really where my experience comes from they don’t give incentives on a brand new model for months and

Months and months to come that’s just my experience with alexis infiniti is always known for leasing extremely well for the customer uh their msrps are are up there with a lot of the competitors but they often lease for a lot lower and it could be because of all the cash they throw at it now that doesn’t seem to be helping infinity right now because their sales

Are down 25 on q1 which is just like mind-blowing mainly because the qx60 is missing in action since they don’t have production of it until the 2022 model comes out later this year so now if you want to finance the vehicle you can get it at 1.9 percent up to 72 months so not only can you lease with it’s extremely attractive lease rebates you can also borrow money

For extremely low borrowing right there on a brand new car so infinity is just like we need to get these things out the door we don’t have any qx60s to sell our qx50s are doing well we assume this vehicle is pretty much the same thing it just looks a little bit sharper we would assume that they just want to sell as many vehicles as they can and help dealers out

As they’re just trying to like stay afloat stay in business when the qx60 their their traditional best seller is just missing an action these programs start at 479 for a 39 month lease with 4 300 do it signing and there’s also a thousand dollar dealer cash incentive so they are throwing money at this thing and it will be interesting to see how well or not well

This qx 55 sells it’s really the same vehicle as a qx50 looks a little bit cooler i i always thought it was overpriced from the get-go but they are incentivizing it to maybe compensate for that issue guys if you made this one on the video smash the like button subscribe if you’re not if you were excited for the 86 or the should i should i say the gr86 as well

As the new brz coming out this fall make sure to smash the like button but i’ll see you in the comments when it comes to an sti variant maybe coming in a grmn model maybe coming for the gr86 guys i’ll see you in the next video thank you so much for watching a wonderful day oh yeah i finished my uh sienna review that’s a lot of fun and also i have a honda accord

Hybrid coming in honda’s really proud of this thing uh saying that it is super efficient you know a better buy than their 1.5 turbo so i’m excited to test it i haven’t tested a whole lot of honda acura hybrids in the past so can’t wait to give you my impressions on it test out the fuel economy ratings guys i’ll see in the next video take care of yourselves peace out you

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Subaru is ALREADY giving the "STi" treatment to the 2022 BRZ ? By Kirk Kreifels