Subaru Legacy built engine. SLEEPER ?

This is an overview of a built Subaru legacy purchased from Tiger auto sales out of London Ontario and found out the build is from lachute performance out of Quebec.

All right today we have here is a subaru legacy that is pretty much fully built engine with uh upgraded sti brakes my brother will introduce the car hey guys how’s it going today so 2005 subaru legacy uh i’ve seen this thing on online for a long long time shifted hands many many times and then someone that i’ve been doing business with out in london ontario i’m

Gonna give a shout out to these guys it’s tiger auto sales uh the gentleman who was dealing with me his name is hassan i saw it up on his website texted him straight away i’m like hey i want the car because i kind of know a little bit about it uh he said no problem kind of purchased it sight unseen i mean basically i didn’t ever see the car i just saw tons of

Pictures of it and heard about it and uh went down there and uh was able to have it towed back to the house and went through the car didn’t know a lot about the car but the one the things that i did know was full sti engine six-speed transmission front mount intercooler external wastegate big turbo wasn’t 100 sure what turbo was uh had an aftermarket exhaust the

Brembo brakes like my brother said uh the wheels i think they’re probably reps and uh some gauges so i’ll pop the hood and i’ll show you yeah let’s take a look in the car the brembo brakes and the rears interesting fact when they swap these brakes out uh the parking brake handbrake does not work so we gotta try to figure an update for that so there actually is

I found out that there is a rotor that you can purchase for these cars that have the uh brembo swap on them so it just gives the uh you’re able to use the stock handbrake because uh the um the hub or the rotor is is too big on the stis where it’s smaller on the wrxs and the legacies alright let’s go take a look at that engine there she is yeah i knew nothing

About this car um just kind of things that i saw online over the years somehow it ended up in my possession i i saw it probably back in 2015 for sale and um yeah it’s it’s it’s a really cool car it pulls really really hard i heard it was somewhere around 400 wheel horsepower then i decided i was gonna not use it for a build i initially purchased it to scavenge

The parts off for probably another build because the car comes with a rebuilt title and i know people are scared of the rebuilt titles and then i was like maybe i’m not going to do another build like this so i put it up for sale on facebook marketplace just as a donor car for somebody else who maybe wanted to use the parts and i got a message from someone out of

The blue and said hey you want to know the build on the car and i said absolutely i wonder the build on the car so he said okay let me look to my phone and i’m going to see what i can find uh he went to a dealership that had it out in kitchener and uh was able to drive the car but then when he saw the carfax history and it’s it’s a crazy carfax history um few

Accidents cars revoked now but yeah that scared him off and so he never purchased the vehicle but basically he said there was a company out in brownsburg quebec that’s called la shoot auto and they were the ones that built the car uh manly rods mahal pistons king bearings 30 yard turbo it had cams in it 280 cams it was completely completely built i was able

To reach out to the shoot auto really really nice people man i was really surprised after care customer service i got even not being a customer but this being one of their builds that they gave to me i mean it was unreal i spoke to the guy for probably a good half an hour initially i called them and the lady on the phone wonderful lady she said you know what

Uh we’re not really sure but maybe somebody will know about the car i said it’s a legacy i’m sure you guys didn’t build a lot of legacies like if it was a wrx or sti i can understand like tons of those cars are probably going through that place but uh yeah she said let me talk to some people that are here and uh see if we can find anything about the car um i i

Forget the gentleman’s name i’ll find out what it is and let you guys know but yeah he called me back and said you know what i remember the car vaguely this is back in around 2015. um he said let me look up whether i have invoices for it still i said okay couldn’t remember the name of the customer i said let me go to the car maybe i have the buyer’s package here

In ontario we get a buyer’s package whenever we purchase vehicles and that gives us the previous owner’s names so i was looking through the car and i had some receipts from la shoot auto from back in 2015 with his name on it i was like this is awesome man so i told him hey this is the guy’s name and he started looking up the history and he said this is crazy man

He was the motor is completely built everything that i told you guys is in the car uh he said i can see right now more than 30 different invoices and probably over 20 000 in mods and i was like crazy so yeah definitely a a good buy i mean i didn’t pay a lot of money for the vehicle but it it really pulls hard we’ll take you guys out in it and let you see how

The car drives it’s got a little weird thing with the tune where i think it’s a rev match so when you’re slowing down after doing a pull you go to push the brake and the clutch at the same time and i’m not sure which one you press first but it’ll do a rev match and sometimes the car will jerk forward so it’s kind of kind of aggravating and it’s a little scary if

You’re pulling and then you need to break quick because the car will want to jerk forward but you know we can always probably get it re-tuned later on if we decide to do anything with this setup or even keep the car itself i’m not sure i mean i never keep my stuff i like to keep it turning over so but yeah this is the legacy let me show you guys the inside so it

Does have a couple of gauges exhaust temp and boost other than that the interior is completely stock everything works on the car like my brother said the handbrake doesn’t work but um the crazy thing is uh it doesn’t have any co it doesn’t throw any codes like there’s no lights on nothing it’s unreal so and it’s a real blast to drive yeah sure is humor startup

Yeah so as you can see no lights oh there is rig light but that’s just the handle oh the handbrake i can put it down and then you have the the seat belt because i’m not wearing the seatbelt but and i got it up for some unknown reason i think it’s of course added well it’s good to keep the habit anyways so lightweight pulley oh nine sti crank that’s in this engine

No blow valve so you’ll hear the flutter when he let’s go with the gas after boost and external wastegate right there all right we’re gonna give it a nice little pull here for you guys yeah she feels good oh yeah um sucks you

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Subaru Legacy built engine. SLEEPER ? By Habib13SR