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Subaru Legacy Review // Solid, dependable and… different

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A full review of the fifth generation Subaru Legacy, a popular car worldwide, but often overlooked in the UK. Difficult to place in the market, is the Legacy both a quality and luxury car?

Welcome to the fifth generation subaru legacy – forgetting these things existed, now they’re  quite popular around the world, especially in the us and in australia, but in the uk they never really  sold too many of them – especially this generation.   they actually only sold us the tourer – or estate  car – which is what this model is. when

I   got offered the chance to drive one, i jumped  at the chance because it’s a properly cool-looking   car actually, i knew it would have the standard  subaru all-wheel drive system, and i knew that   it would have some sort of quirky engine, boxer  flat-4 engine. this is a 2011, they came out in   2009, the fifth

Generation and sold it ’till 2013.  they’re quite difficult to place on the market and   where they were aimed at because at the same time  as being quite a luxurious and well-appointed car   with all this leather and technology and it’s  also quite agricultural in its underpinnings.   very stiff clutch and manual gearbox that

Feel   bit more serious, and then this great big   essentially the intake for the intercooler on   by the name you might imagine it has sat nav,  it also has leather seats, a reversing camera,  xenon headlights and keyless entry and go – quite a  high tech car given that it came out in 2009.   and the nice thing is that

Even if you don’t buy  entry level ones, you get dual-zone climate control, 10-way adjustable seats – now these seats they’re   electrically adjustable forward and back – even in  a 50/60 grand bmw or mercedes they often   neglect to give you a seat that will move back and  forward under its own steam – so definitely got plenty  

Of kit on it. you could get this car in the uk with  only three engines, now in the rest of the world   there was a few different other engine options,  so here you could get two petrol engines – a two   litre and a 2.5, and then a diesel. elsewhere in  the world there was options such as a 3.6 litre   boxer flat 6 which –

Now you’re talking! it’s a  real shame we didn’t get that here, so if anyone’s   watching and you’ve got like a 3.6 then do let me  know. the diesel was only available with the six   speed manual, then with the two litre petrol you  could get the manual or a cvt gearbox and then the   2.5 was only cvt. the weird thing is that

This  particular car is the diesel and the world’s first   diesel boxer engine, and i was wondering – does  this mean it’s going to sound good? i was getting   thought maybe it’ll be the best sounding diesel   there is an advantage to this boxer diesel and it’s that  it’s a little bit more like a petrol engine  

Got much more linear performance it doesn’t   have that low down turbo shove-you-back and then  it’s gone, and you have to change again it’s much   more like smooth and… okay the revs still run out  it’s got an electronic handbrake, it’s not  where you’d expect it to be – it’s not down here   in the centre console, it’s to the

Right of the  steering wheel. now obviously subaru knew this   would be a bit weird, they’ve literally got this  sticker next to it telling you how to use it   whoever had this set… likes sitting up straight!  up front it’s a pretty practical car you’ve got   bottomed bottle no problem and in the side pockets   as

Well. you’ve got a sunglasses holder up on the  top, this centre console cubby which sort of splits   into a tray on the top and then a bigger thing  underneath, there’s also another 12-volt socket   inside the center console as well, and then a  the glovebox is a reasonable size. most of  them don’t have the great big screen in the

Middle   here, so i’ll just go over this quickly – it’s not  bad actually, it’s quite big, given this   you’ve got sat nav which is okay obviously a little   bit out of date now then you’ve got your bluetooth  phone connections and a calculator and a calendar   what’s that? i suppose he should show you around the back 

Now it’s his turn, so i think i’m just going to   subaru legacy tourer, where there’s acres of room   it’s fantastic back here – crap loads of head room, loads of leg room in front of me even though it’s   set for jj at six foot (184cm) tall, you could easily  get a family in here. there’s not really much   back here – there’s

Some decent door pockets with  cupholders, there’s a weird little bit of storage   also lean them (the seats) back a little bit, so i can   have a little sleep back here as well which is  nice. oh and there’s an arm rest with two cup holders in it, it’s got a great big load bay with a flat   load lip, you can pull the seats down

By just  pulling the little handles at the back so you   don’t have to lean in to do it, you can either  do it from in here or in the back. lots of storage   underneath, there’s a little tonneau cover thing  that you can take out like in a lot of estate cars. you get these hooks that you can pull out and  hook things on to as well.

This video if you think backseat jj is helpful   on. and then i’m gonna get going – i was talking   about this car being agricultural, i mean it in the  nicest possible way of course, there was an advert   basically just gets held up by a load of sheep   that appears to be the advert – it’s like   that’s the joy of owning

A subaru. tell you what  actually, the visibility in this car is pretty   good – i’ve got this horrible turning here to make, terrible angle, but there’s a lot of glass and i can see all the way down the length of the car and   there’s not really a big blind spot or anything.  to add to the visibility – the massive wing   mirrors as

Well, you can see all sorts through that.  the whole shape of this car actually with those   massive wing mirrors, it’s kind of like a big tonka  toy, it does add to that rugged feeling, it actually   looks quite modern given that this car was made  in 2009. it still looks like it could be a new car.  bad car to to drive, it’s got

Huge wide tires on it   and they they grip really well, and the all-wheel   drive makes you just feel like you can get around  the corner quickly and safely. the steering’s a   little bit vague but once you get into the corner  it it’s quite fun! i like the instrument cluster in   front of you, it’s quite sporty in its font

And  design and the little screen in front of you   actually tells you what gear you’re in even in a  manual which is unusual. it’s got an mpg meter   i’ve never really understood the point of   and in order to put that there they’ve got rid of  the temperature gauge so all you get is a little   light that tells you that

The engine’s cold and  then it goes away when the engine’s warm. so the   problem is to achieve that that quality feeling  that subaru tend to have, it does suffer in   other situations – the ride is a bit firm, it’s not  massively uncomfortable it does handle potholes   germans have got to offer, so it’s not massively  noisy

At speed but at the same time it’s   from the back there, but generally otherwise  the interior feels well screwed together.   do want a version of this car that can go   on stilts. they put some plastic cladding on it and  stuff but basically it’s the same car they just   extended it upwards into the air. thanks to my 

Mate roger for lending me this car, he reckons   he’s not a car guy but all the cars he’s ever  owned have been weird and wonderful like this.  if you want a practical estate car and you’re  in the market for something a bit different and   you don’t just want the same old car that everyone  else wants, i’d certainly give this car a

Look – it’s   it’s all about – it’s different and it’s not it’s   not a bad car, so you don’t have to be different  and have something crap – you can be different   and have the dependable rugged all-wheel drive  car that will take you anywhere. it’ll still get   it’s got all the toys on it for a car this age.  

The comments which model you have. if you   fancy watching any more jj on cars videos then  i’m going to put one up here for you to watch   yeah cheers for watching and  i’ll see you in the next video!

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Subaru Legacy Review // Solid, dependable and… different By JJ on Cars