Suprising My Dad With His Dream Car (Ford Bronco)

Surprising my Dad with a Ford Bronco! I Bought My Dad His Dream Car, a 2021 Ford Bronco, this is his reaction! Subcribe for more Shelby GT350, Subaru STI and VW R32!

Today is a huge day that we’ve been waiting months for and i could not be more excited the ford bronco is finally here if you’ve been watching the channel for a little while you might remember i made this video a couple of months ago today i’m gonna tell you how and more importantly why i pre-ordered the brand new 2021 ford bronco however what you guys saw wasn’t

Actually the full introduction this was the full introduction i pre-ordered the brand new 2021 ford bronco for my dad i bet you didn’t expect that it’s currently september 19th and he has no idea that i’m doing this right now you’ll see this in a couple of months so yeah i never actually ordered myself a ford bronco today we’re giving my dad his dream car a 2021

Ford bronco so yeah i know it’s taking a little while but today should be a crazy crazy day i’m super excited i never even thought i’d be in a position to be able to do something like this but we are and it’s gonna be really exciting here’s the game plan though the ford bronco actually arrived at my ford dealer today this is actually the same dealer that i bought

My raptor from a couple of years ago we’re gonna go take a look at the bronco and all of the cool details because it’s actually really really cool all of the cool spec stuff i’ve got on it and then tomorrow my dad’s actually coming into town and we can reveal to him that it’s actually his ford bronco and not mine so let’s go take a look at this thing it should

Be really cool oh my god that is so cool the color is actually amazing that’s so sick this thing is actually a monster before this i’d never actually seen a ford bronco wild track in person before so this was my first up close and personal look with one and i love it so here it is this is the 2021 ford bronco cyber orange it’s the wild track model it’s four doors

Hard top roof and everything this thing is so cool so here’s some of the options that we’ve got on here for one we’ve got this really awesome 360 camera so there’s a camera sitting in the grill which looks super super awesome there’s also cameras under the actual wing mirrors and that gives you like this whole top-down view of the car it’s super cool it’s got these

Enormous 315 tires on it it’s so sick they’re very similar to the tires that was actually on my ford raptor like i said it’s also got the hard top roof which i think looks really really good keep in mind that can actually come off in the summer so you can drive around with no roof and no doors obviously as it’s a wild track model it’s also got this wild track

Decal on the top there every single angle of this thing looks awesome the exhaust is down there it’s pointing downwards the suspension looks so awesome oh yeah we’ve also got side steps on the side because it’s actually really lifted up with those big chunky tires what is this yo that’s cool a proper little bronco startup screen now that screen’s going already i

Think that’s a 12 inch screen on there that’s bigger than some laptop on the roof like i said the roof comes off so you’ve got all these clips along there and up here and everything like that and you can actually see the roof comes apart in like two pieces there more clips there and then they go all the way to the rear i mean i don’t think we’re gonna be taking

The doors or the roof off anytime soon it’s currently minus 10 up here in canada so yeah i think those are gonna stay on at least until the summer can i just say in my personal opinion i think ford absolutely nailed this thing it’s got elements from the old broncos from back in the day which looks super cool i love some good retro styling and then it’s got all

Of these modern features to make it just an awesome car that you can drive every single day okay hold up a second we’ve also got sync 4 system here so uh first order of business how do we make it dark mode dark mode that is much much better thank you very much wait if i put it in reverse that’s when the camera should pop up yes so you can actually see that big

360 camera so you get a cool top-down view and you can also see everything behind you okay i’m not gonna lie i have a feeling i might be ordering a ford bronco for myself because this is such a nice car it’s gotta be like one of the perfect vehicles to drive up here in canada with when you’ve got no doors in the summer and then you’ve got all of this big chunky

Off-roading ability for the winter i think this is kind of it this is like peak vehicle anyways that’s enough playing around in the bronco let’s fast forward to tomorrow when my dad arrives and i can actually give him this vehicle and kind of explain everything that happened behind the scenes so you see that guy yeah that’s my dad and he has no idea what’s about

To happen my dad thinks that we both ordered ford broncos him and outer banks and me a wild track what he doesn’t know though is i actually went over to the ford dealership a year ago to tell them my plan and they loved it vahed our salesperson who’s the same guy actually bought the raptor from loved the idea so much and helped me convince my dad that his order was

Actually placed my dad thinks we’re heading over to the ford dealership today to check out my ford bronco when in reality it’s his and this is what happened let me show you the raptors here come here i’ll show you the wrappers look at this let me show you that same as yours or no it’s the same color did you order the same color or black no no i’ve got the orange

Orange oh yeah yeah the cyber already well no not the same model unfortunately yeah this is like the top of the line this is the top of the line crazy eh let’s go and see your car now nick well do you want to know something uh yeah that is yours no that’s your car no this is not my model that’s your car what yeah what are you talking about this is not my model

You’re joking no that’s you this is mine that’s yours you’re joking you’re joking you’re joking this is mine yeah nick you did what are you what are you talking about yeah you never thrown me back when i found you i absolutely love it this is the whole top of the i mean yeah not have your car i don’t have one you don’t have one this is yours it’s yours before

Yours i don’t have one i never ordered one i’ve never ordered one i never ordered one you’re joking i didn’t understand anything you didn’t order one no i ordered i ordered this one i like this one oh my god this is your one it’s like amazing it’s on big huge wheels it has every upgrade inside oh my god i love this car your order never existed understand why

You didn’t phone me back i was telling you everything’s fine you’ll be fine don’t worry oh my god ar-12 gaming yep this is the best bronco on the road well i’m in shock nicholas that’s more than generous i mean like i i i don’t know what to say wow i’m a pretty lucky dad thank you and the screen is gorgeous it’s like a laptop sitting in the front here as soon

As i came in here and saw an orange bronco but then i i looked and saw the fenders right away and thought ah that’s the top of the line that was beautiful i was about to say how come you got this for somebody and like where’s mine nicholas so do you like it okay i’m ready for my new adventure it’s too nice to drive it’s gonna get dirty this is a good day i

Cannot believe this i just can’t believe i’m sitting in it i order the outer bank that one and you that one and you come along intercept it to the wild track thanks again for everything thank you very much thank you what a cool car so we got the ford bronco onto the road and we actually headed back to my house where we got the bronco into the garage so we could

Take a closer look at it in the war i think we have to take the roof off should we try convertible oh that’s so cool oh wow i love that wow this is a really strange feeling this is weird back of a car like this just there for a nice design after that we got the roof back onto the car and i said to my dad enough is enough it’s time for you to go and enjoy this

Car properly without a camera being pointed in your face so my dad took the long drive home and i’m not even joking he hasn’t stopped texting me about it since and that is the story of how i bought my daddy’s dream car a 2021 ford bronco it’s really awesome that we were able to do something like this for my dad because he’s been there ever since day one helping

Out behind the scenes here with what i do at ar12 he’s read over every single contract i’ve ever signed he’s packed up every single merch order that’s ever gone out he’s helped me do a bunch of work in the garage recently and he’s done all of the accounting stuff behind the scenes that you guys never actually see speaking of you guys doing these things wouldn’t be

Possible without you guys so thank you so much for watching these videos commenting subscribing liking them it helps so so much and allows me to do things like this so thank you i hope you guys aren’t too disappointed that i don’t actually have a ford bronco of my own and that i’ve been carrying out this elaborate plan over the past year and a half but i hope it

Was worth it thank you guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this video i’ll see you guys soon with some more i’ll see you then bye you

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