SURPRISING 2022 Genesis G70 Review

2022 Genesis G70 Review. The Genesis G70 is pumping out 368 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque from a 3.3L twin-turbo V6. At $59,000 would this be your pick over the BMW M340i, Kia Stinger GT, Infiniti Q50, Acura TLX Type S, Audi S4, Lexus IS350?

I’m yuri i’m jacob record for a drive 2022 genesis g70 sport with launch control i felt better than the stinger horsepower and torque 368 horsepower 376 pound-feet of torque from a 3.3 liter twin-turbo v6 okay let me put this thing in automatic nice high gear and holy pumped in audio batman yeah i feel like this actually feels better than the stinger

In a number of different ways oh it totally does it kind of almost feels snappier and like quicker and then like handling wise it also feels i think better and even the feeling of the steering wheel yeah so there’s a lot of things going on uh first of all we have three extra horsepower with this valved variable exhaust which is also on the stinger and if you

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Watch ours first the front has been refreshed yeah okay let’s talk about the looks and the back has been refreshed so the front now lines up more with the rest of the genesis lineup which is awesome it’s got the two line headlights yeah i think it looks really really good and they obviously spent all of their budget on the g70 and nothing was left over for

The kia stinger refresh yeah but i mean the kia stinger was already already perfect and the g70 could have used some help yeah and it really kind of needed it like now that i look at this because at the time the g70 looked good okay let me push this thing through cliche corner a little bit okay and you have traction off in sport plus mode so technically we’re

In drift mode technically because we have all-wheel drive this is freaking sick yeah it just wants to drift even when you’re trying to hold back it wants to pull you around yeah so this gives me m340i vibes like this is like a budget m340i yes but but good and close this is like the closest someone has come to that exactly okay back to the looks okay the front

End looks like the gv70 which is the small suv where the g80 looks like the gv80 suv and sedan yes just like everybody else is doing the e-class is this and blah blah blah and like the 70s are a little bit more like rounded and puffier than the 80s yes and then moving around to the side we actually have fake vents that’s one of the first things that i noticed

Because there’s like real vent but it’s so minimal compared at the bottom but what’s cool is that most of the fake venting on this car is just real venting with hard plastic behind it i disagree there’s a lot of fake fence most of it okay well because there’s a stuff at the back rear quarters that’s really fake that’s why i said most yeah well i did say rewind

It play it back i’m not saying you didn’t i’m saying there’s a lot of fake vents on here and then from the side view as for the body lines it’s pretty much exactly the same i think exactly the same as the last g70 yeah they wouldn’t have changed that because it would have caused them too yeah this is technically just a mid-cycle refresh which include the front

Back and the infotainment i think yeah just like a really heavy refresh just like they did with the g80 as well what do you think of these body lines they still hold up yeah they’re still pretty decent it’s kind of okay i don’t really like it in this blue color at all i would much prefer that beige or silver that’s kind of like their press photos oh no this is

A good blue and then from those press photos they had the daytime running lights on full amber and that’s why in real life i don’t think this looks as cool as it did in those photos yeah they definitely cheated with that okay and then back to the front again we forgot to mention that we’ve got a blacked out grill because this is the sport version you can get

The crest in a chrome as well which i think looks much much better and back to the side again because we’re all over the place for some reason uh these wheels are pretty decent but they’re still just kind of okay genesis does really good wheels so i have high expectations for them yeah these are kind of boring there’s like five spoke black like yeah but we do

Have red brembos yeah we have brembos on the front and back and what would be the continental recommended tire for a g70 the conti sport contact five okay now back end we’ve got different tail lights and i think they look really great i love the crispness of the led it’s it’s very high quality you know nissan has like no good new daytime running lights or tail

Lights oh yes i’m very well this is like the complete opposite of them yes and then we’ve got genesis written all the way across on the trunk yeah and for some reason in a four-wheel drive which looks like awd okay and then at the bottom we got our license plate and that whole thing at the bottom i feel like it would almost look better if it was gloss black i

Agree like i really don’t like that rear bottom portion of the bumper they’re trying to make it too aggressive but in that way they kind of made it look cheap and i mentioned that variable valve exhaust so the exhaust tips are like ovals with the actual exhaust in the middle it kind of looks a little bit weird like the with the squared tips in the middle of

The round tip but from far away it looks alright and you can see the valves if you’re looking close and let’s take a listen to the outside doesn’t really sound that good okay yo go to the go to the pumpkin audio and let’s let’s toggle it or change it see how it sounds okay ready we’re gonna go active sound design we’re on strong yuri florid off off on the

Strong it’s not varying too much if it’s off it doesn’t even sound that bad here let me okay with just off it’s very airy though it’s a very very airy exhaust like you could do well yeah when we say airy we mean like someone just going like that like so if you ever hear a bad exhaust that we film you’re like wow the exhaust sounds so crappy like it did on that

Lexus rcf yeah and the case stinger when we filmed it from the outside it’s not our fault that’s just the way they make it sound the muffler is meant to muffle so it’s doing its job and it sounds like air rather than the exhaust sound which would be nice if it did sound like the exhaust sound of a v6 so overall looks wise of this refresh i think 10 out of 10

They absolutely killed it is there anything you like about the looks of the old g70 more no actually everything about this refresh is so much better i think it looks way more luxurious now i think it places well within the genesis lineup and i think it also even differentiates itself and looks way better than the kia stinger now which i really loved in the

First generation yeah the pre-refresh stinger is way better but i think it’s good there’s like a best of both worlds it’s like if the cavalier and the sunfire differentiated themselves even more back in the 90s gm yeah that’s exactly what this is or the monte carlo the regal the grand prix and the cutlass yes that’s that is this are those g bodies i don’t even

Know dude your turn to get behind the wheel talk about the handling and stuff and the interior changes and the launch control 0-60 put the pedal to the floor we got your back door bandit launch control send i swear this ripped harder than it has to this is really really good so i did time it earlier with draggy and it does zero to 60 in 4.58 seconds that’s

As fast as i can get it man this is like top quality normal people fast it really is now the power train is still a little bit older feeling because there’s still some turbo lag like you downshift downshift and now i’m gonna floor it and then it goes but it also feels like less leg than the stinger yeah yeah and i know you guys haven’t seen the stinger review

Yet but it’s coming yeah it’s gonna come a little later because this is more exciting and we’ll actually hit the us embargo and hit the cliche corner as well okay so first thing i noticed like i said m340i vibes it feels really good steering is really good brakes are really good and oversteer really good like this drives amazing this is secretly an m340i it

Really is like holy crap have they improved something here because we need to do a proper comparison of this to that and a stinger all three of them i think so okay so this does have all-wheel drive and i believe it is d-a-w-d just like the kia stinger gets so it can send up to one hundred percent of the available torque to the back hence drift mode when you

Have traction on 100 of the available power well the wording is so i hate it so pretty much if you want to do drift mode sport plus traction and stability all the way off and that’ll allow you to drift the most which is cool because you kind of don’t need a rear wheel drive one which we don’t get in canada but you all do in the states right and this is such a

Fantastic all-wheel drive system because it does feel heavily rear biased and that’s what we like so much about the m340i now this does feel a little bit less punchy a little bit slower than the m340i but at this price point it also it’s not a bmw exactly yeah it also makes sense and speaking of all-wheel drive in winter we did do donuts with the rear wheel

Drive two liter turbo manual one and the twin turbo v6 all-wheel drive one and they were really really fun for winter drifting and we also managed to do a burnout with an all-wheel drive one because of the way this system works but we don’t know if you can still do a brake stand by sitting in launch control with your back tires on a slippery surface anymore i

Feel like you can because this is like the power train is the same yeah it has like they’ve updated but that old one didn’t have drift mode right but they don’t get in the orange no it did they just never advertised it that was the whole thing about like the advertising of the thing with gts on the stinger with drift mode but canada never added but that first

That first g70 never knows before all that stuff yeah i don’t know it’s so weird anyways suspension wise this feels great i also feel that this feels better than the stinger as well so we do have a bunch of drive modes i like to just leave this in sport and sport plus because it’s still equally comfortable we do have eco comfort sport plus and custom but

Comfort is also very comfortable i really don’t think you need it though but you can set it all up in custom mode so you do have your nice suspension the way you want it and since the gauge cluster or anything doesn’t change in this one when you change it all up like a lot of the other hyundai kia genesis do it like really doesn’t make a big difference being

In custom mode right also sorry about that not sorry because that was super fun to rip this thing man i can’t believe how good this feels right now i know this is like this is a surprise of the year yeah okay so let’s talk about this interior and what’s been done here we got the new infotainment that is wider the nicer bigger screen and unlike all the other

Genesis that we’ve driven we don’t have that weird rotary wheel that neither of us like right and the touchscreen is also the exact same as in the kia stinger the resolution’s been heavily updated which is definitely a noticeable thing yeah volume knob tuning knob hard buttons at the bottom but everything feels way faster in a genesis than it does in a stinger

Like the responsiveness of yeah there’s there’s less lag here we do have some hard buttons for a bunch of things which you can program to your phone projection we do have rewinding satellite radio we still have this stupid system where it’s really hard to set your favorites yeah and then it’s it’s like bulbs instead of the actual station it’s it’s really really

Stupid hyundai key agencies yeah just use spotify okay if this video gets what’s like what’s a good number of thumbs up maybe 15 000 thumbs up 15 000 i will get spotify premium 15 000 thumbs up though yo i’ve had spotify premium for like months and i’ve been trying to get you a switch but uh fifteen thousand thousand thousand that’s all it takes okay and we

Also have android auto apple carplay it is wired which is great the backup and 360 cameras are all the same as they were on the stinger so high-res but they haven’t seen that video yet because it’s not out yet sorry sorry guys we filmed it first it’s hard to reference it’s perfect though because you can see where your front wheels are and your back wheels it’s

Perfect for not smashing into curves with your like expensive wheels and like that’s the most important thing how much stressful is it every single week driving a brand new like nice car with nice wheels and not like curbing it well i mean i’ve never curved a wheel in my life so i just don’t like the idea of like potentially scratching a rim yeah i get that

That’d be considered a rim right because it is the rim of the wheel potentially yeah yeah got him and then interior looks wise we’ve got very nice materials everything’s pretty much exactly the same though but i do like the white i like the quilted i like this brushed aluminum stuff everything in here is just so much nicer than that stinger and it’s so easy

To use everything’s very functional laid out very well we still have hard buttons for the climate we have heated and cooled seats we have a heated steering wheel steering wheel itself is really nice i also noticed a couple differences here to the stinger where you have these nice knurled uh adjusters here for everything in your gauge cluster it’s really nice

Premium feeling and then on the left we’ve got an analog speedo on the right it’s like uh just like an outside ring and a bunch of digital stuff i think in the states they’ll get a double analog ring and digital in the middle but we don’t get that in canada yeah so i feel like that’s probably the worst part of this refresh like it just that looks kind of cheap

To me i don’t really like it yeah it’s like weird thing what do you this is like didn’t nissan do a whole bunch of dumb stuff like that yeah i believe it’s like here you get like an extra like four inches of like digital compared to the new stinger yeah like what are you doing yeah also again sorry for all the stinger references and then we do get our blind spot

Monitoring in the digital display as well yes we do okay how about back seat room backstreet room is okay not so good for myself at six foot one and a half my head hits the roof and again unlike a stinger this is a sedan with a trunk where the stinger does have a hatchback so we will not be doing the box test but how about the seat comfort up front lovely and

If you put into sport plus your bolster’s tightened up just like the stinger people are gonna be so angry it’s true though i know and these paddles are really nice just like they were on the stinger and this eight-speed auto i feel like this shifts faster than it did in the stinger so watch i’m gonna get up to speed and then downshift up to speed donor media

I feel like it shifts faster or that digital gauge shifts faster than the analog one or the plan and mixed with the pumped and audio maybe yeah because it’s the same actual components and let’s get to the visor test yeah we’ve been forgetting that a lot lately yeah three two one yes and cup holders are perfect but no he didn’t cool how dare they it’s not a

Bmw would the m340 i have it no probably not okay you know what else this does have that the m340 die does not have i can adjust your seat from here oh so it’s like a slight bit of luxury in the back yeah well i think okay i think they keep telling us that in korea sedans are like a big deal thing and like that’s luxury so like people are treating a g80 like

It’s a maybach so they’d probably treat this like it was an s-class yeah like i think in china what they do is they have like extended wheelbase versions of like c-classes and like things like that that you’re like wait what so they’re keeping this little seat moving thing in and just like look this is a luxurious car somewhere else you should think of it as

A luxurious car here yeah but man dude this thing handles so well like i gotta do computer comparison on the track man the second is so at home in this car i i’m shocked like good job genesis yo they made a two door called it the genesis coupe dude get some smashing pumpkins get some drifted here we go hey oh it’s a coupe like it’s been so long they haven’t

Had one okay that’s pretty much everything with the refresh g70 let’s get to the price 59 000 for this sport canadian that’s a very good price man like i don’t really like the look of this compared to the chromedo front and the silver so like in different wheels in this generation i agree yeah i would not go for this and go for that because then you still get

The same all-wheel drive system you still get the same powertrain all that stuff drift mode it’s all the same and as much as it’s like all just the looks are different but the guts are like the same the looks are very very important in like every car yeah they really are as is the powertrain they just haven’t updated the powertrain because it was already like

Decent okay so now the comparison part the looks of this updated g70 versus the non-updated key stinger oh i don’t know that’s a tough one looks of the singer i think it’s still better even though this is perfect this thing is cooler but i think this looks better now and then driving wise this or the new stinger i think we can both fully agree this no question

This leaves the new stinger in the dust or at least it feels like that exactly which is crazy okay other competitors uh this against the tlx would it be the a spec or the type s this would be the type s because we’re in the sport with the 3.3 liter and because we’re in canada we can’t get a test unit until much later in the year so we won’t know for a while but

Yeah i don’t know if that’ll have the drift mode like this even though they had drifting footage in their press footage for the ace back yeah because we’ll have to find out and then this or the m340i uh i mean value for money this but i still feel like you get a little bit more punchiness a little bit more coolness drives better in the m340i but is it worth

The extra cost to pay for all the extra features to match up with this this looks better than the m340i if it was in that silver press car color photo yeah but m340 has m340i like you can’t really mess with that it’s still a better the m340i is still a better car but for the money this is very very close so let us know what you think of this new g70 refresh

Well let us know about the stinger thing the m340i thing the acura thing where does this land in the sedan lineup yeah and don’t forget to watch our key stinger review which is coming up soon hopefully and remember 15 000 thumbs up i’ll get spotify premium i don’t even know if that’s a big number or not i don’t know what our videos get

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