Surprising Uber Riders with a Tesla Model 3

Picking up Uber & Lyft riders in my Tesla Model 3!

All right let’s go see if we can pick up some people in the model three freaking cool is it okay yeah so you’re with a few people in kentucky you’ve probably written in the model three good because this is i’m a youtuber i’m doing a video i honestly was like i’m so excited for this because i’ve written in the tesla model s many times thinking about buying a model

3 okay have you ever written it does it actually feel like you’re in a car i feel like i’m in my living room yeah that’s awesome so far would you later screen the next section and there’s no other screen in the middle huh like so that’s actually the cars yeah yeah the whole entire car is controlled by this one touchscreen yeah that’s what the tablet yeah it comes

With it standard on all cars that is super clear i don’t realize how like just got me like not like playing i guess it’s just like that’s all it’s very minimal yeah does it seem weird to look to the middle for your miles per hour it doesn’t honestly like it it didn’t take me hardly any time at all i mean it’s totally different inside than like a car all electric

And here’s the instant torque oh wow yeah did you hear it all roller coaster and this is the slow set of old fence crazy it is yes what stands out to you the most i love the red pretty the screen a lot of people in backseat they just love the all glass roof yeah this thing have you heard about the easter eggs they’ve hidden the programming for the cars yeah we

Can drive on mars carlene’s to a certain song yeah yeah yeah that was the joe rogan yeah yeah yeah just leave you on to stop messing up my stock value right now so how’s the charging i charge in my garage i just plug it up just like your cell phone when i get home plug it up and charges overnight and it has over 300 miles of range on the full charge so you know

I’ve never had to worry about like running out of battery a super charger will charge low give you 80% charge of roughly 30 45 minutes oh it’s got voice commands you can tell it to go like take me somewhere and it’ll give you directions take me to royals hot chicken and effie if you were going somewhere that’s further than your miles left it’ll tell you exactly

Where to stop at a charging station but this won’t get you guys hyped play aerosmith a little little listen to the have you guys seen autopilot that steers and it’s brakes and accelerates you’re supposed to keep it here on the wheel at all times and be ready to take over it’ll keep us in the lanes you know slow down to it’ll speed up depending on what speed you

Set at right dad wait change turns by itself pretty well is that a rose this is the most luxurious thing i’ve ever done it’s left behind or older what do you guys think about this car do you love it what do you think in the car let’s see there’s awesome things about the so forward-thinking you know i feel like i should buy one yeah

Transcribed from video
Surprising Uber Riders with a Tesla Model 3! By Andy Slye