Swapped my Tesla Model 3 for a Tesla Model S – Tesla Test Drives – Tesla Model S vs Model 3

I swapped my Tesla Model 3 for a Model S for a day!

Ah welcome back berserkers in this video i’m going to trade the model 3 for a model s we’ve got one of our subscribers who has a model s and he has never ridden in a model 3 before so we’re going to swap for the day and see how the model 3 compact compares with tesla’s flagship vehicle mount up berserkers we’re going to the battle all right berserkers we are back

We’re here with matt marino he’s a real estate agent with redfin so we’re going to be doing a test ride with him in the model 3 we’re going to be swapping so we can see how the model s the flagship vehicle stacks up against the model 3. you ready to do this let’s do it all right matt now you have been driving a tesla model s for a while so we don’t have to do any

Orientation or anything like that we just need to get you in the driver’s seat alrighty let’s do it let’s rock and roll so this is a 2022 correct this is a 2022 model 3 long range what’s yours mine is a 2013 model s with the 85 kilowatt battery pack gotcha so no performance just the base model um but it’s done me well is it dual motor or single motor it is single

Motor rear rear wheel drive so just the one motor so i’ve got this set right now in um standard acceleration with a sport steering okay so mine has the different steering modes but not the different acceleration modes really i did not know that so i’ve got the standard sport and like casual for the steering but the uh acceleration no difference okay feel free i

Still get the test and smile i still love it i still love it yeah it feels good definitely quicker than mine for sure is it really oh yeah yeah so this one’s like a 4.2 0-60 right yes okay so mine i think is like a 4.8 i’m thinking and you said earlier that you you had already test driven a model 3 but it was a standard range and you test drove it a while back

Was it an sr plus it was an sr plus it was probably like a 21 20 21. gotcha yeah at the time it was like 40 000 and believe it or not i actually got my 2013 the beginning of 2021 for 25 grand no kidding how’d you manage that one well it had a hundred thousand miles admittedly but tesla yeah so you’re just a tesla i’d roll the dice and uh i plan on selling it when

It reaches 200 000. nice have you had any issues with it like being a vehicle over a hundred thousand miles usually they start falling apart just really changing the tires i just changed the air filter um wiper fluid and that’s pretty much it i did have one um what they call it um whenever i went over bumps you would hear kind of like a knocking noise in the

In the front left and so they had to replace some kind of part that was like a thousand bucks but other than that perfectly fine so you heard it here from matt folks the car is over a hundred thousand miles he’s had to do tires windshield wiper fluid and he had to have one part replaced for a thousand dollars now most ice vehicles over a hundred thousand miles we

Know they start having problems all over the place now matt i have been told time and time again in my comment section by people who don’t own teslas i have been told that once it hits 100 000 miles you have to replace the battery did you have to replace your battery no in fact i’ve put in 55 000 miles since i’ve owned the car on this car so it has 155 000 miles

That’s awesome no no issues with the battery of course you have your you know generation and it doesn’t get to the full 265 miles at 100 which what it was rated for but it gets to about 242 and it great we’ll do i’ll do the math later on what percentage that degradation is so you’re talking about nine years and 155 000 miles and you’ve lost like 20 miles of total

Range at full charge just about yeah and i charge it to uh 80 every night i just have the uh wall connector in my garage and plug it in and it’s good to go nice now yours um it can’t accept v3 supercharging can it so the v3 supercharger gets up to like 250 kilowatts i i’m not sure i’ve never seen it go that high i’ve seen it up to 150 though that’s so that that

That’s yeah so the 18650 batteries that are in the 2013 can’t accept quite as much you can still plug it into a v3 it just won’t go as high okay um one thing i did notice back at the stop sign too is you’ve got this hold function yeah when you stop oh yeah mine does not have that i did it’s okay i’m supporting all kinds of stuff yeah yeah the hold function that’s

Something that i talk about when i when i teach people how to drive a tesla because brand new people they don’t get regenerative braking they don’t understand well when you come to a complete stop using the regen braking it goes to hold and then you can take your foot off the off the gas off the brake yeah off the accelerator people keep flaming me in the comments

Like teslas don’t have a gas you’re right i am wrong teslas don’t have a gas pedal but it has the hold function which i love oh i love it yeah so i have to just hold the brake like you would an ice car no man well that takes all the one pedal driving right out of the equation well you still have the regenerative braking yeah it’s just not at it’s a little bit more

Subtle and um doesn’t have the whole function and for you it went all the way down to zero mine it like really drops off at like 10 miles an hour gosh you really have to just press the brick at that point what’s your tesla origin story when did you first become aware of tesla oh you know i knew you were going to ask me that question i was thinking about it earlier

And really i just i i’m in college i didn’t even really know what a tesla was and uh right when i graduated college i got a job and i wanted a new car like every college graduate does and um somehow or another i just got on tesla on on the topic of tesla and i saw this really nice deal out in new jersey we took the trip i went and test drove it fell in love and uh

Drove it back that day nice so i don’t know where where tesla came from it must have just been a good luck that it came up on my search and uh it’s been a great investment because we went and test drove it you didn’t really know what you were getting into no idea isn’t that something no what was that like i wish i’d been i wish we had a camera on that just drive

Right right the regenerative braking scared the crap out of me you know you know because you’re all like going back and forth you know you don’t know how to control it you did a chrome delete on this yeah so a couple things i did a chrome delete um i replaced the center hub caps with the red little tesla logo uh tinted the windows and then i also tinted the tail

And headlights so these are normally like a lighter a lighter shade so you did tint them i did tint them my wife actually asked me yesterday she said does anybody ever tint the headlights i said not that i’ve ever seen yeah no i’m sure they do what i said to her was i’m sure they do but i’ve not actually seen it yeah so it’s a lighter tint so i can still see but

Uh it just makes a little bit more subtle um what else have i done inside i’ve i’ll go ahead and show you inside inside i’ve got carbon fiber on the inside here this used to be just like a gloss black also got it on the steering wheel here and then if you look up i’ve got the um the sun shades so i’ve got three different sun shades one in the middle middle and

Then one in the back and then of course i’ve got the all-weather floor mats in there yeah so look at that you could you could put the entire human beings in there like that’s that’s humongous pretty big that’s monstrous yeah i’m jealous of your front sir i’m jealous of yours you can put drinks in yours mine’s carpeted so i don’t get that cooler function like you

Do but there’s the back yeah see look at that i mean that’s so here’s a question for you you’re talking about going from this to a model 3 have you considered the model y being that it’s also a hatchback i have i just i like having a space i unfortunately don’t use the space so i don’t think i would really have a use for the model y um plus the model y is a little

Bit more expensive it is so what what i’m hearing is that you know you enjoy having the hatchback but you don’t think you would necessarily miss having it yeah because you don’t use it for you know like ryan shaw he’s a professional drummer he puts drum sets in the back absolutely that kind of thing gotcha okay and i do have uh like a little under compartment as

Well that i’ve got my little mobile charger and uh sunshade uh the old sub trunk this one has a sub trunk as well um it doesn’t okay yeah it’s uh it’s again not as roomy as this one and you can really you really get a sense of the difference in the width of the vehicle standing right at the back of it yep yeah it’s quite a difference can we ask can we come back

Here and get it get a shot of get them both in the same shot and kind of see the width of them wow yeah you’re right like you could really see it’s like if you took take your car and just smush it down yeah let’s make it wider yep so off the bat the steering wheel seriously is gigundo compared to the one of the model three um the the instrument cluster is is

Much bigger than i thought it was going to be i’ve i drove a model x one time a 2017 model x and from my memory the instrument cluster on that one was shorter than this one is but that’s just my memory i could be completely off uh the portrait is is a very different experience absolutely yep and this was what i was talking about with the little yacht flooring

Here yeah it’s just it’s just open i’m not sure how i feel about it some days i like it some days i don’t but i could see like you know if you got something you need to put here i’m gonna throw my my binder for the client right here or something like that i could see that the only thing is when you step on it everything’s going to the back and hitting this wall

Gotcha you know there’s like no kind of placement for it i can i i i’m with you i can see an argument for both ways but immediately i will start to miss the the charging the wireless charging pad and then go ahead and put the blinker on you’ll see what i was talking about with with the blinker so that’s not your blinker that’s that’s your cruise control oh so

Blinker is the one below that oh okay see how it kind of snaps yeah into place yours kind of goes back because it’s got the two settings it’s got the soft press mine does yours does too look at that so mine will just do the software that’s your three and just go away i see um i’ve got a button for my glove box instead of you just have it on your screen got button

For hazards um the three has a button for hazard as well it’s right here okay yeah um this was all gloss black i’ve got the regular you know old schools yeah ac vents uh what else i think that’s it so gloss black like the piano black like the fingerprint magnets yes yeah yeah i wasn’t a big fan um you’ve got your sunroof so that’ll open up i’ve got the this

Is all aftermarket but it’s sold by tesla yeah and it can even go so that’s one setting and then it can even go just a little bit further wow i i would like to leave that open for the test drive except for the fact that the wind noise will that’s fine it’ll get all in the microphones so there’s that um i just got an animation on the screen i love that that’s

That’s so tesla and i think that’s that’s pretty much the only difference here’s my toy box looks a little bit different than yours i don’t have all the extra stuff but you still got fart mode which is the most part mode it’s still got the romance mode that’s important can’t forget that um and of course you got sketch pad yeah very very important to have sketch

Pad that’s because you’re because you’re black black on black here it just wouldn’t be one of my videos unless i did this got 155 000 miles got the back of backup camera it’s got 155 000 miles on this thing and uh so far he’s had to do one repair that costed about a thousand bucks it was a suspension thing but other than that he’s had to do tires and washer fluid

And that’s it on 155 000 mile car correct and you will be shocked he did not have to replace the battery they tesla didn’t like come to him and hold a gun to his head and say give us twenty six thousand dollars for a new battery or the or you’re never getting back in your car again feel free to floor it out of here and just get a taste of what it’s like it’s not

A performance but you can get up and go i’m sure she will this is this is tesla’s flagship right here this is the one that impressed everybody so much that tesla became what it is today there’s just nothing like that tesla acceleration nothing like it you’re right about the regen braking the regen braking is not as hard as much lighter than it is on mine i do

Like the i like the roominess of the interior but the model 3 is not exactly you know i can clearly see that ash is much more comfortable back there than than he he is in the back of the model three what is that correct king yeah so you can so you can see that you can definitely feel that the difference in the roominess and see it back there the front seat is not

Not as drastic a difference with the with the roominess um but and and again i can i can see a k a use case argument to be made for for this yacht seating that you’re talking yacht flooring is that what you said yeah it’s like yacht center console yacht center console i can see a an argument for that use case so is it just pushing for park just like that’s right

Yeah okay there you go good stuff let’s hop out and do some final thoughts all right what your final thoughts on the model 3 what do you think my final thoughts are i really enjoy it um i enjoy the look i think i can do without the extra cargo space and man that uh that acceleration in autopilot are definitely something to be desired it is pretty phenomenal i

Absolutely the autopilot makes road trips so stress-free and i really enjoy that that little that little touch of extra acceleration that you get out of this one it being a dual motor and everything now matt is a subscriber who just hit us up in the comment section and wanted to do a test drive if anybody watching if you’re in the area and you want to if you want

The same thing we’ll be glad to come to you and see if we can arrange some just let me know hit us up in the comments um match model s my final thoughts is a phenomenal vehicle i love the the the the visual things that he’s done the customizations he’s done to it it’s definitely roomier especially in the back seat and that that hatchback i’m jealous of the hatchback

I’m jealous of the sunroof without a doubt but either way this has been a lot of fun matt i really appreciate it so much thank you so much you guys if if you enjoy this content hit like and subscribe we got more great test rides coming either way thank you for watching and we’ll see you guys in the next battle see you guys oh up up

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