tacoma access cab dog bed / storage

With a elder dog wanted to take out the console in the truck and make a dog bed .cheers!

So for your axis cab for your toyota depending on your era of truck you have i mean some years they got a little higher console there this one’s pretty well flat so just decide what you want to do for my application i just want to go one piece and there’s our starting point so in this truck it did have a high console that came to about there so pitch that to make

A nice flat surface and uh laid that piece of plywood in so yeah you know you can throw junk on top whatever doesn’t matter so use a little bit thicker plywood so then that way you weren’t worried about it breaking we took the time to cut out around the back of the seats using our template and then here with the hinge on the seat then that way we cut around

Everything so we can leave that so if we need the seat we just pulled the piece of plywood out and but this truck really never been used for the box seat other than extra storage but uh but there you go if you know depending on your styles and needs you can dress up the plywood to suit your interior better but for this old truck we’re just going to let her be

Natural and if you got the dog in the back you lay a blanket and away you go so there you go put a couple layers there for the pooch so we go all for a little tour but yeah it’s nice because i can just slide the truck seat ahead i got access to the stuff underneath your seat and then anything you want to get so it’s already kind of compartmentalized ready to

Go you got everything there you just want to grab something no big deal to move the seat and then uh yeah so that’s where i like the seat so let’s go for a tour so there’s a template i’m just going to take a guess from about 2005-ish total current 20 21 you could possibly use this for a rough template i mean yeah they’ve shuffled the seats around a little bit

Over the years but at least this will be the rough shape so that’s for your driver’s seat and then for those seat brackets seat belts the hinge point on the uh jump seat whatever you want to call it and then the passenger seat cut out that bit of the back of the console or the back of the driver’s seat so there you go quick template maybe spent 5 10 15 minutes

I don’t know a little bit of time just uh cut it out and then that way you only have to cut your piece of wood once and then that way you’re more successful at cutting the wood too first time come on moose let’s go for a tour okay let’s go move wanna go for a tour i’ll go for a tour good girl huh mouse wanna go for a drive wanna go for a drive all right

Let’s go come on there you go give me your leash well thanks for watching today’s video there’s a cap and a half dog bed or uh whatever storage compartment cheers

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tacoma access cab dog bed / storage By Backroadsofgrandbend