Tacoma Fanboy Video Just For You

Toyota Tacoma Fanboy Video Just For You! No Tacoma negativity allowed!

Singing the praises of the toyota tacoma the best midsize truck on the road well good afternoon everybody and welcome back to rob motive i am so glad to be back in the toyota tacoma i thought i’d get on here and talk about all of its positives sing the praises of the toyota tacoma a little bit you know often i’m on here and i talk about things that might not be

So good about the toyota tacoma and i get people that say rob why are you so negative all the time well i’m not really being negative i mean i’m just stating the facts as i see them right i mean nothing is perfect out there plus i want toyota to watch my videos i want them to make improvements because you see i’m selfish that i want the truck to be what i want it to

Be and i know i’m not the only one because i get a lot of agreement out there when i go over things that aren’t necessarily rock solid about the toyota tacoma so anyway let’s talk about the positives of the toyota tacoma no negatives today this is a fanboy video some would say so first of all the looks of it it’s gorgeous there is no better looking midsize truck

Then i would argue any size truck on the road than the toyota tacoma you know i’ve had many of them and i keep coming back to them one reason is because they are the best looking truck on the road i’ve had others and then i look around and i see people driving their modded toyota tacomas and i think man what have i done why did i buy that ford ranger or chevy s10

Some that i’ve had in the past nissan frontier and i always go back to the toyota tacoma mods the next thing you can make the toyota tacoma anything you want it to be you can make it your own you can personalize it it’s because of a huge aftermarket the support of the aftermarket for the toyota tacoma is better than any other truck out there in my opinion maybe a

Close second would be the jeep gladiator jeep of course has tons and tons of mods and because the gladiator is basically appearance wise a wrangler with a bed on the back there are a lot of things that you can do with the wrangler too but i would still say the toyota tacoma is number one there’s never been anything that i’ve looked for or wanted or thought about

Doing with the toyota tacoma that i haven’t been able to find in the aftermarket and all the parts are readily available you know i ordered something recently we’re going to be doing an install on that it’s actually a competitor to the sprint booster and it was readily available i love that couple of days it’s in my hands now speaking of the sprint booster that is

Definitely a mod that you should throw on the toyota tacoma because you see and this is a positive it has the power the acceleration it’s just covered up a little bit because of the way that toyota sets the truck up once you install the sprint booster and get rid of the throttle lag it is awesome as i’m out cruising around in it today i think you know this really

Is quick enough for me to have fun driving it you can hear the exhaust kick up here or there it’s because i’m playing with the throttle i like to do that that might affect my gas mileage a little bit many of you have said you get way better gas mileage than i do i don’t know so far today and this is another point i’ll make i’m getting decent gas mileage you know

I’m just cruising around on the back roads there are some stops stop lights signs we’ve hit a couple and of course that’s gonna detract from the fuel economy a little bit i have to stop and then hit the gas to go right that’s in addition to my feathering the pedal a little so i can hear the exhaust like that that didn’t help out my fuel economy but anyway i’m

Getting uh right now it’s funny with that little hit my mileage actually went up i’m getting 21 flat 21 miles per gallon right now cruising around doing what i’m doing average speed is probably about 40 to 45 miles an hour because i’m on 55 mile an hour plus i go a little faster road so that’s not horrible just went up to 21.1 of course in a second i’m going to

Stop and then it’s going to drop again now next up the technology and stuff that’s in it you know sometimes i dog the tacoma a little bit that it’s not you know the flashiest out there when it comes to the tech inside but it is perfectly fine to be able to do what you want to do and because it’s not the latest and greatest you don’t have the latest and greatest

Problems in other words it’s tried and true it’s been around for a long time hear that love the sound of that but it’s been around for a long time and it doesn’t have any issues i don’t have any problems with it you know when i get in it does what i want it to do it’s intuitive the controls are where i want them to be the touchscreen works the way that i want

The steering wheel controls are responsive everything is good about it now there is one thing that you can do to make it even better and that is to put the kicker tweeters in i’ve done that this truck just gives you a little bit better sound a little bit better than what you have stock and it’s something that is relatively inexpensive for about a hundred bucks

I think it’s a little less a little more you can switch them out and that’s all you really need to do i would caution you there’s no reason to put all the other speakers in doesn’t make that much of a difference if any difference at all and that’s because the tacoma’s not really set up for that it doesn’t have the power in the radio to go ahead and run all that

Other stuff where you’ll notice a difference but you don’t really need it anyway now comfort we have to talk about comfort you know i’ve talked about the seats in the past and how they were bad and it was bad angle you know they always seem to sit back like you were gonna launch off in a rocket or something i put some seat spacers in to change the angle myself no

Need to do that in the newer tacomas we have the 10-way power adjustable seat i just adjusted the lumbar over there a little bit ago when i got in i had actually forgotten it was there i’ve been driving around in a mercedes and it had the long bar support you know a little balloon behind your lower back i forgot i had that i hit it now i’m perfectly comfortable

Cruising around in here good vantage point i can see everything i’m up in the air and yes i’m lifted a little bit in the front about two inches or something like that so a little bit different than stock i realize but i’m still stuck in the rear so everything is okay let’s talk about colors i want to mention this because i did a video recently i was talking about

The best toyota tacoma i’ve ever had of course that was the voodoo blue toyota tacoma i think the voodoo blue color is the best color i’ve ever had on the tacoma the second for me was probably the barcelona red i right now have magnetic gray metallic i wanted something a little less in your face and i got that with the magnetic gray metallic it’s not this beating

Icon you know every time i drive around and i wanted that because i didn’t want the truck to stick out so much with the pods and things that i have on it because i didn’t want necessarily those with sticky fingers to to be able to see the truck right off so i’m kind of hiding it a little bit nonetheless it does have the metal flaking in it it’s got all the little

Shiny bits i’m looking at it right now i did wash the truck recently by the way and i think it looks awesome so anyway i just wanted to get on here give a little bit of love to the toyota tacoma it is an awesome truck and even though sometimes i may mention things that aren’t necessarily positive it’s only my impression of the truck and my experiences in it as

I own it and drive it around i do love it there’s no other truck out there i would want to have it’s awesome anyway leave a comment let me know what you think is the toyota tacoma the best truck mid-size that you’ve ever had i’d be curious to know also real quick i do have two additional channels rob motive jt all about cheap gladiators and rob motive rides all

About currently the mercedes benz i just picked one up recently there’s going to be mods and things on that car going to be very interesting to see what happens over there check them out and if you’re interested please consider subscribing thanks for watching stay positive out there bye

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Tacoma Fanboy Video Just For You By RobMotive