Taking Delivery Of My 2022 Ford Bronco ON MY BIRTHDAY (DREAM CAR)

What a wonderful end to this waiting game I have been playing for the last 2 and a half years! We finally get to take delivery of my brand new custom built 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrack with the Sasquatch pack and many more goodies! Thank you to everyone that has supported me up to this point and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come in this beast!

783 days that is how long we’ve been waiting for this one to come very very exciting day i’m very nervous you know what we’re going to get if you’ve been around the channel for a while so let’s cut the chit chat hop in the truck and go pick up the new 2022 ford bronco baby let’s go we’re here tomball ford in tomball texas that’s jorge’s bronco funk very nice here

We go we got the docks let’s go in and see our boy they got lightning how are you good are we starting off we are starting these songs this is my 283 you counted it just like everybody else yeah that’s the common thing we get customers that know more about these broncos than we do because they’ve had all this time to research and test and do this and do that

But it’s it’s pretty cool oh yeah all right come on in are you out here following us yes we are yes so right now we’re going in an explorer to the other part of the dealership to see the car for the first time he’s already got to see it but i have not this is my bronco let’s go check it out you see it over there man yep there it is it’s over there so we’re gonna

Show alex the bronco do a little product presentation make sure that he likes it and make sure that it’s what he ordered right we don’t hopefully it’s not like pink or something that’d be that would not be good all right we’re gonna go to the broncos see you soon there she is she’s beautiful oh yeah 2022 bronco wild track with a 2.7 ecoboost engine hardtop

Sasquatch package oxford flight all the goodies man congratulations here’s the keys to it why don’t you take your time and check it out my friend let’s see this is the first time we get to see my broncos they put the bow on it and everything i don’t know if you can see wild track graphics on the hood i had to do the oj vibes because i’m aj but in here i’ll be oj

Jordan better watch her back and check this out boom open up both doors but man we got the leather interior we got the big old screen up there it smells like a brand new car we have waited a very very long time for this moment let’s see if i can actually fit in here i’ve got to drive four days before we’re gonna have to put the seat all the way down because i’m

A big boy boom we in the bronco baby and hopefully i don’t run out of money because that’d be good this is sweet man what do you think feels good feels like home in here it does doesn’t it yes everything i want that’s awesome continue so one thing i wanted specifically was the hard top i got offered an earlier slot for a soft top i did not want that i just

I don’t know seeing one of these on the road has become a pretty common occurrence since they’ve been out but seeing one with the sasquatch package with the hard top with the leather interior man you don’t see them i’ve seen probably less than the amount of fingers i have on my hand of ones fully freaking loaded and this one believe me is almost all the way up

There the only couple things i didn’t get for the wireless charging pad that’s down here i feel like i’m gonna charge my phone with a cord anyway so just like little things like that but everything that i would need is in this bad boy what do you think jordan very good she look good yeah all right well let’s do some paperwork we got the back all opened up one

Of my favorite parts the sneaky bottle opener up there oh man there’s a bottle opener on the other side of that little pillar many adventures to come in this one what do you think oh man it’s beautiful it’s really beautiful yeah it has you all over it for sure oh yes oh yeah this is really a nice little no bar right here there’s a couple oh no bars too you can

Hold on to both of them oh no we’re gonna have a lot of oh no moments you’ll be holding on to those the crazy thing about this is like i’ve never experienced it before where you pick everything you want and then it becomes reality this is what has happened today every single option on this car i picked i chose everything that has to do with this car and i could

Not be more happy unless i offered a fully black interior with the wild trek but we won’t talk about that she looks absolutely stunning and i can’t wait to take her home and you need to you need to remove the doors yes and the top as many times as possible because it is an unreal thing when you’re able to see these road markers like up close and personal to your

Space when you’re driving they’re just literally like like right there i’m sure it’s wild yeah it is man it is but uh it’s it’s an awesome and i’ve got one like you know yep uh and uh haven’t had a problem with it so it’s pretty pretty awesome his fingers crossed we’re keeping the warranty on this one we’re not we’re not doing nothing crazy crazy cool man unless

You consider a six by six crazy no and the bow is my favorite color yes it is yeah that’s awesome i cannot believe this i’m really bad at conveying emotion especially on camera but inside i feel like i want to puke alrighty y’all here we go first drive test drive in my ford bronco we’ve been in jorge’s we’ve been in a couple other ones this one you boys so

We’re gonna make sure like the wheels don’t fall off and stuff but i think we’ll be okay hi all right zero to two hundred this bad boy real quick did you say zero to two hundred yeah hold on that’s those bars where’s that one hold on for dear life this is weird i’m so used to the supra being so small now i gotta be like mindful of other people this thing has

Seven miles on it seven miles on it we’re about to make it eight eight miles on it boom there’s a jeep owner and then dang ultima drivers someone needs to take them all off the road including you kyle we got to hear the horn nice much more manly than the super 2. the super sounds like a little trichorn most importantly though do i look good in it this is my

Good side thank you jordan thank you for your silent nod behind the camera i can’t wait till you take the top off oh yeah there’s going to be lots of tops coming off in this well you know what i’m kidding just this one and this one look at the reflection that’s weird i’m used to seeing a little blue car in the reflection the turn signal is cool very nice very

Nice designed and engineered in dearborn michigan hit the audio bike very fitting for this car country all right we are back now tomball forward but this time we don’t got to give it back like the lightning that’s lightning i drove right there but we’re going to park up and do some paperwork back that thing up yeah i’m getting spoiled now you totally are you

Don’t get my membership id number all right we’re in the final steps here things are getting serious fingers crossed we can get out of here thank you very much i’ll bring that instructions out to you in just a second man y’all the day is done we got in and out of here pretty fast but we officially own a 2022 ford bronco it was worth the wait 783 days if i’m not

Mistaken from the beginning of the video we said and many more to come with this thing there’s a lot of stuff we can do to this thing will we do it that’s up to you guys let me know if you guys love this car as much as i do it’s going to be a great part of the channel the super is finally going to get some rest and this is the absolute best daily i could ever

Ask for i don’t like many cars out there enough to own them but i think this one will be around for many many years i feel like a cool challenge with this car would be because they built it to go exploring go adventuring what if we took this to all 50 states that would be so so cool so we can keep that in mind i have a couple video ideas already formulating in

My head we already have modifications for this car sitting in the garage so stay tuned for next video or the video after that because we’re going to be doing some cool little upgrades to the bronco already so let’s go hop in get home and do introduce the bronco to the supra we are officially on the way home first inaugural drive in the bronco man it feels good

All the time i waited finally paid off i got exactly what i wanted i couldn’t be happier and i also couldn’t be happier with my boy jorge that dude coolest car salesman on the planet literally we became friends during the whole process and he helped us out tremendously was just just awesome i don’t really know how else to explain it so if you guys need a ford

Really need any car please if you’re gonna go to tomball ford hit up my boy jorge he will treat you guys like kings and queens and it’ll be amazing but i’m gonna enjoy the rest of this drive we’re gonna go out to eat and then i actually have to go drive an hour back to school so we’re gonna get to know this thing pretty well on the way we now have 17 miles on the

Bronco it’s officially a used vehicle so apparently we get free serious xm with this for like six months or whatever three weeks it’s playing some very very fitting songs it has indeed been a while since i ordered this car and the last one was my happy ending so i think they might have done something at the dealership to play those songs for me well y’all we

Made it home safe she’s in the driveway looking absolutely fantastic and yes i’m talking about the bronco jordan also looks fantastic though but i mean she’s here the supra’s here and all is well baby i’m so thankful for you guys dude if you guys didn’t watch these videos we would not be able to make this happen i’m honest to god telling the truth you whoever

You are out there watch the video all the way through liking commenting subscribing everything helps i think my crazy neighbor but for real y’all are too cool dude y’all are family to me and i honestly mean that from the bottom of my heart if you guys have any recommendations of what we do to this thing let me know it’s pretty much fully loaded but there’s

Always a little spice we can add to that let me know what other videos you want to see for it we’re going to do some photo shoots with the supra and the bronco instagram reels are going to be popping off once again but honestly i could not do any of this without y’all the support of my parents believing in me and that boy jorge lopez so and of course jordan’s

Emotional support that’s important as well but i hope you guys enjoyed if you like the video if you like the bronco smash the like button subscribe if you’re new and want to see more content with that bad boy and i’ll see you in the next video

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Taking Delivery Of My 2022 Ford Bronco ON MY BIRTHDAY!! (DREAM CAR) By Sinclair Photos