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Man we back with another video baby hey back with another one today my baby at work y’all favorite lady alicia is at work but we got to be surprised for y’all today man like y’all won’t believe like how we told y’all a lot going to go up on our channel in our life and y’all gonna be a part of it this is startup smash that like button drop down in the comments

And let us know if you support us tune in to this video get ready to lean back and get ready to be amazed man and watch out people elevate why seeing alicia elevate the people y’all love man and we love y’all we love y’all for being a part of us for this long journey and this continued journey because this is only going to go up there like up there really up

There somewhere like all up here it’s going up here you know what i’m saying and then nothing down here we looking down here we looking at them down there it’s going up here you feel me so get ready man this is gonna be a multi-part type series what are we gonna do i know y’all just seen the title so i know y’all excited i hope y’all inside i am y’all see how

I’m looking well so what this is crazy i can’t believe it’s really going to happen bro i really can’t believe this has been a half inch it’s really hill bro it’s crazy bro because like we had to make this move bro we see how the world going we see how you know i’m saying society is treating us we see how you know i’m saying people higher up treating us as

Americans you know what i’m saying with gas prices and with all this stuff you know food you know what i’m saying shortages and all type of stuff bruh so alicia and see we’re gonna help by ourselves you know what i’m saying we’re gonna look out for us and make the best decision for ourselves and this is definitely one of the a million a million percent best

Decision we’ve never made in our life almost because like this is gonna be so lit g bruh say he here i don’t see him nowhere uh oh there you go there you go what’s going on bro all right i hope y’all ready for this bro y’all ain’t ready for this i don’t ain’t ready for this now they’re not ready for this dog oh stop playing with it this is it that’s

It that’s the one jack b stop playing first day y’all get to see it man taking delivery y’all see fresh off the truck it’s a blessing man it’s a blessing y’all i’ll let y’all see just smile on the inside but you know what i’m saying my boy robert got me right man robert got me right appreciate it yeah man everything good i appreciate that drop off bro

What’s the name of your business bro dirty bird man y’all hey y’all need something transported it’s the guy man he gonna get you right sure yeah you see what’s that fold yeah hit it right there boom there you go baby man robert just showed me some features y’all can’t get that though y’all can’t hit y’all can’t see that y’all can see this y’all gotta wait to

The next video y’all get the call to them but man this is officially taking delivery let me holler my boy real quick let me go ahead pay for it make this payment and i’ma highlight y’all in a minute man this is crazy so we just made that payment for the delivery my boyfriend man why oh y’all see the sun room y’all see what’s going on cartoon video definitely

On the way oh this is crazy cause we’re gonna have a dsl log man this is crazy all right how i put it in drive okay this drive right here i gotta call taint for the gate because she gotta open the gate for you bruh test us man test us if you want yeah oh she parked man she parked she at home bears at home big boy sun roof yeah i’m saying sun roof do open when

You get close to the car you know what i’m saying door handles come out for you you know what i’m saying just gonna lock them lock them back you see them go back in yeah i’m saying no door handle at that point you feel me what’s so crazy this ain’t the only one y’all gonna see we got another call on the way for y’all man i love it on the way that’s where the

Business come in that’s what we really get to talking about some man that bit really down in the garage damn as well we’re gonna continue this video some more when we should get home man i’ll see y’all in a minute hey just go already dude man we are back man and there she is y’all yes sir what you thinking right now how you liking that i love the car so far it

Drives very nice it’s very fast it’s really like a different ball game without an engine and i really love it all right it fits the vibe it fits 20 22. they fit the world cuz y’all see our gas prices right now bro bro we happy we ain’t gonna deal with gas no more i ain’t gonna tell you pull up charge up so next video y’all getting ready to see is our car tour

Our official tesla model is car tour she gonna be doing a car tour i’m gonna be doing a lot of videoing let me talk to y’all about it she gonna get out all the specs all the updates period yeah i’m saying with that being said if you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe give us a thumbs up tell us how you guys like our test look or if you’re interested in

Buying a tesla because we can talk about this stuff all day it’s so cool it’s really fun and we love you guys so much until next time ac squad you

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