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Do you have questions about charging your Electric Porsche. Then let Joe take you through the step by step guide, using our Porsche Turbo Chargers, starting the charge using the APP, our normal Type 2 Chargers ( Porsche Destination Chargers ) and also how to use the sat-nav to help you find a charger.

Hi it’s joe from let’s talk porsche today we’re going to be explaining all there is to know about charging your electric porsche right so in this example we have a taikan sport charisma in the lovely frozen berry we’ve got the electric charge port covers on here so quick swipe opens the flap you’ve got a charger on both sides now the driver’s side can only accept

Ac charge so that’s your charging at home through a type 2 plug so now on the passenger side we find the same plug for charging on a type 2 socket mainly used at home or underneath there’s an additional two connectors that is for your direct current charging and that’s called a ccs type 2 plug right so here at porsche center south lakes we have two porsche turbo

Chargers so these will offer the maximum charge for tai can so the maximum this car can take is 270 kilowatts you simply remove the plug from the charger and on the passenger side with the flat folded down put the ccs type 2 plug into the socket so you can see now on the charger it’s asking you to authenticate the charge so to do this you can simply hold your

Porsche charge card against the contactless patch here or you can actually do it through the my porsche app if you don’t have your card to hand you can do it through the app and show you how to do that now so we can see here that i’ve got my take unloaded on my buy porsche if i actually go to the map function and then look for charges you find in here there’s

Two 350 kilowatt charges if i select them and then touch for more information i can go into the choose plug type it’s showing both these are available this is zero one charge which matches zero one and go into that and do confirm start of session so as you can see the charging has started so charging in progress this gives you the total time and total amount

Of kilowatt hours that have been charged to the vehicle uh charging power at the minute 252 kilowatts is extremely fast that will actually go up to the maximum once the battery gets up to temperature at any point you can stop the charging here or you can actually ask for more information as well you can stop the charging through the app as well or by unplugging

The cable so to unplug the charger you need to make sure the vehicle is unlocked you then simply push the charge cable button on the left and that releases the charger you’ll notice on the right hand side there is a key and around this button there is a light so depending on the color of the light it will indicate what the vehicle is doing right this is

More of the conventional charger you would find at home so this is what we call a type 2 connection so it’s a simpler plug it’s a lighter cable it doesn’t offer as fast a charge this can be plugged in on both the driver and passenger side and the type 2 plug plugs in like so depending on how the charger is connected you’ll get anywhere from about one and a half

Kilowatts up to 22 kilowatts maximum charge per hour if you’re on three-phase electric so porsche have teamed up with some exquisite hotels and restaurants and they call them porsche charging destinations so these particular places will have a charger installed like i said it will be a slower charge but if you’re dwelling at these places for a little bit longer

It will offer a substantial charge over the time period so when you’re out and about and you’re going to one of these super fast charges it’s worthwhile letting the car know by telling the car that you’re going to a super fast charger it will actually condition the battery getting up to temperature so it will charge quicker so to do this you go to the navigation

And do fine destination but now you actually filter by charges so by ticking that box the car knows now that you’re looking for a charger and when you set the sat nav going it will actually condition the battery upon arrival at that charger or within 10-15 minutes before you get there here we’ve actually it’s automatically loaded the closest charges to us so

If we select this one the route is being calculated that’s all we need to do when searching under the charger tab as well here it’s loading one of our charges so it’s saying there’s two available but one is currently occupied so there’s only one free charger you can actually search for the power so at the minute we’re looking for 250 kilowatt or higher charges

We could alter that to 50 kilowatt so that’s a really nice feature if you’re out and about and you’re trying to find the closest charger right so there’s a little bit of information on charging your electric porsche if you do have any specific questions please drop us a comment and we’ll try and get back to you as per usual if you find this of interest please

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Taycan Charging! – Using the APP / Different plugs / Find chargers on Sat Nav – Let's Torque Porsche By Porsche Centre South Lakes