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The updates features of the 2021 Buick Encore GX

Hey guys it’s stephen from strider buick gmc asheville north carolina this morning i want to talk a little bit more about the 2021 buick encore gx and more specifically the exciting advanced technology package come on let’s take a look so we’re going to talk about the advanced technology package available in the encore gx this is actually a package that’s available

To purchase as an extra option on the select and essence trim levels to the tune of about nineteen hundred dollars that actually really includes a lot of cool new features the first one to show you is the heads up display so we’re going to turn the vehicle on i’ll show you how the heads-up display comes up by itself there and hopefully we’re going to be able

To get the show some information there it is and hopefully be able to see it a little bit better because this is really driver facing only it’s customizable in terms of the information that it shows as well as the angle that it shows it to you and i know that it’s kind of disappearing on us because it’s harder to catch on video but i assure you that it is there

Right in the field of vision for the driver as so that you can see your speed the radio station that’s playing tachometer and navigation the other option that i want to show you that comes with the advanced technology package is the surround vision camera so i’m going to put the vehicle in reverse and believe it or not there’s actually five cameras on this vehicle

There’s one on the front one on the rear there are two on the outside mirrors there and i apologize i told you five there’s actually four i can’t count this morning but what that does it shows you around the vehicle while you’re in reverse so that you can see cars next to you maybe a an animal or a child or basketballs those kinds of things that may be out beside

The vehicle as you’re backing up and then you can even turn the camera app on individually and then manipulate the screen here so you can even use the front camera if you want to there’s your rear camera and then you have a few different views here around the side of the vehicle so that’s part of the advanced technology package this vehicle also comes with the

Rear park assist and then part of that package is the adaptive cruise control and so you’re able to set your following distance while you use the cruise right here this button there and so then if you uh have traffic in front of you that begins to slow for an accident or road construction the vehicle will automatically begin to slow you down and coupled with that

Adaptive cruise is going to be the lane keep assist is right here so when you enable the lane keep assist this vehicle could actually steer you back into your lane and the last part of that advanced technology package we’ll go here to the main screen is going to be the navigation so this one has the built-in factory navigation coupled with the apple carplay and

Android auto functions thanks for watching the video today i hope you’ve learned some new information here about the encore gx and the advanced technology package listen if you’d like to come take a test drive we’ve got several in stock right now incentives are great this these cars actually are under thirty thousand dollars believe it or not with all of this

Equipment all the new technology so if you want to come take a test drive give me a shout and we’ll uh we’ll do that again this is steven at strider thanks for watching

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