Tesla Cybertruck VISITS GigaFactory Texas (VIDEO & Photos)

Elon Musk drives the Tesla Cybertruck upon visiting GigaFactory Texas. Photos and Video of the visit! Link to FaceBook Fan Page:

Hello everybody here’s what i want to share with you regarding the upcoming tesla cyber truck the tesla cyber truck has returned to the public eye at least to some degree the all-electric pickup truck recently paid a visit to the upcoming electric vehicle plant as seen in recent photos and videos from gigafactory texas elon musk reported the cyber trucks visit

To the upcoming giga factory texas saying he drove the vehicle across the bass construction complex the electric vehicle group in the tesla motors subreddit posted the first photos of the cybertrucks visit to gigafactory texas the all-electric pickup drew a lot of interest from gigafactory texas employees with its muddy tires and stainless steel body the vehicle

Looked right at home in gigafactory texas construction zones according to elon musk he actually drove the tesla cyber truck around the gigafactory texas complex musk even addressed a crowd of gigafactory texas staff and other pictures from the visit with many of them attracted to the giant all-electric pickup truck this attraction was true not only for the cyber

Trucks exterior but also for the cyber trucks interior which like the model s and the model x 2021 refresh includes a yoke steering wheel and a 17-inch display panel this tesla cyber truck appears to be the same prototype that the company unveiled in 2019 this was partially due to the presence of door handles which according to musk’s previous teas on twitter

Will not be present on the production vehicle the tesla cyber truck is arguably one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles in tesla’s history with elon musk claiming that demand for the oddly shaped pickup truck has already exceeded the company’s expectations and the rumor is reservations for the cyber truck is now around 1.5 million reservations the vehicle is

Scheduled to begin pilot production this year but musk has been known to be cautious when it comes to the cyber trucks initial manufacturing timeline when asked if the cyber truck would be delivered later this year musk simply stated that limited development of the model y would begin in gigafactory texas in 2021 with mass production beginning the following year

According to musk the same timeline could apply to the gigafactory berlin now the speed at which edra could ship out its 8 000 ton giga press to gigafactory texas would likely determine the cybertruck’s initial production process but keep in mind the 8 000 ton giga press is a house sized machine producing the electric pickups rear underbody so this is not your

Typical shipment order this is the first new sighting of a tesla cybertruck prototype in a long time in 2019 tesla unveiled the cyber truck to the world which had only one known prototype at the time the cyber truck prototype was only seen a few times after the presentation in the months that followed in early 2020 elon also showed the prototype to jay leno

And in june 2020 it was on display at the peterson museum then in september it was on display at tesla’s battery day since tesla’s battery day we haven’t seen a cyber truck prototype in public in over six months and tesla is said to have perfected the concept during that period before taking the vehicle to market now watch for yourself and enjoy the tesla cyber

Truck tackle some of the dirty roads at the gigafactory texas grounds so what do you think tesla’s upcoming cyber truck when do you think it’ll be in showroom floors let me know in the comments below and let’s start a conversation if you enjoyed this video then hit the like button and if you want me to share with you news and information on all things tesla then

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Tesla Cybertruck VISITS GigaFactory Texas (VIDEO & Photos!) By Tesla Model News