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Tesla EV News 10.8.22 Tesla Station Plans Leaked Porsche Passes VW itself Polestar Q3 Deliveries

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Hello and welcome to quick charge by electric i’m mikey g it is saturday october 8th tesla appears to have accidentally leaked all of the upcoming supercharger locations around the world it was clearly a bug as tesla quickly rectified the situation by removing these specific addresses and instead only including the town or city where a new station is planned some

Internet sleuths downloaded the addresses and are creating a map so far listing the canadian locations first while updates are ongoing a supercharger network is already the largest ev fast charging network in the world and this list of newly planned station shows that the automaker isn’t slowing down tesla’s network is one of the company’s greatest assets as other

Networks have come under criticism for having inoperable stations this could be a reflection of the positive customer base that tesla has enjoyed but we will find out soon if the general ev public agrees as tesla is opening their expanding network to other cars and that is expected sometime around the new year elon musk has announced that tesla is starting the

Tesla semi-production and that pepsi is going to get the first electric truck starting december 1st the semi which is an all-electric class a truck has been delayed for some time but it’s finally going to be in customers hands very soon elon musk confirmed on twitter that pepsi would be receiving the first of their order of 100 units the company planned to use 15

Of them to make their frito-lay modesto california site aid zero emission facility last year pepsi said that they expected to take delivery of 15 trucks by the end of the year but unfortunately that didn’t happen as the start of deliveries have been delayed until now in the meantime tesla did install a mega charger station at the modesto facility which led many to

Believe that it would be the first to take delivery of the electric truck with excellent efficiency this tesla semi could take a hefty portion of the trucking industry’s electric vehicle sales general motors will be developing electric vehicle components for the u.s military’s consideration general motors defense which is a business unit of general motors focusing

On advanced defense mobility needs was selected by the defense innovation unit to develop a battery pack that could be used for functional electric military vehicles this division of the department of defense announced that it had chosen gm’s ultim platform to test and analyze for tactical evs gm believes that the ultim platform can quote deliver power range and

Scale beyond and previous gm hybrid or extended range ev there might be something up with that quote anyways the ev platform is scalable with battery options ranging from 50 kilowatt hours to over 200 and a space for up to 24 modules surprisingly the main goal which is stated from the government entity isn’t to quietly approach an objective or drive faster to and

From a battlefield former u.s secretary of defense chuck hagel called climate change quote a threat multiplier as it can exacerbate other issues such as infectious diseases that can impact operations with the military operating enormous amounts of vehicle they plan to transition as many as feasible to electric operation just one week after ringing the bell at the

Frankfurt stock exchange as europe’s largest ipo by market capitalization porsche has their shares rise on thursday to give them a market valuation of 84 billion euros that actually overtook the former parent company of volkswagen group up until its recent public listing porsche had existed as part of the volkswagen group which saw an executive shake-up if this

Just passed july the stated purpose for listing porsche was for volkswagen group to cash in and invest heavily in electrification volkswagen group has already chosen their course for electric some time ago but the breadth and scale of battery production and supply contracts have been announced and they need a lot of money to pay for those looming deals volkswagen

Groups certainly got that as the porsche marquee gave them a big financial boost despite the overall downturn of the market we expect to hear more exciting ev news from the auto group still crossing our fingers for increased usa production mercedes-benz says that electric vehicles will dominate cars on the road particularly luxury evs the automaker ceo says that

He sees the switch to luxury evs happening step by step within this decade mercedes plans to become an all-electric brand within this decade launching an ev alternative for every model they have by the year 2025. furthermore all new electric vehicle architectures will be built for electric only models from 2025 and onward in an interview with cnbc’s jim cramer

Mercedes-benz ceo ola collenius went on to say quote as long as you give the customer a superior product to what they have had before they’re open-minded for a switch the experience for the customer in terms of torque the performance everything is fantastic foreign about one month before it releases their full financial report for the third quarter pollstar has

Shared some of their global volumes to date including deliveries pollstar had delivered approximately 9 215 vehicles totaling thirty thousand four hundred deliveries for the year at least up until now despite production disruptions that have plagued polestar’s momentum in china the automaker says it is witnessing some solace and expect to take full advantage in

The fourth quarter the expanded shutdowns and market disruptions in china have affected their plans based on the third quarter deliveries pollstar will need to more than double their output by the end of the year to reach their stated goal of 50 000 units we wish him the best of luck electric’s jamie dao writes about his experiencing embarking on a spontaneous

Road trip with an electric car he said quote recently i drove a tesla model 3 on an electric road trip from southern california to portland and back the total distance was around 2 200 miles with the bulk of the driving happening over the course of five days three up and two down and i only waited for a charger for about 25 minutes total over the whole trip he

Went on to say quote i will reiterate again that we did not plan the route ahead we didn’t plug our trip into abrp or other route planners we didn’t stick to a specific speed so we could make our charging plan we changed routes frequently by whim we charged when or where we felt like doing so or where there was a restaurant we were interested in none of this was

An issue it was just a regular road trip but less polluting more pleasant and cheaper okay it is opinion time i really don’t have too much to say about today’s story so i’m going to ask if you have questions for me in the next episode coming on monday a channel is still small enough that i can promise that i will answer all of your questions someday it won’t be

Possible but at least right now it is so go ahead ask me anything and you’ll get a response on monday if there were enough questions then it might warrant a totally different video but we’ll have to wait and see thanks for your comments i look forward to it in today’s community comment found on youtube a channel called rb says absolutely right toyota’s ev window

Is closing if not already closed with its many hybrids it could have led the way in battery electric vehicles had it transitioned in time instead they and all the other japanese brands missed the boat this will turn out to be terrible for their auto workers and economy in general we are fortunate tesla is a u.s company or we’d have suffered the same fate yeah

I think that’s too bad about japan i still hold out hope that they could turn it around but after reporting day after day of other automakers scrambling to secure the future my hope is starting to wear down as far as toyota other smaller companies are still jumping into the game so they have a bright future ahead of them and that kind of causes some comparison to

My mind rivian light year re-automotive even canoe if there’s room for them then i would hope that toyota has some kind of middle ground space that they could claim now i think about it it seems plausible that toyota could become smaller but still a household name maybe one of the car companies like suzuki mini or something like that of course i know that toyota

Has other japanese ventures as a conglomerate kind of like mitsubishi with their heavy trucking and so on and so forth but as far as a car company is concerned it’s crazy to think still crazy all after all this time thanks for watching quick charge by electric i’m mikey g and i hope you have a great day

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