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Tesla JUST ANNOUNCED New Tesla Model Y For 2023

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Elon Musk’s Tesla has caught the EV industry by surprise by confirming that they will be releasing a new Tesla Model Y for 2023. How is this new model different from its predecessor? What is the change in price between the two models? And why is the new Model Y the car of choice?

Elon musk’s tesla has caught the eevee industry by surprise by confirming that they will be releasing a new tesla model y for 2023. how is this new model different from its predecessor what is the change in price between the two models and why is the new model y the car of choice join me today in this video where we shall explore everything to do with the new tesla

Model y that will be released in 2023 tesla’s game in the ev industry has beaten all other automobile companies in more ways than one while things are still going well for this ev company they decided to best their models by introducing a new tesla model y that is set to make an appearance in 2023 as you may already know the model of this coveted vehicle is in

Vogue and the demand is rising far beyond what tesla can handle what more can tesla do than please its customers they came up with the new model y that is set and ready to bring a new challenge to other upcoming suvs come along and we’ll tell you what you should expect in this new suv but before we discuss that why is the model y the most popular of all tesla’s

Evs it is simple this cv is totally affordable you see when tesla got into the eevee manufacturing industry the evs available were always expensive and by expensive i mean every sense of the word want proof well here it is almost all of the evs cost your whole year’s salary and that’s not all there were other expenses incurred in terms of insurance and maintenance

Let’s just say pretty much everything involved in buying a new car that was not favorable to people who honestly wanted to own one but had meager financing so let’s just say the rich population were better placed to own an ev until tesla came into the scene elon musk got into the competition with an ingenious pricing strategy that would grow its addressable market

With this strategy the skimming pricing strategy to be particular tesla would use a higher price to gain larger profits from high-end customers and later on the company could launch its evs at a lower price that would accommodate the other customers what do you call that a win-win situation definitely that’s the result more people came scrambling for the model y

Well don’t be deceived that inexpensive means low quality sorry but that doesn’t happen at tesla the model 3 came with such high quality features that characterize high-end cars that customers almost thought the company went crazy for selling their evs for such a low price what’s more the car model offered a long warranty period of between 4 and 8 years depending

On the type of model 3 mileage a customer would take but here’s the thing that made all of tesla customers go gaga over this newfound ev the model 3 car offered an out of this world user experience that they would not help but refer to their friends and family to consider tesla as a priority don’t know what i’m talking about let me explain as it happens the tesla

Infotainment system is designed using one of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies naturally you wouldn’t expect anything short of perfect and that’s exactly what this system does with the model 3 you’ll be able to operate your car with so much ease and just by using the click of a button on the large screen fix at the center of the car’s board who wouldn’t

Want such an experience at such a cheap cost there’s a lot to talk about in the old model 3 but that’s for another time for now let’s just get back into the demand for this car and why it’s reaching skyrocketing levels so how great is the demand for the new model y it would be a gross understatement if i mentioned that the demand is so high and stop it at that

And for reference sake we’ll have to work with some numbers so that you’ll have a feel of the pressure tesla must work with to meet the high demand for this aggressively wanted model let’s go back to where things started back in 2020 at the launching of the first lot of the model y the company sold a smashing 10 000 units of this model at a go and that was just

The beginning of an unrelenting trail of customers who came back begging for more of the model y by 2021 the sales jumped to a staggering 160 000 sales of the same model by this time tesla worked on crazy schedules to ramp up their production which could barely meet the sales just in the second quarter of this year tesla managed to sell over 53 000 units of the

Model y which is quite a feat for an ev company in less than a year well despite the great demand for the evs tesla was all smiles because that meant huge sales growth in just a quarter yet still the sales might project higher purchases by 2023 to meet demand for the new model y tesla settled on ramping up its production in its new gigafactories the gigafactories

And giga berlin factories were dedicated to exclusively manufacturing the new model y that’s about 1 000 model y a week if we project that annually it could be about 53 000 model wise if they can keep up with the production however this year the company had some hitches here and there regarding their battery supply chain but for now the problem was resolved as

A long-term goal the company aspires to be leading in the manufacture of batteries that will be a plus on their side talking of which the model y will come with the new 4680 battery cell elon musk is quite silent about the details of the new version of the model y electric car however the rumor mill has it that the 4680 cell’s battery will be the major feature of the

New model y it is yet to be confirmed because since the battery day event the updates on the 4680 battery innovation have gone fairly hush-hush the 4680 cell is a better improvement to the previous 2170 standard cell that has served the model since its first introduction in 2020. there’s not much we know about the 4680 batteries except that they are 46 millimeters

In diameter and 80 millimeters in height as we anticipate the release of these models we can be sure that the features will be impressive fortunately a recent purchase from a customer who bought the model y with the new capacity gave us a sneak peek at the performance of this new battery according to the review left behind the battery is capable of charging at a

Rate of 65 kilowatts which is quite an improvement from the previous version this would only mean one thing the new model would take a shorter time to charge according to the customer the car took 12 minutes to charge from 9 to 50 percent later on he was kind enough to share that it took a total of 50 minutes to charge from zero percent to 100 percent in addition he

Pointed out that the new model had improved its mileage as it came with an extra 10 mile stretch a lot might have been added to the new model y and some leaked information has it that the infotainment is better connected than the previous version the same trusted source indicated that the new model would come with another aesthetic improvement you can try a guess

Well here it is the source said that the new model y will be able to change color at some particular light angle we would have easily dismissed this but the trait is quite similar to the futuristic tesla phone that is said to be able to camouflage colors at different angles as for the acceleration it is said that the 0 to 60 miles acceleration is 5 seconds which

Is the same as before although there is a possibility that tesla might offer a software patch upgrade that will allow the user to unlock the acceleration and get it moving below 4 seconds at an extra 2 000 insider rumors have it that tesla allowed some of its employees to test the unlocked versions of the new model y they are super excited about the car because

It meets everything that elon musk promised to incorporate into the model during the tesla battery day in 2020 we can only happily anticipate the arrival and delivery of the model as soon as possible for now tesla is tight-lipped about any information regarding the model y and we can guess that it is a sure strategy to keep its customers anticipating for it to

Be finally released we can be sure that this is the new tesla strategy because of what happened at the cyber rodeo earlier this year do you remember when tesla launched the model y at the rodeo this year they only decided to sell a handful of the new model ys you see it’s not a joke that they only sold a handful and by handful i mean 50 evs this is unlike tesla

Because the demand for its cars cannot permit such a low sale and naturally a rodeo launching not just any kind of launching should see that at least over 1 000 cars have sold off at go the conclusion for this is that either it could be tesla’s strategy or they are still behind in the production of the new model if at all the latter is the reason for the low sale

At the launch will tesla meet their 2023 target as it is the current gold tesla is working with to meet the rising demand for the model y evs is by increasing their production somewhere over the previously set target of 1000 ev manufacturers per week so far tesla is proving that they might meet their target by 2023 with the production ramp up going to a little over

1000 evs per week if they continue with this trend without any interference they will easily reach the high goal they set for themselves the bad news is that the demand for the model y cars will not go down anytime soon as of now the new tesla model y registration has reached an insane 179 7754 while this means that tesla is set for crazy growth in the foreseeable

Future they should also think of further increasing their vehicle production to meet the demand that will not go down anytime soon that’s all for tesla’s new model y is it a car that you would also consider buying let us know in the comments below anyways guys if you want to see more interesting videos click the video right above thank you for watching don’t forget

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Tesla JUST ANNOUNCED New Tesla Model Y For 2023! By Elon Musk Zone