Tesla Mobile Service Arrives To Fix My Model S

Since I took delivery of my Model S, I noticed that the right rear door handle has not been working properly. Huge issue as this is our pup Bailey’s door, and she will simply not tolerate this! So I used the Tesla App to make a service appointment. Take a look at this video to see what happened… Enjoy!

Welcome to another episode of out of spec day where today you see there’s a white model s here but it’s not your average model s it’s the tesla service vehicle and they’ve pulled in right next to my model s over here where i work now why are they here i’ve got a rear right door handle that’s a little sticky and they called up they were supposed to come tomorrow

To my house which i think is great but the guy called me this morning from tesla and said hey can i stop by your place of work today i said sir come on so let’s see what happens here i hope that they can fix this thing remotely this is going to be great i’m so excited it’s the only thing wrong with my car but look at this two white model s’s here one coming to the

Rescue or the other you gotta love it i love tesla this is great foreign so after living with my model s the refresh the 2021 for a little while i noticed that the rear right door handle was a little bit sticky now when you walked up to the car the handles they present themselves they all popped out all four of them fine but when you went to open up and pull the

Rear right door handle which is bailey’s door it just wouldn’t work i would pull it once twice and then i figured out that you really have to pull it hard and then it would open so it’s not as if it didn’t work but it’s definitely something that that needed to be fixed now when you want to put in a service request for tesla it’s not like you give them a call what

You do is you go on the app and you schedule a service appointment and and so what i’ve discovered is that certain things are actually handled by the tesla remote team where they actually come out and they can fix the car whatever the problem is um you know a certain i guess a certain set of things that don’t have to go into the actual repair center they’ll come

Right to you and as a matter of fact i made a podcast about this just the other day with jordan on the out of spec podcast channel so you should check that out i’ve had good experiences with that and i’ve had sort of poor experiences with that so today i’m going to take you through the situation in terms of what it is that you actually do so there there is an app

Everyone knows who has a tesla if you don’t know there’s a great app that you have when you when you have a tesla and it allows you to actually do a multitude of things monitor your car where it is how fast it’s going if your son or daughter or wife is taking the car you can see exactly where they are and exactly how fast they’re going but there’s a module on there

Which is called service and when you click on that module there’s a an app that comes up or a sub subset of the app that comes up that allows you to actually make the service center at a service appointment and they you can pick the date you can pick the time and you know it’s pretty convenient i i kind of like that personal touch when you can call someone and talk

To them here not so much with tesla oftentimes what happens is once you break through that initial contact and initial service appointment tesla will actually reach out to you or representative will reach out to you proactively and they may ask you questions or they may come back and forth with you via text the text module in the app itself but in this case what

I wanted to do was to take you through today what happened with my door handle so let’s get into to that right now and uh and and we’ll we’ll check out what happened you know this is actually the first time i’ve ever utilized a mobile service um but what’s great is they they bring that all the tools with them i mean this this the trunk is i’ve never seen such a

Messy but yet happy trunk with all those tools in it before in a model s i mean these things are huge but what a good use of space to be able to to be able to do that and i love how this model s is is all decorated i was on the phone with the service technician and some guy came up to him on the street and said oh are you here to see my tesla he goes no i’m here

To see some days yes so it was funny i imagine that when you’re driving a model s tesla and it says tesla service on it you probably do get stopped an awful eye but uh well let’s see the service technician he’s brought a whole replacement assembly for my door interestingly enough i mentioned that you know i’ve had historically problems with door handles on model

S’s in the past but he said that they really haven’t had that many issues with the uh with the new the refresh model s door handles or the newer models so he was a little surprised uh mine mine still works you just have to really jam it out there so rather than try and fix it he’s just going to replace the whole thing right here on the spot right in my parking

Garage where i work how awesome is that foreign foreign welcome foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign to get to the bolt for to get the window regulator out so he can get to the door handle actually had to take the take the window out a little more complicated than i think anticipated interestingly he hasn’t even done one of

These but yet that’s because they’ve been so reliable tesla quality we all know about that so but uh he had done a front one uh but not the rear so interesting that he was blocked from getting that but no fear he’s on it he’s got it he has he has one of those amazing screw guns that he’s not afraid to use it there we go so the only other thing that i have wrong

With my with my car and i mentioned this in a previous video is the yoke top of the steering wheel peeling i mean look at that and and so i just mentioned this to to the technician here and he said put a ticket in um he’ll come out replace it it’s definitely a warranted item so i’m excited about that because i didn’t realize i i don’t know somehow i had heard

That someone was uh saying you had to pay money but he said no no that’s warranty so i’ll put the ticket in for sure and then he’ll come out and replace my steering wheel i mean my yoke that’s good news foreign foreign thank you look at this one finger beautiful oh awesome great job thank you so much amazing really really happy and i will put in the

Ticket for the yolk and hopefully you’ll come back again so uh yeah most likely be me is that is that a uh does that take long or is that it no it’ll take me like five minutes five minutes all right everyone line up for you in new york at least i’m going to yeah listen things happen you know do you know if the new york steering wheels that you’re replacing are

The same one or is there something they’ve done to improve them so they don’t do it again i wear okay what whatever it is it is but at least i’ll have a new one and i’m sure that one will be warranted as well but um yeah so off he goes the the mystery man of tesla service gotta love it what a great job he did amazing foreign

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Tesla Mobile Service Arrives To Fix My Model S! By Out of Spec Dave