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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor (2021) – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

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Tesla updatet zijn auto’s natuurlijk regelmatig met over-the-air- software, maar nu is ook een echte facelift voor de Tesla Model 3 met hardware. Wij namen de verbeterde auto mee voor een blokje om.

Tesla likes to update their cars regularly, and they do so over the even if you’ve got an existing model, you could wake up one morning and find that your tesla has some new features, or even more power. once in a while though, tesla properly facelifts their car. that has happened to the model 3 now. it’s been around for two years now in the netherlands, but it’s been

Around for longer in the usa. we just had to wait a little and at the start of 2021, it has received a minor facelift. a visible one at that, because the headlights now have a black edge instead of a chrome one. the same goes for the indicators and door handles. other than that, it’s on the inside, a few things have changed as well. they might not be very apparent,

But if you own a model 3, you’ll recognize them. the middle tunnel has been changed the most. there’s no plastic hatch anymore, which looked kind of cheap. instead, you’ve got a lid which you… can slide. it looks and feels better, and over here you’ve got two induction chargers for your phone and the phone of your passenger. the screen now has a nice black frame

Instead of the piano-lacquered panels. also, they’ve changed the buttons for the window controls and… the sunscreen is locked into place with a magnet. very small changes, and the rest of the minimalistic image still remains. however, what has changed underneath the skin? well, first of all they’ve improved the insulation. it’s relatively quiet now at higher speeds.

Also, there’s less noise coming from the suspension when you encounter speed bumps or anything. that could be because they’ve… improved the build quality over the past few years. i mean, i’m sure that if i were to compare a model 3 from a year ago to one from… the first production run. on the other hand, i drove one last year when i compared it to the polestar,

And that wasn’t as quiet, so. this feels newer, it qualitatively feels better. less creaks, less also, they’ve installed a new heat pump. that makes it more efficent, which in turn makes it more economical, which in turn increases the range, which is very handy for a car like this. and the interesting part is that they’ve increased the range through the software update.

They altered some things to make it more efficient. they opened up the batteries by a fraction, because tesla’s have huge reserve capacities. and in this case, i can easily clear 500 km on a single charge. i’m in the long range after all, but i’m able to do so when it’s nine degrees. so when it’s 17 degrees, it would be able to go even further. and you have to drive a

Car for much longer with different weather… but the fact that i’m able to effortlessly go past 500 km, that’s incredibly impressive. not only for this money, but for ev’s as a whole. there almost aren’t any other cars that can reach that. interestingly, the power output has been increased at well. not in the facelift, but in the software. older cars will benefit from

That as well. the long range once started at around 360 horsepower, something tesla never really specified. that’s because it changed sometimes. however, the long range is now rapidly approaching 430 horsepower. with a 0-100-time of 4,2 seconds. i didn’t quite reach that, my attempts… only got me 4,5 seconds. however, that could be because of the state of the batteries,

The temperature, the battery charge, who’ll know. but it actually feels quicker than it was when i first drove it. the same goes for the performance, which probably produces over 500… horsepower now. but it’s bizarre that power updates like this aren’t only for new owners. existing tesla-owners will also benefit. that’s a way of dealing with cars that we haven’t seen

Before. however, i read that porsche has updated their taycan, so it’s now… two tenths quicker to 200 km/h. it’s good to see that i already mentioned the range, and i said that it’s much more efficient. if you listened closely, i said that it will get much further on a single charge. something tesla is able to uphold in a way that i don’t see in other 20 kwh is a

Very average figure for electrical cars. expensive manufacturers like audi or porsche with their taycan never reach that. especially audi… tends to go up to 26 or even 27 kwh. smaller electrical cars like the renault zoe on the other hand, always stay around 15 kwh per 100 km. but this model 3 remains around that figure as well, maybe it’ll go up but that’s incredibly

Economical for a car with this range, this capacity, this power, this weight, so it’s a true addition to the market. also, the handling is still very good. it’s incredibly tight on the road. the steering could’ve been more communicative, but it’s easy to position. but i’m driving on winter tires now, and there’s barely any understeer. admittedly, they’re good pirelli’s,

But despite the weight of the car… i’m able to corner incredibly quickly before understeer kicks in. just imagine if it was hotter outside and i was driving on summer tires. this is such a quick car. not only in a straight line, but in corners as well. and the capacities you buy for this money, around €56.000 for it’s not a sports car, the performance is. the latter

Has more feeling but despite the fact that it isn’t a sports car, it can go incredibly fast. in a way that’s been revolutionary since it was launched. and i still feel that way. sure, competitors are coming in left and right. i’m very curious about the hyundai ioniq 5, because i think… tesla has to worry about those specs for that money. but besides that, and i haven’t

Even mentioned tesla’s own supercharge-network, which enables me to quickcharge 200 kw… without any effort, tesla has still an incredibly big advantage over the rest of the ev-market. despite the flaws it may have.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor (2021) – AutoWeek review – English subtitles By AutoWeek