Tesla Model 3 – Rebuild 2 – Almost Finished – Getting it Legal

All right today’s the day going to get it legal the model 3 rebuild number two is pretty much complete you need to get my state inspection done um hopefully they don’t give me any trouble about this rear quarter panel ding i’m going to explain to them like i really need to get it legal so i can bring it to get it fixed a lot easier than having to tow it on a

Trailer i mean it’s more of a cosmetic thing right now and not a functionality but that’s that’s literally all i have left you know because she’s she’s finished take a quick peek trunks all lined out got a bunch of stuff put the charger in there interior is all finished with things all cleaned up right there that’s all good i mean i could probably still do a

Little adjusting on the bumper i got to replace this little tab right here um other than that i mean uh it’s a little bit paint mark right there i’m probably gonna see if they can fix that for me i use the little touch up direct spray paint and you can see so i filled in the the actual scratches but i got a little bit of overspray over it so i guess maybe i just

Need to buff that off that way this comes back and then it’s just kind of filled in on the touch up and that’s fine you know and then i still do have these little ripples right here from getting that liner uh fender liner off when it uh the inner the inner wheel well because it’s it’s a pain to get that on there but for the most part hey it’s a used car that

Little stuff superficial got a little ripples right here from trying to remove that glue you can actually see my my touch-up paint over where the rivets are on the on the rear and on the driver you can see the blend right there there’s the welds foreign a little too far maybe if i was pretty close though david only had a little bit right here but i went ahead

And made a paint line and it matches pretty good it’s just a stark difference when you when you got an edge like that but unless you’re staring at it you probably wouldn’t even notice it you know and then of course because i replaced it place the uh side panel the bin labels not this i can’t leave the old vin label on there hopefully i don’t say anything about

That but i’m gonna be perfect really honest with them why would i leave a vin label on the car that’s not the car that would be more wrong than anything so i have it on a on the placard which is the cut off piece from the old car and i took this label put above it rope donor on it so they know that i have both labels it’s in the car i mean you still got the vin

Tag on the front and the vent on the computer so that’s proof enough but hey let’s go get this thing legal

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Tesla Model 3 – Rebuild 2 – Almost Finished – Getting it Legal By TeslaCharged