Tesla Model 3: Uber Rider REACTIONS

Tesla Model 3 Uber Lyft picking up riders during Kentucky Derby

Exactly two years ago i took the tesla out and picked up some uber and lyft riders and got the reactions to the model 3. well now it is kentucky derby day here in louisville kentucky and big thanks to audible for sponsoring today’s video i’m gonna go out and pick up some riders and see if the reactions are still the same to the tesla model 3. hey what’s going on

How’s it going first time i’ve been in a tesla awesome it’s my favorite to give people their first rides you see some cameras on the cars i’m actually a youtuber so i’m going around picking up people getting their reactions to the tesla you guys ever been in one before uh no it’s kind of wild when you first get in one how would you guys think of it it’s pretty

Lit i’ve always wanted to ride in one so i mean it’s it’s a really nice car it’s it’s comfortable and it’s really roomy surprisingly for you know being uh you know everybody when they talk about electric cars they think the nissan nissan leaf yeah i mean that thing’s it’s tiny yeah and you know you don’t have any legroom i’m sitting here with plenty of leg room

And since it’s all electric it has like instant torque the 0 to 60 speed is like really fast i like the fact that uh it’s not like a normal car when when you accelerate we can actually experience this real quick you guys want to yeah of course i love speed and 60 almost 60 miles later it’s just so weird like not hearing any any like motor yeah yeah my girlfriend

Has a tesla but she has the suv version i actually got the model x okay yeah i still don’t know how to open the doors and it sings and the doors will go up and down yes does this one do funny stuff too this one doesn’t do that no this is the cheaper one um this one has actually you can probably get this one at the cheapest for about 35 000. well i would get it oh

It’s okay for 35. oh absolutely yeah you won’t have all the cool features like full self-driving but oh wait but i might have to switch to 50s so what i find interesting with first of all elaine musk has a sense of humor it’s just because yes she showed me the whoop like the turn signal thing that sounds like a fart he’s the uh albert einstein of our era music

His different seat so somebody said what else does this car do i mean it can drive itself almost completely really it’s got autopilot on there so do you use it yeah it just turned you know made the lane change by itself his hands are not on the wheel okay can you do that thing where you sleep and let it dry autopilot so like now it’s basically driving itself

So it’s like breaking right now oh my god it’ll pass people it’ll change lanes by itself it’ll take exits it’s electric obviously but what is your mile range i can go like about 300 miles on a full charge as far as like miles per gallon equivalent they have that that’s what it’s called for electric cars and it’s about 130 miles per gallon wow and how long does

It take to charge it up um i just charge it up overnight in my garage you know when you’re when you’re traveling on a supercharger those can charge like zero to eighty percent about 30 minutes really yeah so it’s super fast i mean oh i had no idea it was that fast so do they update the car like a software update yeah yeah it gets like free software updates and

Like it has games it’s got netflix and youtube on here i just noticed that on the cars on the side yeah so it’s got cameras built in all around the car it’s got about i think eight total cameras like it shows you the different cars wow it goes pretty far back it’s got voice commands and so like open glove box oh my goodness continue the whole glass roof is

One of my favorite things in my opinion i didn’t even notice that yeah it’s like a spaceship you know it’s surprising because i thought it was gonna be like hotter because it’s got the glass all glass roof yeah you can’t really feel the heat from the sun too much if you know if i was wasn’t a truck driver meaning if i wasn’t everywhere all the time then i would

Definitely um probably have one i mean i have my over-the-top ridiculous lift uh lifted truck and i could have one of these and it would be the biggest contrast and i’d love it what do you think about the cyber truck um oh yeah that’s actually pretty cool if i get my hands on one i’ll try to uber it that’d be cool yeah i’ve always wanted to take one of these to

The track it’s absolutely crazy went i didn’t drive but i went out to the corvette track at the bowling green and it’s a crazy windy track and i rode in the passenger seat of one with a model 3 performance i thought i was going to get sick i mean it was like a roller coaster i mean oh yeah you guys think you’d ever buy a tesla yes oh my god that would be so fun

Glad you guys got to experience the tesla that turbo is so cool and to get out there’s a little dashed button at the top of your little handle that’s what you push and you’re just kind of oh how cool is that well andy thank you for the education yeah yeah absolutely thank you guys so much one of my favorite things to do while driving my tesla is to listen to

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Tesla Model 3: Uber Rider REACTIONS By Andy Slye