Tesla Model S Collision Avoidance HUMAN TEST w/Firmware 8

Tesla Model S Collision Avoidance HUMAN TEST! w/Firmware 8 Tesla Model S 4k UHD

Yeah i came to it came to a complete stop it’s done walk back it’s stalking you to successful test they really got radar right in this release you know what i was paying more attention to you but even when you were standing in front of me i did not see anything on my screen it just and you know what i didn’t even get collision warning it just slowed me down

Like as if there’s another car coming up in front of me okay let’s go this does coincide with the radar enhancements they were saying gaidar stop second i didn’t even think to do that a little bit see what it does i touched the brake after it stopped i touched the brake so i lost t acc it didn’t show it doesn’t show anything on the screen it looks like as if i

Came up behind another vehicle it was just slowing down to stop actually it did but an interest of safety i helped the car actually gave me collision alert and it also applied the brakes but i also just an interest of not telling one of my friends either i also once the car hit the brakes i also slammed on the brakes okay car coming successful successful test and

Actually slowed down earlier that time but no warning i think it’s totally doing the wording now when you’re standing walking across it’s detecting a new object coming into the room oh maybe that’s what way it looks and it started slowing it down at about twice the distance this time i’d actually did 35 i think the well this test unlike our first test that we did

At the beginning of summer where we didn’t have things quite planned out as well a little more spur-of-the-moment but the tests we did do at the beginning of the summer under the firmware seven flavors pretty much showed that pedestrian detection was a fail obviously it did detect mike when we did the summons earlier in the summer but it didn’t do it on autopilot

Or on track for polar cruise control but it looks like this time of why shouldn’t mention i don’t mean interrupt you though for the first time we did way back a couple months ago and actually alerted you but this time it did it did a film one time when we did it earlier in the summer we did it the top speed we did it at was 18 for safety to be safer but it ever

I think both times it did alert us that there was going to be a collision you know whatever this time however it didn’t do the audio will alert until we were at 25 miles an hour or faster we did 20 mile an hour tests we did 20 a couple 25 and 30 and the 35 mile an hour test and only on the faster ones did it actually give us the audio blow lord give it a couple

Times but it also didn’t give the audio alert when he was already in the road only when mike actually walked out so it was more of the car wanted to alert us when something new was detected entering our driving path not when there’s something there already when there was something there already it just slowed down as if there was just any old object on the road

And decided to come to a complete stop and then once mike was out of the way it actually resumed its merry old way as if nothing had happened i was a little surprised that it didn’t give us the audio warnings especially considering that the car could not and would not display anything on the screen i don’t know how to word it drop brain farting for a second here

But since nothing was displayed on the screen not even a pedestrian or a motorcycle or anything now i have come up behind bicyclists on their bike and then it has displayed that on the screen now prior to firmware 8 i had a incident where my debt my um the autopilot camera was not properly functioning actually i have on two occasions and this was under firmware

Seven since i actually haven’t had i haven’t driven my car very much that’s getting yet one is one instance my autopilot camera had some problems and even though it was just the autopilot camera going out the car would not function at all for collision alerts anything using just the radar likewise previously this summer at the end of june 2016 my radar went out

And the car couldn’t function with and with the autopilot or anything using the camera alone apparently once the car could couldn’t physically see an object it wasn’t tracking so what do you think you think maybe with all ilan’s improvements to the radar using that more as a primary source probably is why or it’s able to detect more sure hopes all right i sure

Hope so yeah whatever makes me not die kidding but that was i’m sorry i got to see it i firmly i firmly hate firmware eight with a passion it was very rushed but apparently there were some improvements on there and this is one that i really give them a thumbs up on the autopilot itself has been hit or miss since firmware 8 there’s been a lot of improvements and

There’s been a lot of bugs that’s a completely separate video i’ve already touched on all of them but the enhancements that they have done with the radar is remember this isn’t auto pilot 2.0 auto pilot 2.0 is the auto pilot coming out with the new autonomous hardware before full autonomy software is released doesn’t that also have two cameras in there 303 on the

Front side markers oh that’s right there’s in the glass don’t worry i’m working on making arrangements to see one of those wasn’t there also like to consider when there’s to long range short range and wide angle i didn’t know that oh yes but anyways back to the radar because the new autopilot honest cars are using the same radar enhancement that the autopilot

Cars are and due to the software processing that they have apparently worked out with bosch was the supplier of the radar equipment has increased the number of objects the radar can track by thirty fold now prior i could visually now we don’t know exactly how many the cars detecting at any one point without having some sort of backdoor access so it looks like

I might have to give jason hughes a call he’s the one that hacked his model s and also upgraded his wife’s car from a classic to an auto pilot car was very detailed but at least visually i have noticed previously on firmware 7 that the car was able to display five separate vehicles on the road at one time i saw motors a couple motorcycles and three cars at the

Same time so that shows me the car was able to detect place and track five objects so at the very least if it was a 30-fold increase that means at the very least the car should be able to track thirty objects now right you hope so and then with their radar trickery of what i call x-ray radar it’s also able to see around objects that are underneath other vehicles

To see an extra car length in front of it of in front of you so it looks like all these enhancements together have somehow improved autopilot or the radar detection enough work and now detect the human i’m really really glad for the passing what are your thoughts on is tesla not doing that originally like because for the first test we did a couple of months ago

The car alerted you but i didn’t do make any effort whatsoever to stop so to avoid i listened but all of a sudden now we update apparently somehow the car could detect you but maybe not with enough assurance to make a decision so i think maybe back then it was programmed like that to do the alert because he shouldn’t be paying attention with your hands on the

Wheel anyway source of course you know i think it was like that an effort to cut down on false positives i think it was what mid summer was when elon did the tweet saying that he was working with the bosch and his team was working with bosch to see what kind of enhancements they could do software or i why is improv signal you know processing of the of the radar

Being used and without having to change the hardware at all this is where testing of vehicles really shines without changing the hardware at all they were able to do a very very significant update to the autopilot system and the radar processing to be able to detect more objects and it’s been very impressive on what it’s been able to able to detect especially in

Stop-and-go driving detecting job maybe person if running is not paying attention and they forget to hit the brakes well and they smash into the car in front of them well if your car is following the person in front of you previously you’d end up maybe getting too close and almost hitting the car in front of you well this way the radar confounds underneath those

Vehicles safe safe speed and safer following distance so and speaking of when you were talking about how they without actually changing hardware in the vehicle they just did simple firmware a programmer updated simple but or well i guess instead of ripping the car off and changing things they made a firmware update to do obviously now it detects what inaudible had

Always detected me but now actually makes an effort i wonder because you’re you know your video with half a million views of trying to run into me i wonder if some people up high off the tesla saw that in their probably used your video and possibly both from different viewpoints yeah so i wonder if they took our videos it says um yeah we need to we gotta fix the

Next step because i think what was it volkswagen already had vestry detector you know volvo yeah i think so i think it was volvo so yeah i’d be awesome if they if they did if they did they’ve done some really significant improvements and i’m hoping now ilan has already mentioned that existing auto pilot cars it’s not feasible of course just like the classic cars

It is possible but not feasible cost wise that the cost delta is too high to upgrade an autopilot car to one of the autonomous hardware cars however with all this extra processing you know even though there’s no additional cameras on these cars maybe one of the big changes they made also was the sonar on the autonomous cars which is the hardware currently being

Produced for all the tesla vehicles both sx and three just an x3 net all right now the sonar on those cars actually has a distance of approximately twice as much as the autopilot cars so when we were doing our summons test it started steering around like approximately four feet from him that is the approximate limitation of the existing solar maybe it’s possible

Just by popping off a little sonar pucks they might actually be able to give us the eight foot distance as an upgrade option down the line and then just a software update maybe improve that enough where might be able to navigate better on driveways close quarters maybe parking lots a little bit to give that automatic parking feature that elon talked about way back

In the original release old press releasing event for the dual motor cars and autopilot events so that’s just the thought and that would actually be something pretty easy to do existing wiring would be able to remain the same you’re just replacing to a sonoran that has greater sensitivity and higher transmit power for that ultrasonic people i would agree with

That because you would think because if it’s just you know a sensor you know obviously would have a set cost per tesla for customers stuff like that but not me i remember correctly from wrong at one point well even still older model lessons with just the tech package before they didn’t have like parking sensors and then they added that it was a $500 option they

Were able to retrofit that now of course it does cost more than five five hundred there was no wiring in place for those and you needed new bumpers and they had the fish wiring through the free right and actually had the title out they had to change us change for the autonomous cars and the big cost is the cameras because of the additional cameras there’s still

The twelve sonar the one radar in the front but now they have cameras in the side markers there’s cameras up here i don’t even know if you guys can you can see me there’s cameras up here there’s three on the front you got some on the back you got em all around the car and on top of that they’re now using nvidia’s new is an ai 2 or something i can’t remember the

Exact serial or color code name for it but they’re using nvidia’s new processing for artificial or autonomous driving and past pop apparently it has 40 times the computing power of the existing tegra 3 systems that are in the cars right now now there is no center console or computer change between the classic and the auto pilot cars are actually using the same

Processing power as the classic cars the only thing that really did change was increase the resolution of the – screen so that’s why i think it might be a potentially old classic mercedes benz oh wow – that’s why i think potentially just replacing some sort are pucks might be able to add a little more functionality or at the very least maybe just a little more

Safety maybe something might maybe spring for a couple hundred dollars just to replace some solar pucks and a firmware update i’ll bet you bunch of tesla learners will be all over that especially because right so i guess that start that concludes our tests for today until we figure out the next way to try and kill mike i just gotta go change my pants real quick

Yeah and at least we didn’t have to commit particular manslaughter today oh yeah at least this time the holes already dug in the backyard so i guess i’ll do camera find my car you can change your undies and let’s call it a day grab a beer oh yeah we should have did the beer first maybe i would have ease the tension a little bit yeah okay smile cheese

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Tesla Model S Collision Avoidance HUMAN TEST! w/Firmware 8 By KmanAuto