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Tesla Model S Configurator REDESIGN – UI/UX Review

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How I would have designed Tesla’s Car Configurator

Hello everybody i’m pierre roberts and today i wanted to do something a little bit different i usually do technical analysis on tesla stock and the dow jones and the vix and everything i used to be a user experience designer and i cannot help but have opinions on user interfaces i see everywhere while using tesla’s product configurator i felt uneasy about a few

Things this is a good product configurator but i think it could be a little bit better so i will do a ux review of tesla’s product configurator and then after that i’ll show you a little prototype of how i think we could make it better so the first thing i would like to say is that this interface is really streamlined this is good but it has a drawback we have to

Do a lot more clicks and scroll in order to configure our car so if you take a look at this right side of the screen here we see all of the choices that we can make as a potential buyer of the car so there’s a lot of scrolling happening let’s pretend that i’m buying a car i can choose between a model s at 104.990 or a model s plaid at 135.990 when i click on these

Two choices we see that there are things that are changing we have the range the top speed and the acceleration that is changing we have the estimated delivery and when i click on the model as plant we get some additional information at the bottoms here and if you notice at the middle here we have a price change i changed two things and i need to look at the top and

Sometimes at the bottom to see what has changed in terms of the efficiency in terms of the impact on the user she has to look in three different places this is just additional work that tesla is asking its user if we now click on feature details then i have information about the acceleration that the difference between model s and model s plaid which is a permission

That i already have there at the top as we have seen top speed range drivetrain so there’s nothing new here that i cannot get on that first screen then i get the picture of the fact that all-wheel drive means that i have a motor in the front and motor in the back that’s fine i get to see what is included in basic autopilot okay this is nice easy charging this

Is now teaching me that i can charge anywhere there is electricity so i am right now in the product configurator i am here to choose my future car i am not here to be sold per se as to the advantages of having an ev and where i can charge that should have been taken care of on some of their pages the same thing with sentry mode tesla can record everything that’s

Happening around the car with its cameras this is right now not helping me make a decision between a model s and a model s plot adaptive suspension again the real storage i’m sorry but these are nice features this is not the point here i’m focusing on should i get the model s plat or a regular model s if we go a little bit lower here i can select the paint if i

Select the blue paint then i notice that this is costing me 1500 bucks so if i want to know if a paint has additional cost then i need to click on each paint so again we are trading multiple clicks for a streamlined interface and a streamline interface has only value the first time that you encounter that interface once you have encountered depth you have a job

To do and your job is to figure out which feature do you want and at which cost you can get that feature that’s the job that we have to do and having to click to know the price of paint is just additional work wheels let’s look at the wheels the same principle with the wheels if i click on the wheel then i see if it has a price or not and here i have a learn more

So learn more it is telling me that the current selection is all season tires and it’s telling me that if i want to buy winter wheels i can go in the tesla shop to get them tesla shop is a separate place a separate little boutique where you can buy tesla accessories and i think it would be worthwhile to make this configuration experience as part of the tesla shop

Experience and in one swoop i could configure my car select winter tires and any other accessories i would like to buy and then pay at the end so i feel like tesla should be looking at integrating these two concepts then i go to interior so here i can select the white beige or black and i have some additional information here feature detail so again here tesla is

Talking to be about three different displays that i can see in the car behind the wheel in the center console and also in the back this is really nice but right now i’m trying to choose the color of the car so why are you telling me about the audio speakers and everything i feel like it is a little bit out of place in terms of enhanced autopilot we have already

Discovered in the feature detail above that there is such a thing as a basic autopilot but if i did not go there to look at that feature when i come here i see that i can choose enhanced autopilot which has these features or full self-driving capability that contains basic autopilot plus enhanced autopilot plus the traffic lights and stop sign control but if i

Have not looked at the basic autopilot feature descriptions here then i am lost as to what is this basic autopilot thing so let’s say that i want to add a little bit more information about this i can click feature detail and then yeah this is very good they are explaining it to me and there’s a little animation so this is great this is great this is great this is

Great if i go to self-driving then i get the same features as an enhanced autopilot because this is what i get plus i get something else i get the traffic light and stop sign control tesla could show that smart cement and all the previous four features are really part of enhanced and that i get them with full tough driving and that the only new feature is this

Traffic light and stop sign and then they are telling me that there is a full self-driving computer that’s fine this is what i get in terms of charging so now here because the home charging equipment is no longer included with the car they are including these accessories right here so i would personally put those accessories within the teslas shop section that i

Should go into after i configure the car and then i can move on to the payment right here but just before let’s click on this thing over here at the bottom so this is the price summary so here i can choose if i want to pay cash to lease or ask for a loan so if i choose lease i can set my term annual miles and down payment and when i get rid of this then i now

See the car prices per month one last thing is that tesla is putting a lot of emphasis on the price after potential saving but to be friend if you pay a hundred thousand dollars for a car you save a little bit of gas but i don’t think that the people that can afford this car care that much about what they can save in gas if you buy a model 3 okay yes i can get it

But the model lasts at a hundred thousand bucks to me it seems far-fetched a little bit but tesla is adamant as making this a central thing because we have a selection tool here that i can choose potential saving why so potential saving wise a model s would cost me 96590 and the purchase price being 104 but people still need to fork a hundred and four thousand

Dollars when they buy the card this could make tesla look a little bit shady let’s look at how i would have created this product configurator the first thing that i would do is that i would get rid of the scrolling the scrolling is just a hindrance scroll scroll i choose a feature scroll scroll i choose another feature and then if i want to change my mind and see

Different options and different scenarios then i need to come back up change something come back down change some other things it makes the configuration process a little bit clumsy and also i don’t see in one glance all of the choices i can make with the car the way i would design that screen is that i would put the choices at the bottom i would have all of the

Choices i have to make then i will see the impact of those choices just right above so i would see the car the color its wheels and everything and above that i would display the different views for the car the front the side the back the ink to review the wheel view and everything and as the choices are being made and played with i would show the consequence in

The summary the price the features selected the estimated delivery date and everything so that the user only has one place to see all of the impact of its choice so let’s look at the screen yes it’s a little bit more cluttered but i think it’s worth it there are advantages to putting a lot more things on the screen you see everything that you can choose in your

Car so you see that you can choose between a model s and a model s plaid and you see within these two choices some information that can help you make that choice not all of the information but some of the information and then you can pick the color you can pick the wheels you can pick the interior color and then the autopilot which is a very important feature that

Can cost a lot of money then as i play with the choices at the bottom here i can see the resulting impact on the look of the car and then i have different views of the car and then on the right i see that i’ve chosen a model as the range the top speed acceleration i see what i have selected and then i see when i can get that car and the price and when i am happy

With that i can click here and go to the tesla’s shop section let’s play with this a little bit as you might already know i am a blue kind of guy so i can click here and here i already see the prices of each color so i don’t have to click on all colors and see what are their prices i see it right away so blue is 1500 bucks more and the price is being updated

Automatically here i think that the 20 inch wheels are look so much better and then if i want to take a look at the car then i see that i can choose the views i want to have here when i configure the car i can choose a side view it will view into review so i can play with this and i can look at the card that i am configuring next if i’m not sure if i want to choose

A model s versus a model s plan i can click on this little information icons here which is going to give me more information about the car so then i see that the model s plat can maintain a thousand plus horsepower all the way to 200 miles per hour okay that’s interesting and i see that there is torque vectoring in here so tesla should be putting information that

People will find useful to make the decision we should not be talking about the sound system the displays in the car this should have been addressed before here i’m focusing on model s or model s plan that’s it the same thing for the autopilot i can click here and get more information about the autopilot the basic autopilot what does it contain this is free this is

Free this is included what does it do then enhanced what does it do with those four different things and the full self-driving what else does it do if i click on the information icon next to the price then i get this financing selection cash lease and everything and if i choose lease then i see that the car is 1576 a month and then because i have all of the choices

Right there without clicking then i can play back and forth so i can say okay right now the car would cost me 15.76 a month if i go with the plaid that’s 2 000 a month okay that’s a little bit too expensive i am going to go back to the regular mobile pass but then in terms of autopilot if i go to enhanced and has autopilot 1672 a man that’s interesting pulse i’m

Driving 1800 okay that’s a bit much 1800 and what was the model s plaid it was two thousand if i go nn 1600 wholesale driving 1800 no i think i’m gonna be good with the 1600 so let me do a review here so i have the regular model as it’s blue yeah okay i can see it’s blue i can see the wheels i’m gonna keep the interior black and then i’m gonna choose the enhanced

Autopilot everything 1672 a month okay sounds good i would pay 1555 after potential saving okay that’s that next and this is where tesla could be showing the wall connector the mobile connector the summer wheels if i want to have the summer tires as well as the winter tires i should be able to select them there and then see the summary getting updated and then at

The end i can just pay with the regular process that we have right now this is a little project that i did so i hope that you enjoyed it thank you for watching thank you for liking commenting subscribing if you want to watch me analyze tesla stock every single day based on technical analysis you can do so right here so thank you and i’m gonna tell you

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Tesla Model S Configurator REDESIGN – UI/UX Review By The Daily Trader