Tesla Model S Plaid vs Ken Blocks 1400hp AWD Mustang // Hoonicorn vs The World 2

The most anticipated and asked for race is here! The world’s QUICKEST production car, the 1020hp Tesla Model S Plaid versus Ken Block’s 1400hp AWD Mustang also known as the Hoonicorn! This race determines the future of cars… not really but it’s going to be fun! The Tesla Model S Plaid does 0-60mph in under 2 seconds and is capable of turning a 9.2 @ over 150mph down the 1/4 mile but the world’s quickest Plaid has done it in 8.9 seconds @ 155mph. Will this be Lia Block’s toughest race yet? Will this prove if Electric cars are better than Gas cars? Find out literally right now on Hoonicorn vs The World 2, enjoy!

God damn that thing sounds so good what’s a zero to sixty like one nine uh unicorn lost a couple pounds the driver mod we’re back at it with another episode of unicorn versus the world two that’s right season two is here and i don’t know why you’re here still because you’re not doing anything i’m just a dad that’s right because this season if you don’t know already

We’ve got 14 year old leah block driving the 1400 horsepower unicorn and not just against any cars we’ve raced we brought a 4 000 horsepower i don’t like the season i’m just like a dad cheerleader on the sidelines he’s more scared than i’ve ever seen him the league has been crushing it so let’s go to our next race super special thanks out to our friends at csr2

The official video game partner unicorn versus the world season two without them the show probably wouldn’t be happening you can download the unicorn v2 right now play it in the palm of your hands and you can even recreate some of your own unicorn burst the world matchups because they have over 300 cars that you can choose from even ken knows how to download it

Trying to dry up my sweat stains on my shirt can you see these hell yeah i think i’m just really wet under here so it’s just getting worse smash them just act natural like nothing changed the matrix welcome back to unicorn versus the world this is a race to end all races if the unicorn doesn’t win this one cars are over kaput finito honestly i’m most excited

For this race and i think the internet is most excited for this race too whether we like it or not this needs to happen it’s the future versus the map and the future has been on the internet slaying all sorts of super cars let’s go look at it all right you guys know about the unicorn we’ll get to that in a sec let’s talk about this thing what’s up man we know you

But tell the people who you are what’d you bring here uh my name is adam i got the tesla model s plaid here i’ve been here once what do you do to it since the last time you’ve been here i did a couple things obviously i turned the windows i got the the good tint on there and then i did have a little a little ding in the front um got it all repaired so now it looks

Pristine the way it should take notes guys we’ve asked him what he’s done since the last time he’s on here when he beat a 1 000 horsepower mclaren and he said tinted windows and fixed a dent well for the people that haven’t watched that episode tell us about the plaid real quick so it’s got over a thousand horsepower i think i think they rate it at 10 20. it’s got

10 50 torque it’s got three motors two in the back one in the front each one obviously produces about 340 horsepower yeah it’s all-wheel drive what are these running the quarter mile perfect conditions i’ve seen lots of them run about a nine two at over 150 miles an hour so this is the quickest production vehicle ever made as of right now yeah i gotta say one of

My favorite comments from the last time we were on here someone was like thousand horsepower question mark more like a thousand electricities you know what something i don’t know about this is like is there different modes in driving this one as well like for range or performance or so yeah so there’s actually four different modes there’s like a chill mode and

They have a sport mode which to me is fast enough to drive on the street anytime and you can it’ll probably go zero to 60 and low fours in the sport mode what’s the zero to 60 in the crazy mode like under two like one nine um and it’s pretty fast and um like they have the plaid mode which plaid mode is what i normally drive in because i like to go fast but you can

It feels really like it doesn’t have anything unless you really get on it and then it has a drag strip mode the drag strip mode it’ll add torque to it it’ll give it i think they said about 50 pounds of torque off the line so it’s kind of not the best mode to be in if you’re not going to use launch control because that’s why the launch control positions the car

Right to utilize that torque actually when i raced the mclaren i didn’t i didn’t realize all that because the car was so new to me he’s learning something new so you’ve added tinted windows and a little bit of sea time exactly i know more about the car he knows his own style i’m not getting smart i am smarter take a look inside yeah i mean this is all 100 stock

Right yeah hold up i haven’t done anything through it look inside this car not the helmet the car it’s got a coffee cup yeah it’s so intimidating i mean you got to talk about it for everyone most controversial part about the car the steering wheel what don’t they call it something stupid they call it a yolk like like an airplane yoke um you know it’s it’s it is

Different i will say the thing i like about it the most is that it feels really stable when you’re all in bud in this thing you know so the visibility in this thing the way it is is is amazing like that’s that’s my favorite part about it well from the most stock car ever to a freaking race car let’s go look at the unicorn we’re opening an ebay store so we had an

Irrelevant intro yeah you heard that right folks we’re opening an ebay store we build a lot of cars we got a lot of stuff so we’re giving you the opportunity to buy it so that we could take that money and buy more stuff just like this set of wheels that came straight off the rolls-royce project these were on tv these were on discovery channel they were everything’s

Set to auction specs so you can bid on them bid against your friends check out the prices so we’re gonna have a variety of stuff everything from parts off the hoonicorn from the show that you’re watching all the way down to some limited edition product that we make that’s not available anywhere else we have a unicorn splitter we have a unicorn clutch we have a

Unicorn rear bumper all bunch of other stuff and maybe we’ll sell some of our own personal stuff from our own projects too hit the link below it’s in the description right there for you or go to ebay.com search for hoonigan check out the store click super hard so for those of you who haven’t seen the unicorn before it’s a 1965 ford mustang notchback it’s got

A twin turbo 432 cubic inch v8 fueled by methanol it’s got a say dev six-speed sequential transmission and it’s all-wheel drive pretty much like nothing you’ve ever seen before and it’s easily one of my favorite cars ever built but this time we’ve added a few updates updated roll cage updated fire suppression system brand new livery on this thing and we added

America racing vf503 forged aluminum wheels that also have special technology that stopped the tire from spinning on the wheel because this thing makes a lot of grip so yeah adam you want to check this thing out yeah i know a lot about it obviously but can you guys divulge any information on times and things like that like what this thing has the potential to run

In a quarter mile or something like that so i know it has never been on the quarter mile ever before okay i have no idea it’s be in high seven low eight second cars on this surface the copy out to that is that a lot of those cars are aligned and aren’t running those times on this surface yeah they’re they’re like seven and eight second cars on a real drag strip

Yep your car has no issue with grip yeah you could do it anywhere i think i’ll do a low nine on this surface right now so it should be should be a good match-up yeah i like that they’re actually complete polar opposites 100 percent yeah that’s polar opposite hits this makes your eyes bleed you can fall asleep in that car yeah my kids here in this and i had to take

The car seats out to lighten it up a little bit you know but yeah well speaking of kids i brought my kid too she’s the one to get the race all right i see you’re all suited up this is my daughter leah unicorn lost a couple pounds yeah i also lightened it up the driver mod you know lightning for some performance all right so generally how we do this first race

1000 feet heads up if it’s not exactly fair then we can negotiate from there but i think we got to give that a shot first i’m good with it alia you know anything about that car nothing are you scared of it no not really so i’ve ridden in the tesla it is fast but i’ve never ridden in the unicorn and visually it isn’t stupid fast and i smoke some fast cars here

So it’s really hard to not uh pull out the mop and mop up some electricities come on it’s gotta win i’m gonna say it’s right here now okay i don’t expect electricity okay no i respect horsepower chop noise v8 turbos unicorn all day my prediction is that lee is going to stop this thing and deny the future she’s the prodigy my prediction myself obviously oh that’s

All i got when we threw turbos on the hunicorn we actually needed a little extra spicy sauce we call it meth but really it’s vp racing fuels m5 now they make a bunch of fluids that we run on this car like a 622 brake fluid stay frosty coolant prograde engine oil whatever you need but the meth that’s the spicy stuff god damn that thing sounds so good never get

Tired of it 10 on the slow mo cam oh yo that tesla gets out that’s a lot faster than i thought it was gonna be so the 500 that’s like a real race you know ken got the slow-mo on it we know the rules it doesn’t matter i wanted to chase after him this thing scoots man i mean it looked like i was only maybe two cars behind her three yeah but to the 500 this

Thing was pretty damn close so what do you think you need i don’t want to ask for a lot i would just say if i get a car or two in the hit i think it’ll be a really good race maybe to the 500. i think to the 500 it’s a good race i don’t know about this aren’t you the negotiator i think it’s a good deal we got we got three shots man you’re a traitor you’re a traitor

You’re a traitor get out i can never trust you again uh we’re gonna move him forward and then you’re only gonna go to the 500 foot the first flag you’re going off him he jumped last time i know he still beat him round two oh buddy oh i got a little more wheel spinning that time he sat on there for a while yeah he held her on that limiter for a bit i

Could feel her the whole time did i leave too early or was that okay no it was okay you burned her down a bit she was on launch control she had her boots built the way she needed to and all that oh sick what happened nothing just stay what it’s just a plane you’re gonna see a plane go over you holy crap okay last race the plaid was a car and a half a head and

Had the hit to 500 feet and it took it it took the unicorn by about a car and a half to the 500 feet so we’re going heads up regular hand drop 500 foot race this is gonna be anyone’s race oh they’re still going that was a good race that was a good role unicorn congratulations let’s see the replay he got her on the hit i feel like she did one gear change and

She popped the head like half the car right at the end and that was it your reaction time yeah i felt like we left almost dead even she’s been doing homework not tree practice so no excuses she’s had to she’s she’s had to keep up on school you know dude that thing is incredibly fast i know you didn’t do anything except pay for it but nice work one hell but one

Hell of a hard job that reaction time was great dude i will say i was actually surprised with this car because i kind of thought i would get her a little bit off the line and then from that like 30 to maybe 60 to 80 range i felt like she reeled me in hard i’m trying to run it back to a thousand right now i think uh we have something here we got two race cars this

Time both of which have conquered pike’s peak in two very different ways this is like a wolf of sheep’s clothing it’s a wolf and wolf’s clothing twin turbo v8 making her 1400 horsepower man that was close though

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Tesla Model S Plaid vs Ken Block's 1400hp AWD Mustang // Hoonicorn vs The World 2 By Hoonigan