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Welcome back to dolby cars you guys you’ve been waiting for this race you’ve seen the review on the model x plaid shout out to our brother john right here for letting us use the car we also have the model s plaid today we’re going to compare both teslas and see what’s going on here you guys have seen from last video this car can do a 9.7 for an suv that is the

Fastest suv in the world and we’ve raced a lot of cars with the model s flat including the bugatti chiron so today we’re gonna see how both cars go head ahead the world of the plaid make sure you guys if you haven’t already turn on those post notifications and subscribe there’s a lot more to come this channel’s starting to get really crazy it’s a lot of fun yeah

So we got the fastest suv right here versus the fastest sedan what’s crazy about it is that they have exactly the same horsepower same batteries but different weight obviously i think it might be close yeah i think it’s going to be pretty close honestly depending on how they launch we’ll see john what do you think this is going to happen no definitely this guy

Will beat me for sure find like two car lines okay by the way this is our first electric versus electric race on our channel first one so um hope you guys enjoy let’s get this race started let’s be safe have some fun john’s gonna be driving the model x plaid shout out to our brother paul for letting us use the model s plan i believe mark’s gonna be racing that

Let’s compare something funny you haven’t seen our other videos with the model s plaid we faced a model s plaid against our supercars as well including the bugatti chiron like tyler said ferrari everything so make sure you guys go check those videos out this is gonna be a crazy race i’m gonna do a practice launch ready how fast did we go 125. like just like that

That’s insane man let’s do it on the way back one more time ready oh my god yo there’s nothing like this bro there’s nothing like this but when the vostok comes out it’s gonna be crazy all right brother how you feeling a little nervous though a little nervous yeah all right so i’m gonna be the guy to wave you guys down both arms are gonna go up you go you start

Your launch and then when i go all the way down that’s when you go all right yep you guys know the deal up down all right let’s do it make sure you guys subscribe to doberry cars tesla model x cloud first tesla model s let’s do it oh that suv is crazy bro i think the model s creeped up on it but the model x plaid launched faster whoa what well you never

Know but tesla’s lying low-key that has 15 000 horsepower yo chill out that was that that was actually crazy right bro like i said like the model x probably does launch better maybe power to weight ratio maybe bro this is a close face we gotta start right there the model x plaid just took off on the s i’m not sure if it got a little bit of a head start but it

Was kind of hard to catch up towards the end of the quarter mile yeah you know that was crazy all right let’s try roll race ready just as predicted obviously the car is lighter why is it still there though like the fcv is why is it still there it’s still really close well it keeps up it keeps it keeps up is that close he beat me for a good amount heard it was

Close unreal yeah it was pretty close you guys gonna do it again oh i’m good you know i lost i’m good good race good race that was crazy are we doing one more i think it’s good i think the model has already tricky right simple as that motto x is crazy we’re still surprised because it keeps up the suv that’s what i was trying to say that the model x is probably

Super fast like we gotta race it against our cars yeah i was telling luke’s maybe power to wait i don’t know i don’t know that was crazy morgan’s and i was still waiting for a roaster you’re still waiting for your cyber truck we’re going to put those cars head to head too these cars are super super fast like i can’t even imagine what the roadster is going to

Be able to do honestly even the cyber truck flag when they come out with one oh my god i’m shocked i was in there and i saw a big car right next to the model s plaid the fastest car in the world pretty much just keeping up so cyrus from our viewpoint it was a little different than yours did the model x take the model s after launch it took off first i’m not sure

If it was just milliseconds that you know you press the gas first or what but it did take off first and the model s had to catch up to it started creeping up so that was just trippy to me like marcus what are your thoughts on it how much battery is charged right now 280. okay so then there’s no excuse and the model x plot is not even fully charged it’s maybe on

70 60 percent yeah imagine with another update added to the model x plaid if something happens 200 horsepower that’s it nothing’s keeping up and he has a baby seat in it too so like imagine you’re raising your ferrari against the model it’s plaid and you roll down the window and you see babies in the back well i’m really surprised when the model x-pla kept up

For a pretty good amount of time yo shout out to tesla shout out to tesla shout out to our drivers everyone who’s in our videos i’m i’m shocked i don’t know but tesla is out here killing it in five to ten years they’re gonna have the fastest car should i tell them the bad news about the x5m competition yeah why not so guys something horrible happened to my bmw

X5m competition someone crashed into me and basically i’m gonna have to swap it out for something else like i said i do have the tri-motor cyber truck coming in so i don’t want anything too crazy but just something to get around you know because right now i got the sto and a small honda grand motorcycle comment down below if you have any suggestions on something

I should get you know i might go american muscle we’ll see comment down below like this video subscribe and turn on those post notifications thank you guys so much be safe you

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Tesla Model S Plaid vs Tesla Model X Plaid | DRAG RACE By Dobre Cars