Tesla Model X Plaid Review *The Worlds FASTEST SUV*


This is the all-new tesla model x plaid a comfortable family suv that seats six people and has more horsepower than a bugatti veyron with a 0-60 time of two and a half seconds this is the fastest suv in the world and unlike a bugatti veyron the doors go up when tesla originally released the model x back in 2015 it took the world by storm an all-electric suv that

Could seat seven people and for whatever reason came with supercar rivaling doors now elon musk claims that it makes it easier to get in and out of in tight spaces but let’s be honest we really like it because it looks unbelievably cool fast forward to 2022 and we have this the new generation of the model x now to the untrained eye it doesn’t actually look a

Whole lot different and truth be told 99 of the model x’s brilliance lies beneath the surface that being said there are some subtle tweaks and updated sleeker from bumper some nice new wheels blacked out trim and a nicer looking rear diffuser all told those little improvements result in the lowest coefficient of drag of any suv ever produced at 0.24 there are

Two variants of the new model x the base model x starts at 99 000 comes with two motors it’s all-wheel drive 0-60 in 3.8 seconds which is crazy fast for an suv it also has 332 miles of range now for the crazy few who deemed it necessary to have 1020 horsepower in their daily driver family suv tesla has graced us with the tri-motor tesla model x plaid with over

A thousand horsepower zero to sixty in two and a half seconds and actually one more mile of range than the base model at 330 miles now interestingly enough the x-plaid starts at 120 grand that’s three grand less than the model s plaid even though you get an extra seat and the falcon doors pretty cool tesla has kept it extraordinarily simple with the x giving

You just four options to choose from when you’re configuring your car that is color wheels interior color and whether you want full self driving or not white is a free color silver blue and black will cost you fifteen hundred dollars extra red for some reason is twenty five hundred dollars it’s a little bit of a fancier paint now you’ve got two different wheel

Options to choose from 20 inch wheels are standard or the upgraded 22s fitted here they’ll cost you 5500 they look a lot better although they do reduce your range by 20 miles despite its massive size the model x plaid can run the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds the exact same time it takes the 2 million mclaren p1 to run the same distance now it goes on to a top

Speed of 163 miles an hour which is plenty trust me having been that fast in an suv before going over 200 you you absolutely do not need that now because the model x is an electric car that means we’ve got space in the front trunk area for extra cargo room all told 91 cubic feet of storage which is more than a bmw x7 it’s practical as well it comes standard with

A tow hook you can tow up to 5 000 pounds you can even fold the rear seats down for extra storage who would have thought we’d live in a world where you can have a practical green suv with 1020 horsepower the model x plan is the king of cool doors on the driver’s side just tap on the door handle and it will automatically open up no need to manually open your door

Like some sort of peasant now if you climb inside a simple tap on the brake will close the door automatically on the passenger side all you have to do is give a light tap to the door lock and the door will automatically close as well clicking on the rear door sends that falcon door upwards into the sky allowing you easy access every single time now don’t worry

These doors are smart enough not to smash themselves into a wall or the roof above you or somebody parked next to you they’ve got sensors everywhere and they won’t do that but once it’s opened up it reveals this gorgeous interior now interestingly enough the model x plaid only comes in a six-seat configuration now that is actually the best configuration because

It comes with these gorgeous captains chairs the model x non-plaid is available as a 5 6 or 7 seater the new model x’s interior has been completely overhauled in the best way possible in fact tesla claims that the only components the new car shares with the old one are the seat rails most notably and causing the most amount of commotion on the internet is the

Design language of the steering wheel it’s called a yoke and honestly i really like it it’s shaped kind of like the bottom of a formula one steering wheel and though it does take a little bit to get used to after a couple weeks of driving you adjust to the yoke and honestly i really like the way it makes the driving experience unique from any other car i mean

Think about it every other car you’re driving has a round steering wheel because of the way this is set up it creates this unique driving experience that is unlike anything else now the first thing you notice honestly when you step in the new model x plaid other than the fact that the build quality is really nice and it looks fantastic in here i’ll get to that

Is the massive massive front windshield that creates a driving experience that is also like no other vehicle being able to see into the sky i mean it’s almost like the entire car is made of glass is really really cool it feels so airy and spacious in here especially out in the malibu canyons it’s a great place to be able to see now don’t worry if it gets too

Sunny we have these incredible sunshades that cover 99 of this windshield in reality they absolutely suck and this little vanity mirror is hilariously small but i guess it’s better than nothing honestly speaking the interior is very very nice it is a radical improvement from the previous generation model x it almost doesn’t feel like it was built by the same

Company now you’ve got three interior color options to choose from there’s all black which in my opinion is a little bit boring but it is a free no cost option then you have the two-tone black and white which this car has my absolute favorite two thousand dollars and you can get a cream interior for two grand there’s also either carbon fiber trim or walnut trim

The carbon looks better the front dash is exactly the same as the model s plaid we’ve got nice wireless charging ports down here as well as some storage spaces in here and i love this massive 17-inch display that works unbelievably well you can play games you can watch netflix you can swipe through tick-tock it’s actually unbelievable and it also has the first

Navigation system that i actually find myself using more often than my phone i can’t say the same about any other navigation you’ll notice the design is very clean and simplistic and i love that they’ve even hidden the air vents that’s right the air actually comes out of these little holes in the dash that you can’t actually see we also don’t have any stock so

How do you put the car in drive or use the turning indicators for the turning indicators you’ve got these touch buttons on the steering wheel itself i actually really like that for the turn indicator same with the brights and the wipers as well now i don’t like it for the position of the horn it’s this tiny little button right here that honestly is kind of the

Car just farted when i clicked the horn that’s another feature it can fart when you click the horn but if you’re in an emergency situation everyone’s used to going like this but there is no horn right here and it’s kind of hard to reach this small little target i wish they’d improved that now to put the car into drive it’s got this very unique technology that

Actually predicts whether you want to go forward or backward that’s called auto shift out of park beta the car senses the surrounding environment you put your foot on the brake and then when you tap the gas hopefully it’s going in the right direction now i’ve turned that off so i can have a little bit more control myself in order to put the car in drive you put

Your foot on the brake and you swipe on this little strip to the side of the screen forward to go forward or back to go into reverse and of course p for park the second row of seats in the model x plaid are incredibly comfortable and you actually have some really cool creature comforts as well i really do love the design language especially this nice chrome trim

That supports the seats they’re comfortable as well i’ve got plenty of leg room as well as tons of headroom i even have my own little mini sunroof above my head which is really really cool we’ve also got usbc charging ports right here as well as some cup holders there’s also a little display back here where i can actually watch netflix while the car is driving

Which i think is really cool and of course control the climate control now let’s move on back to the rear shall we where surprisingly i also fit uh i’ve got plenty of space back here i mean it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but as someone who’s five foot eleven i still have headroom and i could sit next to somebody my size no problem also got cup

Holders back here as well and more usbc charging all right let’s drive this thing shall we behind the wheel now of the new model x plaid and i have to say this massive panoramic windshield is one of the coolest things ever driving out here in malibu i just love the visibility that it gives you and it just feels so unique now i’ll be honest it doesn’t feel like a

Small vehicle in any way shape or form it does feel significantly bigger and more cumbersome than the model s does but that being said it’s not scary in any way to drive compared to something like a bmw x7 it actually feels more nimble than that we’ve got a multitude of driving modes to choose from right now we’re in plaid mode for the acceleration you can choose

Between chill sport and plaid in chill mode it’s very chill it accelerates really slowly and it’s honestly boring sport mode it’s a little bit quicker and plaid mode is the mode you should be in at all times unless maybe you’re loading it to a friend or your grandmother below that is drag strip mode that is going to optimize the temperature of the batteries as

Well as the motors for optimal acceleration and launching we’ll do a launch later see how fast this thing can sprint from zero to 60. now below that we’ve got three levels of adjustability for the steering which i think is really cool in an suv kind of used to that in sports cars not so much in suvs we can go comfort mode standard or sport in comfort mode it’s

Really light and easy sport mode is more direct i like that now we can even configure the suspension as well because this rides on air suspension you can adjust the height anything from very low to low to medium to high to very high which is really cool if you need to get over some object or you want to slam it to the ground so it looks a little bit cooler when

You’re parked in a parking lot we also can choose between comfort auto sport and advanced in terms of the suspension i have it in automatic mode right now obviously being a tesla this has autopilot and for twelve thousand dollars you can get full self driving which once you prove that you can get better than a 98 out of 100 safety score the car can basically drive

Itself fully around town i’ve experimented with full self-driving beta it’s a little bit scary but it can pretty much get you from point a to point b which is absolutely nuts now if you don’t get full self-driving the autopilot system on the highway works incredibly well and it is such a nice thing for daily commutes where you just click the autopilot button

And you just kind of chill out in your luxury car it really is unbelievable and the fact that it works in canyon roads is absolutely hilarious to me these seats are very comfortable and supportive the car rides very very well it’s definitely more isolated in here than the previous generation model x in terms of road noise and wind noise tire noise but it is

A little bit louder in the cabin than something like a bmw x7 now even though this is not a sports car by any means i’m very curious to see how this handles in the canyon so we’re gonna go ahead and put the suspension into sport mode we’re gonna put this pedals and steering into plaid mode steering and sport mode and off we go the acceleration in this thing is

Nuts wow honestly pretty impressive grip for such a heavy car limited body roll too wow i’m impressed with the way this handles now obviously it’s not going to corner quite as well as a uh cayenne turbo gt or lamborghini uras although it will smoke those in a straight line which is hilarious this car isn’t meant to be the ultimate river green killing suv it’s

Meant to be a comfortable luxurious six-seater it’s got three rows of seats the urus and the cayenne turbo gt do not have that uh and yet it can do zero to sixty in two and a half seconds and honestly this is way better in the canyons than i was expecting the level of grip even though we don’t have the ps4s tires on this it’s a bigger vehicle it does well it

Slows down decently well as well good job this thing is ridiculous i mean what a world we live in where i could bring five of my friends and we could run the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds what uh and you know you could take this on a long road trip 333 miles of range is plenty uh especially if you live in the united states particularly california the charging

Infrastructure there’s superchargers everywhere and i believe they claim you can get 175 miles of range in just 15 minutes of charging if you’re at the 250 kilowatt station which really is pretty awesome we definitely have to do a launch before we end this video i’ve put the car into drag strip mode right now it’s going to prep the vehicle for the next several

Minutes and then we’ll be able to do a standing launch now if you don’t put it into drag strip mode you can still just slap the accelerator pedal from a standstill and pull off a very impressive 0 to 60 time probably 2.7 seconds something like that if you do put it into drag strap mode it’s going to prepare the car for a couple minutes to make sure everything’s

At the optimal temperature and then you can floor the brake and the gas at the same time if you do that outside of drag strip mode it gives you a warning on the screen telling you you’ve pressed both pedals i love how i said the brake and the gas when this isn’t a gas powered car i’m just so used to saying that once you’re in drag strip mode you can floor both

Pedals at the same time release the brake you have this insane flat graphic on the screen which i will show you and then it basically rips your face off as everyone in the passenger seats are screaming and i love it i love every second of it is this the best daily driver for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars if you need three rows of seating a hundred percent

Without a doubt in my mind i think this is the best three row car that has ever been built plain and simple now make sure to smash that subscribe button and turn the notification bell on because the next video on this car is a full point of view drive where i’m actually going to be taking a vbox data logger and doing the world’s first instrument test of 0 to 60

On a model x plaid all right drag strip ready for the break floor the gas and guys this thing is ridiculous i hope you enjoyed today’s video like always please browse the channel and subscribe seriously the model x plaid is insane all right i look forward to seeing you next video

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