Tesla Model X Plaid vs Model S Plaid Drag Race and more

It has been a while since posting, but I’m happy to come back with this sweet video of the Model X Plaid and all its glorious features. FSD gets enabled and tested… and since we no longer have a safety score to worry about to get into the beta program, it is time to take her to the race track and run into the slimmer brother, the Model S Plaid.

Hi guys and welcome to complete street unplugged today is a special day because i got full self drive on the model x plaid this isn’t so important because of full self drive but what it lets me do and that’s the fun part because before i was on a safety score i no longer have a safety score to get full self drive because i have full self-drive i have full self-drive

Okay enough of that anyway so what we’re doing today is we’re finally unleashing this thing before if i hit the brakes too hard it would hit it would kill my safety score and i couldn’t do the fun things that i want to do so now we’re going to put it through its paces we’re going to take some twisties see how it does in the twisties we’re going to go to cecil

County maryland and race this thing see what it does in the quarter mile and uh see what other shenanigans we get into and see if we can break into nines with a family suv okay guys let’s get our helmet because i need a brand new helmet to do this because my old one expired i actually bought this while ago and haven’t used it all at all this whole season i haven’t

Been to the track except for one time uh where i rented a helmet because i forgot i needed a new one but check this out i am so excited because i finally got some cool stuff going on look at that bad boy you got america here let’s see if this thing even fits that would suck that would be a downer if it didn’t fit oh my gosh how does this work oh my gosh well

I’m gonna have to figure out how this helmet works but it looks like uh it does work there it goes i don’t know am i just i might just be i don’t know you never know guys but we got our new helmet here that i did pay full price for because i got it from like summit racing okay so we’re going to be donning this thing because we are required to wear a helmet when

We go race the plaid x and then we also need a fire jacket because we’re gonna run pretty darn fast and they get very angry without that so with that we can now head down to the track and uh embarrass a lot of people in a family suv so what you guys need to know about the model x-plat is it is an suv with six seats and 1 000 horsepower yes that’s right one over

A thousand horsepower 1020 and they dine out even higher than that this thing has lots of room it’s got a front it’s got a trunk and it’s got all the power to bunk bunk they’re not i don’t know of course it has this shenanigan the yoke it is the bane of many people’s existence not because the yoke is hard to drive with but because the turn signals are right here

And the horn is not there it should be right there but instead it’s this little thing right there it’s stupid and you tend to miss it when you need it otherwise it is very very comfortable to drive now let’s see how it drives with full self-drive today we are going to cecil county dragway which is 56 miles away we’ll get there at 70 percent but we don’t want to get

There at 70 percent we want to get there a little bit topped off so we’re going to add a waypoint on here where we go to the supercharger first get all topped up and uh get going back to cecil and i’m gonna let the car drive not in the parking lot because that’s a disaster when this drives in the parking lot you’re you’re just in trouble like watch this like it

Just doesn’t care okay go um oh boy oh boy gang oh boy oh boy oh boy it doesn’t know what to do holy okay this is worse than my wife wait it’s kind of figuring it out wait a second oh my gosh it’s kind of figuring it out this is this is getting wild guys it’s creeping forward it says we’re gonna go that way lord help us um checking for visibility traffic is

Horrible here wait are we doing it are we doing it we could do it we could make it it made it out that’s actually really tough to get out of that was scary i don’t know that we should do that again but i’m kind of impressed that we made it that far i don’t know if we’ll make it any further than this but we’re gonna if if full self drive can’t take us further and

Your self-drive is gonna do that now is a good of a time as any to go into drag strip mode thank you hopefully this car doesn’t pull out in front of me you guys ready man on the street it’s pretty freaking fast i can’t wait to see what it does at the drag strip so someone said to me just recently that these are soulless creatures well i feel like it’s only

Soulless if you put the steering on comfort that’s right you can change the steering on this thing so if you go here there’s a steering mode comfort standard and sport you put it on sport you got the soul so remember that sports and soul go together okay here is a very holy fudge challenging intersection and it kind of did it seamlessly that’s pretty cool and

It’s picking up the pace uh for those of you wondering we are on software version 12.2 well 10.12.2 and it actually drives really nice i feel like anytime that you update these it tends to go into like a trim mode at first where it just sucks and then it like trims itself a little bit and does a good job uh the last one had some major bugs in it though where i

Was i was uh not impressed and was i actually stopped driving the car uh that’s on my other plaid at the plaid s where like it i got full self drive a long time ago i was on 10.3 and now we’re on 12.2 so like we we went through a couple iterations there and at some point i just stopped driving it because i was like this sucks and now i can drive either one thank

God like because i got a fourth kid coming a long way and those seats back there well they’re gonna be put to use but very nice driving like there’s cars stopping up ahead i don’t know if you guys can see it i hope the car can see it looks like i feel like we’re slowing down we slowed down a little bit and look at that seamless we got a turn coming up a little

Bit of a twisty i have to hit the steering wheel sec because it’s gonna it’s gonna make it we took it at a good pace but it’s making the turn oh there’s a bridge this bridge is wild let’s see how it does against this bridge uh hopefully not against against i am ready to take over holy fudge i didn’t have to disengage it but i did anyway but that was that bridge

Is close even if you’re driving manually wow okay that worried me a little bit but not gonna lie but i think it would have done it just fine it took it at a higher rate of speed than i would have taken it as a as a driver that’s all okay i feel like this one’s going to be challenging for full self drive we’re going to be turning left cross traffic and okay it

Wasn’t really challenging but then there’s a quick turn are we gonna make the turn on and the lines disappear okay okay i got it i got it boys everything’s fine everything’s fine nothing to see here holy let’s go find some twisties and uh see how she does suspension low sport and uh yeah i think that’s it and now i’m on it and it is getting bumpy oh okay

Wow it’s still an suv it is not like uh driving the plaid ass the plaid ass is a bit more connected to the road for sure this one still this one has a boat feeling but it seems to still be gripping has good rebound uh good feedback um but yeah it’s just not it’s not the same it’s bumpy now holy i haven’t really pressed this thing this is like the first for me to

Like start hitting it okay we’re gonna go into advanced mode all the way firm all the way low okay let’s see how it kind of goes around the turn i know this turn nice very nice feels connected not again again not as good as the model s the model s is quite a bit lower so that’s no surprise this is you know a model s with a giant bubble on top and 700 extra pounds

But not bad it’s uh it’s pulling through the turns very nicely i still feel connected i don’t feel any loss of grip or anything like that oh okay i press it there did you hear the tires yeah me too i started questioning my life choices at that point but here we are so for everything that the tesla does wrong it probably does 50 000 things right and this is

Probably going to be one of them seamless so before we get to the track we had to stop and charge all the way up because we want as much juice in it as possible uh that way we get as much voltage to the motors all three of the motors and get this bad boy down the track as fast as possible again hoping for a 9-7 we’ll see what she does we’re at 96 percent we’re

Gonna get this party started all right gang we’re checked in we’re number 211. right vlad is plaid is ready to rock i’m excited i gotta get my uh i gotta get my suction mount so you guys can join me for the ride getting ready to run oh my gosh it’s gonna be plant versus plaid yeah okay we have to do this foreign we’re sitting here ready to rock oh he

Beat me he beat me right at the end wow what a good race though 973 at 145. basically what we were expecting i want to know what he ran he’s like doing no time i am pretty stoked because the first run was a 9-7 973 at 145.78 miles per hour that’s uh that’s pretty darn awesome i wasn’t fully in drag strip mode or fully warmed up i don’t know that it’s gonna make

Any difference but we’re gonna give it a shot we’re almost there at peak performance and uh this time i’m going to take the suspension and lower it all the way down just maybe for some extra mile per hour or something like that don’t know don’t care just gonna try to do my best and uh really it doesn’t really take much talent to race a tesla so okay i thought it

Was going to be just me but it looks like it’s me and this other dude i’m ready to launch i’m in launch control see ya he’s doing great way back there dang dang it felt awesome pretty wild for an suv thank you very much you’re welcome nope we did uh 9-7 again at 145.97 i’m pretty sure we’re gonna do the same thing forever uh it’s 60 foot so one six three

Sixty foot which isn’t as good as the model ash plaid but it’s not bad i mean that’s what it does in the street too so that’s pretty darn slick so two nine sevens in a row this is gonna be a tough car to beat i’m gonna see well i am in comfort but road is bumpy so we’re gonna raise it back up maybe we’ll try again and then maybe we’ll drop down the suspension in

The middle of the run and see how that goes that’d be cool maybe okay we’re gonna have a little fun race against this thing let’s get them all right i like that winning america so that last run guys we ran a 977 so we’re still in the nines haven’t gotten out of the nines yet we’re down into the the mid to low 80s in the state of charge but this is pretty

Awesome the suv is to be reckoned with it did i think it even track faster i think it was like 148. did i do 148 what was that last one 100 almost 148 i did 147.97 we’re gonna round up and call that 148 which is actually the fastest mile per hour that i had in this beast and that’s pretty wicked for a damn suv it’s not as fast as this thing over here but that’s

Okay don’t say anything last time i ran this thing i ran it with like the suspension in low not very low seemed to do a little bit better so this time i’m going to start it in high okay it’s like i don’t know but like it is it is raised up a couple of inches here like where it normally isn’t raised up that much and so what will happen is about 15 miles per hour

It’ll drop down 35 will drop down again 55 will drop down again and uh then it’ll just stay that way and uh low so it goes very high high normal or medium low very low and we’re gonna drop down all the way through these things and see what happens i’m kind of excited activate a drag strip mode uh suspension is still very high so that’s cool i thought the baby would

Lower down i’m kind of excited to see what happens when uh when i enable this when i go into actual launch mode okay that’s good it’s kind of driving all over the place i don’t know what the hell is wrong with them i got i got a video of me and i had to just double check i’m like i didn’t that one dude doesn’t like me wish the up there you know who i’m

Talking about like i specify i know i know have a good one so i did a nine nine in high so i think that we’re gonna call that one a bust and go back to running and uh low i think that’s gonna be it we randall 99 that last time which was like i i don’t know it was kind of sketchy starting in like high mode because uh it was all over the place i gotta admit it’s

Definitely better in the low end by nine still not bad like like that’s probably worst case scenario and that was at like 70 some percent charge uh but it was in high so it didn’t launch very well i’m pretty happy with it i’m very happy with this purchase it’s still fast not as fast as a plaid s but we’ll get back to the track with the flat ass soon enough adios

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Tesla Model X Plaid vs Model S Plaid Drag Race and more! By Complete Street UNPLUGGED