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Imagine you have around £100,000 to spend on an SUV and six friends to carry. The thing is, you’re always in a massive hurry, so you absolutely must own the quickest car for the job. To answer this most first-world of problems, I pitch the diesel-powered Audi SQ7 – complete with magnificent 4.0-litre V8 – against the Tesla Model X 100D to find out which is fastest.

I’m gonna tesla model x 100d that is an audi s q7 and i want to know which gives you the best performance for your money for your seven seater suv is the electric power or is it diesel power now both these cars are fairly matched in terms of their price including options and they have similar power outputs so gonna put them through a series of performance tests i’m

Gonna do a rolling race i’m going to do a brake test i’m gonna do an acceleration for rata t-test more about that later but first i’m gonna start off with a classic standing quarter-mile drag race so let’s get it on all the way first it’s quite close though i’m starting to pull away from it come on come on tesla that’s a win oh that’s a win claire win the tesla

Model x did the quarter-mile in thirteen point four seconds and cross the finish line to 102 miles an hour the audi took thirteen point five seconds but interestingly was doing 106 miles an hour and it crossed the line and now for some more geeky stats the tesla model x 100d costs from just over 90,000 pounds this one with options is actually one hundred and four

Thousand pounds now from its dual motors it produces four hundred and sixteen horsepower it has six hundred and sixty newton meters of torque and tesla so they can do nought to 60 in 4.8 seconds but can it really well i got this specialist timing gear and i’m gonna find out so let’s go it was pretty quick and that sixth day got a reading gonna keep on going to a

Hundred because why not and that is a hundred okay let’s see what i did it felt pretty quick actually so which tears the right nor to sixty four point nine seconds and not to a hundred eleven point six seconds so that’s what electric power does how about diesel power so this idsq seven it starts from seventy-one thousand pounds this one with options is actually

Around ninety five thousand pounds it’s got a four liter twin-turbo v8 with an electric compressor it pumps out 435 horsepower it’s got nine hundred newton meters of torque and according to our deal do naught to 60 in just 4.7 so let’s find out what it really does all i have to do is mash the throttle go let’s go in just going strong doesn’t feel quite as intense

As the tesla that’s 160 miles an hour there now we’re doing the hundred ryan let’s see what we’ve got let’s see what we’ve got oh is brake hard oh my god that’s gonna make me feel a bit sick days yeah right okay so naught sixty five point one seconds nor to a hundred twelve point one seconds thing is not many people launch their cars so time for a test which is

More realistic so now we’re gonna have a rolling race from fifty miles an hour and i’m gonna count down from three and then we’re both going to floor the throttle and see what happens so let’s just get up to 50 miles an hour get nice and level that’s 50 three two one go oh my gosh for dead that’s because the tesla has just one forward gear so it’s always ready to

Go while the electric motor delivers maximum pulling power immediately the audi may have a special electronic compressor to reduce turbo lag but it’s automatic how to kick down and by the time it had grabbed a lower gear the race was already over that’s why the next test look solely at acceleration ferocity now one of the good things about these 7 seater suvs is

That it got so much performance that if you’ve got some naughty children in the back you can give them a bit of a shock just by putting your foot down and so now i’m going to test this cars acceleration ferocity with the help of our camera system luis now he’s in the back how do you feel about there luis yeah not bad quite nice ok so he’s actually sat there with

A cup of water that is precariously full i’m gonna do 30 miles an hour i’m gonna see what happens when i put my foot down so you ready luis yeah there it goes two gay little bit where does it look like you’ve had a bit of an accident now i’m gonna do the same test of the iot but this time keep it in second gear right so i’ve let luis dry stop is in the back of

The q7 so what’s he like back there failed a tesla okay so cruise in 30 miles an hour you’ve got your cup of water yeah right no we just cruise along just mind your own business for now and then i’m just going to suddenly take off what’s happened you got a lil bit wet wasn’t that bad actually really yeah ah finally we come to the braking test the tesla weighs two

Thousand four hundred and fifty kilograms while the iod 2330 kilograms plus it benefits from eight thousand pounds worth of carbon ceramic brakes now i’m going to do is go to 70 miles an hour we’re both gonna be cruising along and when we reach that code up there we’re going to do a full emergency break and see which car stops in the shortest distance so pressuring

The cones now no way i wasn’t expecting that at all look at what’s that three meters to raise three layers well the tesla broke in the shortest distance and with that the tesla claims another win and a clean sweep in every test it really is an impressive machine if you enjoyed this video please like it share it and subscribe to our channel and click on the video

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