Tesla Model Y 2022 – in-depth review

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Foreign this model y hatch is the brand’s offering for the mid-sized crossover segment a car that aims to redefine what a premium electric vehicle of this saw can deliver it shares its powertrain and much of its design with this model 3 saloon showroom stablemate which means it comes with all the values you’d associate with this innovative american brand

Long battery range easy charging and an avant-garde cabin it’s also very fast in this dual motor all-wheel drive form european rivals shade this test of equality and have more accessible interior design but in this segment there’s still nothing quite like this car currently it’s the fashion amongst evs these days for a little combustion-like linearity in the

Way they accelerate but tesla doesn’t follow fashion and this model y simply pearls itself away from rest even in this conventional long-range form that’s because your right foot is commanding 434 breaked horses and if that’s somehow not enough the alternative performance model raises that figure to 483 bhp either way electric motors propel you from both front

And rear axles creating the car’s dual motor all-wheel drive system producing 575 newton meters of torque and dispatching the 62 mile an hour sprint in just 4.8 seconds or three and a half seconds in the performance version tesla’s also disdained the current fashion for limiting top speed on evs this one will cruise on the auto barn at up to 135 miles an hour or

155 miles an hour in the performance version the model y doesn’t have a sport drive mode and it clearly doesn’t need one the ordinary standard setting quite enough to bring up your breakfast and attract the constabulary’s attention if you engage too frequently in repeated right foot flexes better if you can to chill quite literally because that’s the name of the

Second more laid back setting that’ll better preserve that all-important drive range figure it’s officially quoted at 331 miles for this long range version or 319 miles for the model y performance variant figures that outstrip much lower powered segment competitors and easily surpass the range capacity of rivals with similarly gutsy drivetrains you can subtract a

Bit from that for the needs of real world driving of course also bear in mind though that these figures are for the pre-update 2170 series battery powertrain we’re trying here shortly to be replaced by a more advanced 4680 series battery pack version not available to us at the time of this test but said to facilitate a 16 improvement in range if ultimate driving

Range isn’t essential for you then you may also want to consider the entry-level rear driven model y variant which offers up to 283 miles of range that’s all good but big range figures inevitably need a big dense heavy battery this one’s estimated to be 75 kilowatt hours in size a figure tesla won’t confirm but in any case the kind of bulky power pack you might

Think would be about as conducive to dynamic engagement as hanging a huge anchor out the back surprisingly though this one turns out to be one of the most engaging evs we’ve driven primarily because of its accurate steering and the prodigious grip of the dual motor all-wheel drive system the firm damping helps here too that you pay for that with a standard of

Unsettled low speed ride that wouldn’t have been signed off by most premium rivals highway refinements a little disappointing for an electric vehicle too and you might be surprised to find that the model y lacks most of the usual ev tools for controlling brake regeneration still courtesy of the standard autopilot system and its eight cameras 12 ultrasonic sensors

And forward-facing radar there are some uber clever auto driving functions and tesla still enjoys a big advantage when it comes to charging thanks to its vast network of supercharging stations which work at 250 kilowatts and allow you to replenish up to 80 percent of battery capacity in as little as 36 minutes when charging from home the 7.4 kilowatt wall box

Most owners are likely to have needs 11 hours and 45 minutes for a complete charge as usual with an ev the low bik tax rating of 2 means big savings too well you know it was a tesla wouldn’t you you’ll either think it’s cool and minimalistic or rather anodyne and featureless there’ll be no in-betweens as for this model why well it’s hard to avoid the initial

Conclusion that it’s merely a five-door version of its model 3 saloon stablemate elon musk is publicly proud of the fact that the two cars share 75 percent of the same components though actually most of these must be to do with the powertrain because the dimensions between the two cars are somewhat different predictably for a car that wants to have something of

A crossover vibe the main difference is height this y is a considerable 181 millimeters taller than a three and only 27 millimeters of that is from increased ride height up to 167 millimeters the two cars are much closer on length a little surprisingly given that this model y needs to be large enough to accommodate a third seating row in some markets it’s 50

Millimeters longer than a model 3 which makes it about the same length as something like a bmw ix3 this tesla’s fish-like silhouette might not be particularly striking but there’s the draw of a standard panoramic roof and thanks to neat details like the flush drawer handles the shape is notably aerodynamic at 0.23 cd at the front end differences between this

Car and its sedan counterpart are very difficult indeed to spot though actually this y is 70 millimeters wider unlike most rivals there’s no pretense at any sort of front grille all the cooling air that’s needed is inhaled by this broad intake below the number plate flanked by slim fog lights obviously things are different at the back compared to a model 3 this

Being a hatch like virtually all its mid-sized ev segment rivals as with the model s and the model 3 tesla’s mounted the charging flap neatly in the offside rear light cluster and made the socket inside ccs compatible so that a wider number of public charging stations can be used okay time to take a look inside now a neat touch is that as long as you’re logged into

The car with tesla’s smartphone app it’ll unlock itself and turn itself on when it detects your phone or you can unlock the car more manually by holding this provided rfid smart card up to the b pillar though it’s a bit fiddly to find the right spot either way the door opens with a press on the larger part of this black release handle foreign you find yourself

Seated in a cabin identical to that of tesla’s model 3 which means it’s more minimalist than a scandinavian loft well in terms of button clutter anyway there’s nothing minimalist about this enormous 15-inch central touchscreen onto which virtually all the comfort infotainment and driving features you’ll need have been located including those you’d normally find

In a conventional instrument cluster here missing two beyond this operating control provision has been kept to the absolute minimum don’t bother looking for a gear stick a starter button a handbrake switch or physical ventilation controls even the vents themselves are pretty hidden tesla also thought about getting rid of steering wheel stalks as it has done

On the latest model s but they’re reluctantly retained here the left one for indicators and the right for gear selection otherwise you’re limited to a cup couple of unmarked scroll wheels on the steering wheel spokes beyond this operating control provision has been kept to the absolute minimum which is all well and good but a potential premium segment european

Buyer of this car is ideally going to want such minimality to be accompanied by the kind of cabin quality and richness of interior design that the posh german brands offer you don’t really get that here but compensatory technology is absolutely dripping from every menu and pinch and swipe action accessible through this enormously capable central screen there’s a

Superb google earth navigation system all the usual infotainment stuff and even arcade games the driving positions sits you a little higher than the segment norm and the lack of central transmission tunnel frees up loads of space for useful extra stowage compartments right time to take a look in the back get inside and the first thing you might notice here is the

Completely flat floor the usual transmission tunnels not needed of course because there’s no mechanical transmission even better there’s much more room than is usually provided for a center-seated passenger to slide their shoes forward beneath this jutting console with its twin vents true you’ll rarely need this central pew to be occupied but the space provided

For it adds to the airy feel already created by the rear quarter lights and primarily by this huge standard panoramic glass roof for the two outer passengers things are a little more comfortable than they would be in the brand’s alternative model 3 saloon because the bench is mounted slightly higher so your knees don’t end up being quite so much arched towards

Your chin even so a couple of six footers should still find that headroom is ample finally let’s take a look at the boot on the way to which we’ll mention that the optional third seating row you can have on this car in the us isn’t yet being offered here anyway on to luggage space there’s 854 liters of capacity on offer here which only sounds like a lot because

Tesla measures up to roof height rather than up to window level like everyone else unfortunately no parcel shelf is provided so everything’s in plain sight anyway it’s a good square usable space which is usefully improved by this versatile floor with its twin luggage boards should you need more room flattening the bench back rest is aided by little power buttons

On the left four seat retraction you don’t get a completely flat load area as a result but the 2100 liter capacity freed up as a result should be ample for most owners we’ll finish with a look at the front or the fruit or whatever you want to call it up front in the nose it can’t quite swallow suitcases like the one in the model s but it’s 117 liter capacity is

Probably good for a couple of small squashy bags of course this model y the most important tesla yet has a much tougher job on its hands than the mark’s earlier models had especially now that well-funded far east makers are becoming well established in the ev market but the american brand has the advantage of a head start and a pioneering mindset both of which it

Will need in the years ahead there’s still plenty for the company to work on though european rivals are catching this american brand quickly in terms of electrified power train technology and they often shade tesla in terms of cabin quality but they still can’t beat this brand’s battery range nor can they yet match tesla’s public charging infrastructure there’s

Nothing from any other maker like tesla’s network of supercharging stations those attributes will understandably sway many customers towards this car potential customers will also like the fact that the model y is arguably the most avant-garde medium-sized crossover in its segment and potentially in top performance form the very fastest two if these sound like

Winning attributes in a car of this kind you’ll know where to start your search

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Tesla Model Y 2022 – in-depth review By Silverstone Leasing