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Tesla Model Y / 3 NEW Display Instrumental Cluster | BEST One Yet Does not Block Airflow

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Hey everyone how’s it going so this is the tesla model 3 and i am here with the brand new display from hand show so we’re doing a follow video on a display that used to be placed here the larger display and now it’s a meaning display that won’t block any airflow so if you’re familiar with the head up display or most people will correct me by saying it’s an instrument

Cluster which is true it’s not a head up this way ahead of display is something that reflects off your windshield so this is from hand show and henshaw recently released this and right now is going for a great deal just slightly over 200 without the promo code if you use the promo code in the description of this video or in the comments it will be under 200 so

Great deal and this display for those that need some instrument cluster right here because you’re tired of not knowing how fast you’re going or if you have a older generation that loves to have something in front of them this is the solution this is really the solution nothing fancy about this it has all the gauges the information tire pressure as well as drive

Mode how fast you’re going within this display itself so it comes with a pry tool and really this is all you need you just pry open this cover and then you replace it with this that is an actual integrated display run the wires across for your intel plug it into your computer there if you have the amd you would plug it in that computer as well as the canvas behind

Your armrest here very easy install anyone can actually do this yourself there’s no there’s no rewiring or any modification to your vehicle it’s really plug and play let me go ahead and show you how the display looks like first and you get directional airflow unlike the previous display although the previous display is good as well because you have apple carplay

And android auto but this display i say is much better than any display out there today that’s available it’s perfectly aligned with your actual steering wheel so it moves up and down back and forth with your steering wheel so you don’t have to worry about centering it and in this video we’ll show you how to quickly install this it should take less than 30 minutes

I would say all right so let’s go ahead and what you want to do first is extend your steering wheel all the way out so you go to controls and then you look for your steering wheel and then use your scroll wheel lower it all the way down and all the way towards yourself next you want to put your screen display off and power off next what you want to do is the

Easiest way is really just to pry this open so if you want to take this dash off first you can you just have to pop up the cover from both sides just place it on top dash there and same thing on the other side same thing get the pry tool put it underneath the dash here foreign i like to take this outside of the vehicle and place it somewhere safe all right so

Now you have two pins here okay so you say torque t20 in some vehicle it will be just clips the newer vehicle would just be clips so this is a 2018 with the intel processor so there’s two clips one on each side towards the front and one right before your column here so you want to get the back one first simultaneously pull it up while you put your pry tool in

There requires a little force worry about it breaking it shouldn’t break and then you just want to transfer this plastic by unclipping all four of these and this will sit just like that okay make sure you run the wire before you clamp it down you can either use your finger or like a like a clamp tool or plier you just clamp it together and then push out okay so

I got it off now this is the oem put this in a safe location in case you want to swap it back in the future for whatever reason when you sell your vehicle and you want to resell this or transfer it to your new tesla it should still work you just need the different wiring harness for the amd version so i’m just gonna clip this back on to the hand show display the

Mini display and this is the intel cable as you can see there so the green wire is for future upgrade possibly the camera i’m not sure but that’s a future proof wire to power up in the device so we’ll have to see what they offer in the future so this will plug into this so you want to do that first and then straighten out this wire i like to run it along the dash

Here i know some video will show you to run it along the bottom center console that just seems like too much work this is the easiest way for me and we will just do it this way and i’ve done this before so there was no issue in the past of course do what you’re comfortable with so now i have the wire out here so once i feel comfortable the wires just straightened

Out i’m just going to clamp this housing down so this may feel violent but this is how you clamp it down because you didn’t take off the steering wheel just go ahead line up the clip and then use your fist ham it down gently and that’s it and this wire just give it a little slack and then go ahead and put the t20 torx screw back and if you probably wonder where

I got the column carbon fiber cover in red also from hand shell also this key ring is from hand show and then the dash carbon fiber earlier that you saw that we took off also from hand soap so if you’re interested in any of the hands for product we have a huge discount coupon code that you can use up to up to 18 right now so check that code out one of the highest

Discount code currently available and it works for everything on the hand show website so if you happen to not need this display but you need something else feel free to use that code okay so now the last piece is just plugging this in to the tesla computer and that is it okay so from this side very simple you take out four of the clips drop this panel down

So this one two three four four clips that you use the pry tool that came with the kit you just take those off once this drop down unplug this and this wire is from the actual display itself so you want to tuck this in in order to tuck this through this side you take out this pin here or you can start from the other side because this is too bulky so you will

Have to take this pin off pull this out a little bit and then you’ll be able to tuck in and then the pewter that you plug in it’s just underneath there all right so got the wires connected that took about 10-15 minutes now the wire is just laying flat here i’m just going to put the dash back on foreign just in reverse order and that’s it so let’s take a close

Look at the display very nice so we’re gonna test out the airflow so i have that center yes we’re getting full airflow towards my face finally a display that works and functional as well as keeping your airflow flowing through the vents without blockage as you can see this is where my head rests i can clearly see the display and you can clearly see the vent is

Clear from the top of this display and of course the taller you are this will be no impact you have to be maybe under five feet with low torso maybe it will block something but then your steering wheel is already blocking you but this is the perfect display out there again from hensho check it out link in description also huge discount code right now and they’re

Selling like hot cakes so make sure you get your hands on them fairly affordable with the coat it can go under around two hundred dollars so i think it’s a great deal bang for the buck thanks for watching catch you on next time you hold the scroll wheel all the way to the right you can control the actual units that you can change it celsius to fahrenheit time

Zone theme we have it dark all the time i leave an auto pressure psi bar mileage change that to miles per hour english ui setting and go back all right so one good thing about this display you have your tire pressure which tesla took away and put that in like three sub menu so i’m glad to see that this display has the ability to show you that once you drive

Off a few miles so you have your battery percentage drive mode speed limit well that will just want to see the next beat sign temperature seat belt light fog light how fast you’re going miles per hour distance for your autopilot your range in miles so it has both percentage and miles remaining tire pressure and current time excellent device with all the essential

Information you need for your instrument cluster thank you foreign foreign foreign

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Tesla Model Y / 3 NEW Display Instrumental Cluster | BEST One Yet! Does not Block Airflow! By The Megawatts