Tesla Model Y NEW Mini Display | Does NOT Block Airflow

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Hey everyone how’s it going so in this video i will show you this ultra mini display from hand show so this is the new display that they just released and the most critical part of this design is to eliminate the blockage of any airflow so many of the display that have been released in the past have blocked airflow and it was an issue for people living in warmer

Climate area where they were not getting the airflow that they they need and it gets pretty warm in tessa vehicle so this is for a tesla model 3 and why and one good thing about this display is that for those that have intel processor very easy to install even for the amd is very easy as well you just have to wire the connection through the dash instead of through

The center console so they’re both pretty easy you don’t need to go through the autopilot computer or reach in there there’s no type space that you need to get through and this is how it looks like so it sits on top of your steering wheel column right behind your steering wheel is really just plug and play so what you do is you replace the top cover of your tesla

Model wire 3 this cover here so you will extend this wheel all the way out so you go to your display go control you go steering wheel and you move it all the way out all the way down and you use a pry tool you dig it in there’s two clips one before the column you shove it in there and then one back here and then it pops open you put this new hand show display

On it looks very modern it looks like it came with the vehicle and it sit flush like that and the only difficult part is just trying to hire this wire you run it across the dash and this dash is easy to take off run it across down and then plug it into the actual blue plug itself and that is all so there’s no screws there’s no there’s no different bolts that you

Have to tighten up it’s it’s just a pry tool and plug and play so it’s pretty easy to open this up because it’s just the same process that you would do for your cabin filter um the two cover that you’ll be removing is this one this is a gen 2 so you actually don’t have to remove this piece but if you have the gen 1 dash there’s a piece here that you knock out then

You remove this cover and then this cover here run the wire from the autopilot computer along the dash there connect to the actual steering wheel itself and you’re good to go what i’ve seen the hardest part is trying to plug this in so this is what you do when you change your cabin filter okay so the first step we did was remove the cover underneath the passenger

Seat so this is what you do when you change your cabin filter is really just how in by clips that you use their flathead screwdriver to open up and it just slides right out and you want to unplug your light as well as your speaker so then you will have access computer controller then you want to pry this cover out using the large pry tool foreign and it comes

Out like that next step you want to take this cover off that just came up without a pry tool so now you can actually run the wire along here along your dash all right using the same pry tool you want to pop this open just like that same process and then now you just lift the dash up like so on both sides so next step we just open up these two clips here this is

For the letter the housing but before we did that we actually lowered the steering wheel all the way down the provided screwdriver flathead screwdriver just put it inside bend it over and then it pops right out okay don’t lose these so put in the cup holder and then also you want to move your steering wheel all the way forward towards you so all the way towards

You and you just want to reach in like so and there should be four clips so just pry open slowly and it should come up so i found it really helpful you use a smaller pry tool and poking the prong this four clips so one before the column the drive column and then one after it midway in between same thing on the left hand side and that seemed to work and then

Lifting from the back up first and then pulling forward and the whole piece came out fairly smoothly just do it very slowly and nothing will break so you do have to transfer this leather piece onto the new let’s go ahead and do that and all you need to do is just the two side here just pull it out worth and it should come right off and it came right off okay

Same thing on the other side and then just squeeze these four tabs together okay so this leather cover piece just came right off the trick is open the side up first and then just squeeze all the tabs and this will just pop right off okay so you want to save this cover transfer all right so the computer the computer plug is right here is the gray one above this

Beige one so that’s where we want to pull it out and then plug in the wire and for hencho they actually didn’t take off the leather piece they actually just took it off right there and then so you can try it that way as well and it’s much easier than render wire connect it close down the cap and this is how it looks like so it shows you the odometer the speed limit

As well as your drive mode battery percentage time light signal everything you can think of outside of the previous display the only exception is that it does not have apple carplay or android auto but that could come in the near future with firmware update i’m not sure so the best part is it does not block in the airflow and it moves with your steering wheel check

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Tesla Model Y NEW Mini Display | Does NOT Block Airflow! By The Megawatts