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Tesla Road Trip in the New Model X Long Range

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We travel with our new 2022 Model X

Today i will be taking my 2022 tesla model x on a trip we might be using a supercharger for the first time on this moto x it’s got the new charge port pretty complicated looking system unlike the model y a lot of you guys have been asking if my falcon wing door is fixed the answer to that is yes and it has only failed to close from one touch once i did end up

Fixing the squeak myself after the second service however this passenger side falcon wing door has started to squeak now and i’ve tried doing the same fix i even put a double-sided tape underneath that panel and it still is not fixing the squeak and to my knowledge and my understanding squeaks and rentals aren’t covered under the new car warranty from tesla so if

I do want that fixed i either have to get it done under goodwill or i have to pay out of pocket to get that fixed hearing music while driving it’s not a big deal but if you’re trying to drive quietly you can hear those quicks for sure and it’s it is not nice recently got the escort redline 360c radar detector so we’re gonna test that out as well it is 23 degrees

Out and we’re leaving home with 90 battery i will also go over here and reset the trip a it’s going to be me and my sister going we should be there with 51 batteries so let’s see how it goes and it seems like we’re not going to do any supercharging on our way there ready to go so we just pulled over at 80 battery we have driven 57 kilometers that was 10 kilowatt

Hours battery 167 watt hours per kilometer it is also 25 degrees celsius a little change to the plans another family member wants to come on the trip so we’re gonna head towards them they’re gonna come towards us but we’re heading back so then i’ll reset the trip b so that way we’ll see what kind of changes we’ve done if we continued from here we would have been

There with 56 battery so what are we looking at 37 let’s go over to the trips we have driven 253 kilometers in total 49 kilowatt hour battery that’s what we used 192 watt hours per kilometer apparently it’s 22 degrees here’s what the moto x looks like i’m glad i have ppf because i can just easily scrub this off not worrying too much about scratching it because

The ppfs do have a healing the windshield is also full of bugs beautiful place but there’s so many mosquitoes today to get home we have to stop at the basano supercharger for about 10 minutes if we remove the charging we can get home with two percent battery we have to go below 95 kilometers an hour to reach the destination so let’s go to the supercharger i’m

Not doing this at charging stops we’re leaving with 36 battery so let’s get going we try to go home we won’t make it the battery did start pre-conditioning like a minute or two ago one of them is actually out of order so it does tell you that we do have free supercharging from like referral because i bought this moto x with my sisters referral code when i ordered

It but now you can’t get any free supercharging if you refer someone they took that away in september i think we’re charging at 250 kilowatts six minutes it’s the first time i’m supercharging no issues whatsoever enough charge to continue trip 25 minutes to charge limit so to charge up to like 90 it’ll take 25 minutes from 56 but we have enough to get home with

26 battery it’s pretty warm just came to wash up the windshield remove all these bugs much better we need these at the tesla superchargers we just arrived home with 27 battery it’s also 15 degrees celsius we have driven 447 kilometers which used 91 kilowatt hours battery that was 203 watt hours per kilometer model y is charging so i’m going to use this slow

Charger to charge up the moto x which will take forever probably two days 24 plus hours that looks horrible so thank you guys so much for watching if you’re new consider subscribing i’ll see you guys next time

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Tesla Road Trip in the New Model X Long Range! By POGAuto