Tesla To Get A Big Feature Improvement Soon & More Updates

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Today we have brought you the latest tesla news tesla’s solar roof comes to north and south carolina tesla model y was the second most popular car in the uk in september toyota finally has a fix to keep the wheels on the bz4x and tesla reverse summoner park seek poised for potential release this year let’s get into all the details so let’s get started the tesla

Solar roof ramp may not be as quick as elon musk hinted at before but the unique solar tiles are being expanded to more areas in the united states to bring the solar roof to the carolinas for example renew energy solutions a local solar installer announced its partnership with tesla recently tesla’s solar roof tiles are quite compelling as they are aesthetically

Pleasing and made with tempered glass making them several times stronger than standard roofing tiles they’re also engineered for all weather durability so far renew is among a handful of qualified tesla solar roof installers in south carolina and it is also the first certified tesla solar roof installer in north carolina as noted in a press release the renew

Team is now actively marketing the solar roof to new residential clients as well as those who may be looking to replace their roofs prior to its announcement renew has completed a number of initial local home installations of the innovative solar product the tesla solar roof effectively expands renews lineup of renewable products being offered to consumers in the

Carolinas the installer also offers conventional solar panels electric vehicle charging stations and tesla powerwall energy storage systems john sheldon director of new business capabilities at renew energy solutions expressed his excitement for the solar roof for over a decade renew has been bringing clean energy to the carolinas as a proud partner of teslas for

The past five years this next step of becoming one of the first tesla roof certified installers in the carolinas is a natural progression we are honored that our body of work and quality customer care have earned this vote of confidence from tesla this will enable us to continue being industry educators as well as trusted service providers with each new solar

Installation he said brayden ankeny an account manager at tesla shared sheldon’s optimism about the partnership we’re excited about a new install partner offering tesla solar roof to customers in the carolinas ankeny said moving to the next update tesla model y was the second most popular car in the uk in september tesla launched the model y in the united kingdom

Earlier this year in february and it quickly rose to the top of the charts to become the best-selling car in march more than six months later and the electric suv is continuing to prove popular in september it was the second best-selling car in the uk and now sits in eighth place for the most popular car in year-to-date sales according to data from the society

Of motor manufacturers and traders smmt tesla delivered 8315 model wise in the uk last month the model y was only outsold by the nissan qashqai a compact crossover suv that starts as low as 26 045 euros the model y was well ahead of the next closest competitor the always popular volkswagen polo which registered 6476 sales according to smmt data the top 10 list

Was dominated by fossil fuel burning vehicles with the model y being the only electric vehicle to make it into the list for september despite that the number of evs on uk roads is increasing and is now above 1 million so far in 2022 there have been 175 614 battery electric vehicles delivered in the uk an increase of more than 40 percent compared to the same time

Period in 2021 with another strong month of sales under its belt the model y has accumulated 20 654 sales through the first nine months of the year that is good enough to be the eighth most popular car in the uk sitting a little over nine thousand units behind the first place the vauxhall corsa moving to the next update toyota finally has a fix to keep the wheels

On the bz4x toyota’s first attempt at a mass-produced electric vehicle with the bz4x hasn’t gotten off to a good start with the japanese automaker recalling all 2 700 units that had been sold around the world due to a safety issue the safety issue that caused the recall was that sharp turns and sudden braking could cause a hub bolt to loosen increasing the risk

Of a wheel literally falling off the vehicle that recall was in june less than two months after it launched and toyota has not sold and will not sell any more units until the problem can be resolved now nearly four months later and it looks like toyota’s engineers have finally come up with a fix according to a report by reuters toyota is expected to submit the fix

To japan’s transport ministry on thursday if approved it would allow toyota to restart sales of the bz4x the recall didn’t affect just the bz4x toyota’s sister company subaru has also halted sales of the soltera ev which is built on the same platform and shares much of the same architecture the soltera ev didn’t even get a chance to launch in north america before

The recall was issued but dealers were already attempting to cash in with market adjustments on the msrp while the recall has been in effect toyota has been warning owners not to drive the vehicle the automaker even offered to buy the ev back from customers offering additional incentives like a loaner vehicle reimbursements free charging and more if they chose to

Keep it instead moving to the last update tesla reverse summoner park seek poised for potential release this year tesla seems to be working towards releasing reverse summoner parksy in the near future if recent comments from tesla’s ai team during ai day 2022 are any indication the company’s parking lot stack could become a part of the fsd stack before the end of

The year potentially paving the way for the release of features like park seek and a more accurate smart summon tesla’s official page for autopilot seems to have reflected these plans a look at the upcoming features highlighted by the electric vehicle maker shows that a new function called park seek has been added to the page when you arrive at your destination

Simply step out at the entrance and your car will enter park seek mode automatically search for a spot and park itself a tap on your phone summons it back to you tesla wrote tesla’s smart summon feature can be handy at times but in its current iteration its limitations have made its use quite limited in real world scenarios fortunately notable improvements to the

Full self-driving beta are being validated by tesla’s team of autopilot engineers among these improvements are parking lot capabilities as noted by not a tesla app tesla’s manager of autopilot motion planning peril jane outlined some capabilities that would likely be included in the integrated fsd stack during ai day 2022 we do expect to also include the parking lot

Stack as a part of the fsd stack before the end of this year so that will basically bring us to you sitting in the car in the parking lot and drive till the end of the parking lot at a parking spot before the end of this year the executive said previous reports from the electric vehicle community suggested that park seek or reverse summon as it was fondly called

Them would have three different modes one that would look for a parking lot closest to an entrance one that looks for a parking space that’s closest to a cart return area and one that looks for a spot near the end of a parking lot the third option would likely be popular among tesla drivers particularly those who tend to park their vehicles away from other cars to

Avoid potential dings and dents the key for tesla’s park seek feature of course would be fsd’s integrated stack during ai day several members of the company’s ai team highlighted how the full self-driving suite is advanced and how it will soon be using an integrated stack ceo elon musk is reportedly using an integrated fsd stack in his vehicle and so far it has

Been working fairly well though it still needs to be validated for all kinds of weather that’s it for now so what are your thoughts about this let us know in the comments stay tuned at the electric arena for all the latest tesla and electric vehicle news

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