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Tesla to Ship 1st Semis to Pepsi; Hotel Powered by Hyundai IONIQ 5s – Autoline Daily 3422

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This is auto line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry well it’s starting to happen the u.s is starting to develop domestic sources for the raw materials needed to make batteries for electric vehicles we’ve already reported on lithium mines opening in california and north carolina and a manganese mine opening in arizona and

Now there’s a cobalt mine that’s going to open in idaho a mining company called gervoy global limited is starting to mine cobalt there starting today it plans to mine two thousand tons of cobalt a year which is a drop in the bucket compared to the 127 000 tons that will be mined globally but it’s a start the next step is for the u.s to start refining and processing

These materials domestically most of these materials are now processed outside of the u.s mainly in china someone along those lines the u.s department of defense selected gm defense to develop scalable battery packs for different types of tactical vehicles the defense innovation unit will analyze and test the battery packs with different chemistries and cell forms

Gm defense will use gm’s own altium battery platform since one of the goals of the defense department is to use commercial off-the-shelf technology for military applications well it might be a few years late but tesla semi is finally getting to the market pepsi is going to take deliveries starting december 1st and we’ll use them to deliver snack food and beverages

Elon musk has said that the semi will have a range of 500 miles reuters reports the semi will cost 180 thousand dollars but it also qualifies for a forty thousand dollar subsidy that is part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill thank you thank you well here’s something that’s not going to shock you at all new car prices are still going up according to kelly

Blue book the average transaction price or atp in august was over forty eight thousand three hundred dollars that’s a half percent increase from july and nearly 11 percent higher than last august we all know that supply constraints rising material costs and other market factors are playing a major role in the increases but there’s another factor at play as well

Luxury buyers make up a bigger slice of the market today 17.5 percent a near record and more evs are driving up prices with atps of sixty six thousand dollars new car buyers have now paid an average of at least one thousand dollars over msrp in every month this year honda revealed the styling of the prologue and electric suv it’s co-developing with general motors

And rides on gm’s ultium platform one thing that strikes us is that the prologue’s design doesn’t scream i’m an electric it has a much more traditional styling theme honda says it’s about eight inches longer and five inches wider than the all-new crv and will come with 21 inch wheels which might be a first for the brand the interior of the prologue also looks like

Most modern vehicles it features two floating display screens mounted high on the dash the one for the driver is an 11 inch screen while the one for infotainment is slightly larger at 11.3 inches according to research by honda hybrid customers are some of the first to make the transition to a full battery electric vehicle so it’s going to increase the mix of crv

Hybrids to 50 percent and offer customers in zevstay a shorter two-year lease as a way to make it easier to get into a prologue when it goes on sale in 2024. after the prologue honda plans to launch evs which will be built in north america and based on its own dedicated architecture starting in 2026. daimler just celebrated its third year of working with torque

A company that’s trying to commercialize level 4 autonomous technology for big trucks they’ve shown that their trucks can operate on highways surface streets ramps and even turns at controlled intersections now they’re shifting their focus to customer integration and they’ve signed a deal with the u.s logistics provider schneider which will provide loads for the

Trucks to carry they’ll be using an updated set of sensors and computers and torque hopes to have its system ready before 2030. at schiffler we pioneer motion electrifying mobility manufacturing smarter reducing co2 emissions making energy production clean sheffler pioneers motion to advance how the world moves we want to know what drives your testing ota

Connected car diagnostics remote testing intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid control systems driven by your data volkswagen of america is losing one of its top executives johann denison who will be retiring next week vw has not named a replacement denison who’s 62 years old was chief operating officer for vwoa earlier in his

Career he ran the u.s operations for audi and then infinity and then cadillac the south african native tells wards that he and his wife are going to settle down in chattanooga tennessee which is the same community where vw has its u.s assembly plan even though general motors plans to go all electric by 2035 that does not include the company’s heavy duty trucks

At least not for now gmc is adding the denali trim to its hd trucks for the first time and it’s playing by today’s popular playbook make them big make them brawny load them up with upscale accessories and give them gobs of torque for maximum towing so it gets gms 6.6 liter duramax diesel with 975 foot-pounds of torque the 2500 version will tow 22 500 pounds which

Is 4 000 pounds more than before the 3500 version can tow up to 36 000 pounds these trucks go on sale early next year and that’s when we’ll learn what they cost well here’s the an interesting use of electric vehicles and it’s a great sales gimmick too in the countryside about an hour outside of london hyundai is opening a hotel that’s completely powered by ionic

Fives everything from the luxury cabins to a bar and a restaurant and even a cinema will be powered by the electric cars members of the public can win a stay at the hotel which will be open for two weeks from october 19th to november 5th and that wraps up this week’s worth of auto line dailies we are going to have a great weekend and we hope you do too and if

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Tesla to Ship 1st Semis to Pepsi; Hotel Powered by Hyundai IONIQ 5s – Autoline Daily 3422 By Autoline Network