Teslas unveiling of its new cybertruck didnt go as planned

Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s cybertruck on Friday night. CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports.

Elon musk unveiling tesla’s cyber truck late last night we’re going to get to that broken glass blender in just a minute but first let’s get to fill a bow he’s got the specs of the new electric pickup fell good morning good morning becky and the specs are those that have some analysts saying look there’s a lot of potential here but there are still a lot of questions

About actually how this vehicle would perform if you had a full payload if you had a towing capacity you know what’s the range going to be when they unveiled this truck last night i can’t be the only person who saw it come onstage and say wow that is way outside the box of what people were predicting there are offering three versions of the cyber truck the range

Depending on whether you have dual motor or the tri-motor it ranges from 250 miles fully charged up to 500 miles fully charged here’s elon musk on what they were thinking as they designed the cyber truck trucks have been the same for a very long time over like 100 years talks a bit basically the same we want to try something different oh boy did they they also tried

A demonstration of the glass that they said would be tougher than the windows and conventional pickup trucks there he saw the first time they throw a weighted ball and the glass watch what happens when they try to do it again i think the video goes a little bit longer here he asked is he lime should i try to get any less this year let’s try it on the passenger

Window i bet you it’ll react better this time it won’t it won’t break no it broke both times definitely a failure there in terms of how the vehicle will do if they build this and production is supposed to start by late 2021 the cyber truck starts at 39,000 900 that’s the base model goes all the way up to fifty nine thousand nine hundred for the tri-motor version

That’s the one that has a range up to 500 miles production is scheduled to start in late 2021 guys i’ve enjoyed reading the analysts notes this morning everything from look this is a weird design that’s from tony sacco nagi at bernstein he put that out today while there are other analysts who are saying you know what it’s a radical design but we think it’s going to

Resonate with buyers that will be the hot debate today what do people think of the cyber truck and is it really a niche vehicle which i think it is or will be or is it going to be potentially a threat to the broader pickup truck industry which some people do think it will be i don’t personally but that’s gonna be the debate today so what qualifies as a truck well

There’s a flatbed there you can’t really see when they come on stage i think when it comes down the stage people are like what is that like something out of mad max there is a bed it opens up it’s a six foot bed i want to say they have but there are 3,500 pounds cubic feet or the towing capacity theirs is for up to 14,000 and the the payload 3,500 pounds excuse

Me it’s a you know it’s an interesting looking truck it is a truck it does have a bed in the back in fact they at one point it’s unclear if they built this little atv or where they got it from it was at the end of the show they rode this atv up into the flatbed then plugged it in and said oh look it could charge this yeah you cannot deny guys that this is not a

Futuristic design that is going to get a lot of reaction you

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Tesla's unveiling of its new cybertruck didn't go as planned By CNBC Television