Test Drive 2017 Hyundai Veloster Value Edition

Tag Along For A Test Drive In Our All New Hyundai Veloster Value Edition W/Our Very Own Sales Consultant James Stelling / ST#320981

All right we’re in the 2017 veloster trying to test it out to see how it feels i have my apple power-play running right now if you have an android you can use the android auto i’m gonna check out the text message right now to see how it responds so you guys can see would you like to hear your unread messages unread messages three six one three zero four zero and

Read and p and nine others and a new message from robert stunning sudeep said to the group that includes four zero seven three six one three zero four zero and bread and p and nine others emphasized halley i am there would you like to reply to the gue no thank you robert’s done up said ii want to reply no thank you there are no more messages okay just wanted to

Show you guys how it works so she’ll read you the text messages as you’re driving if i wanted to respond i could respond to her and she’ll text it out to somebody so very safe this is the value addition so we do have the panoramic sunroof i’m gonna show it to you real quick pop this open just so you can take a look not a lot of hatchback it’s a hatchbacks on the

Market have a panoramic sunroof so this is nice and even though this is not the turbo this car still has some good driving dynamics and it moves very well as far as weaving in and out of traffic i feel very stuck to the ground it still has the electronic brake-force this with distribution and brake assist so a safe car five-star rated vehicle as far as safety i

Do have my paddle shift here shifters here as well so the paddle shifters will obviously allow me to change my gears which i’m gonna test out a little bit too this car comes equipped with blue link as well so i can remote start my car with my phone blue link is our telematics system for honda that allows you to have monthly health reports on your vehicle if you

Got into a car accident it’ll actually send off an emergency signal and will contact you to ask you if you’re conscious if you need a thority so you’re connected to our blue link system with this car and you can start it up with your phone you just download the blue link app now one thing i also like about this car is the uniqueness of it you’re the third door

You have the cupholders in the backseat right there in the middle you have the unique handles on the door here that come in this metallic silver ish material which is different it looks really nice i don’t know any other car that has this design here so i just obviously hande wanted to do something different and stand out with the value package you’re gonna have a

Lot of things like dimension speakers so a better speaker system when they turn right here a little bit of traffic so you have a dimension speaker system the panoramic sunroof you have navigation with the factory and you also have the navigation through your phone so if i wanted to use my apple carplay i can just click on the screen it uses my google maps and my

Dad is not that good i’ll have the greatest data plan but basically it’s going to pop up here on the screen the the navigation and if i wanted to ask siri where to go she’ll direct me on where to go we pop this back real quick to the middle of the screen standard bluetooth standard cruise control as well and this car moves really good i can shift over to manual

With mine my shifter here as well as the shifter onyx like a shift up or shift down or i can use the paddle shifters so i’m gonna test the paddle shifters out a little bit i’m gonna downshift see how it feels very smooth i have leather wrap steering wheel i don’t have the power seat which is good actually if you want to use this car for more sporty or purposes

The power seat actually will put a lot of weight on the car so a lot of sport cars you might notice won’t have the power seat just so you can have a lighter car so it’ll be a lot quicker so come check us out here at universal honda come check out the veloster it’s a very sporty unique car with a lot of different features in it that don’t come standard in a lot

Of manufacturers and on top of that you’re gonna have america’s best warranty the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on your engine and transmission and five years 60,000 mile new vehicle warranty which will cover things like your radio and your navigation so you’re covered as far as warranty as far as having a nice car you’d be covered with that too and you’d have

Something a lot more unique out on the streets than you normally would with getting the veloster so come check us out

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Test Drive 2017 Hyundai Veloster Value Edition By Universal Hyundai