So this is the all-new continental flying spur this is me right i can’t with a big fat cigar there we go this is how you’re supposed to drive a family hi guys welcome back to my channel this is a second video in our series in the hunt for my daily driver and we’re gonna have something really cool today to test drive so follow me so since i really don’t have

A daily driver car i’m using my wife’s car this is a layla’s car gorgeous spec if i may say so it’s like tuxedo white and black it’s got the star line all right guys we’re back oh this is the same newport auto center we were here last week but they also own another brand bentley so today we’re going to test drive the new bentley flying spur and i heard it’s

Fast and it’s completely redesigned so is this the flying spur no this is the old one holy now should i get a coup oh my god i’m starting to like bentley oh man so guys check this out this is a speed edition 2017 and it’s only 150 grand so tempting and yellow is my favorite color well one of my favorite colors the inside looks pretty cool but i just saw the

New bentley interior the front inside the whole car is new and i am really falling in love with this look at this wow okay i gotta get the keys so this is the all-new continental flying spur what’s the horsepower 626 626 v12 wow all right well i can’t wait to drive it let’s go honestly this is the first time i’m test driving at bentley believe it or not first

Time ever i like how everything just fits perfect smooth the design is very stylish but useful and i love how they have a multi the screen for the use of it look at that you can go to old fashioned traditional this is really cool i love how you can just move around with your finger yeah i can see my house from here right there just kidding but i’m sure i could

If i spend enough time on this thing all right let’s see what the 626 horsepower does oh molly well obviously is a very heavy car unlike the last week’s uh car we tried the porsche full electric tycon oh my god no joke guys this thing’s fast this one is uh very heavy yeah you know it’s not fast sorry bentley i just need more horsepower let’s put it on comfort

Mode there we go just gliding guys so smooth wow it’s got two sun roofs plenty of leg room really liking it guys feels a little bit heavy but other than that it’s pure luxury but you know with the same engine and horsepower on the coupe i bet you that coupe just flies off the driveway and that’s what i want to try next i know i said one car per video on each

Series but hey we’re in rome we’re here at the bentley dealership and this coupe roadster just caught my eye it’s gorgeous white with tiny interior and i just want to see the difference between a convertible and a heavy four-door i don’t know guys after driving this for a few blocks it’s just not me gorgeous car but that convertible really caught my eye i want

To see how does that drive guys i have to admit the key is pretty cool i like all the edging they did very stylish but i got my eye on that hey you need to upgrade that that sounds like a motorcycle wow much faster than my drop head this is more me guys come on i get to smoke my cigar and drive a 12 cylinder car this is me right i can’t with a big fat cigar all

Right go work on the numbers i’ll see you in five minutes oh yeah much better oh yeah only thing needs is an exhaust upgrade oh there we go wow good brakes it has a sporty feel to it but yet comfortable and luxurious it’s like in between uh i don’t know a ferrari and rolls a little bit of both i don’t know i’m hungry i don’t want a car i want a burger see no

Problems in your now all i know is pretty smooth car i love the styling i like the other interior better the other cool it’s convertible but you know i do want to try the dawn which is a royce royce version of this that copies with this and it’s about the same horsepower but i don’t know you know i gotta try it and see the difference between the two wow dude

This car carries a punch well as for the back not much of a leg room back there you got to sit there in apple sauce crisscross i don’t know yoga position well guys this was fantastic much better than the continental flying spur but i have to try the rolls dawn because that’s the competitor to this car and make up my decision and there’s a few other cars guys

We’re gonna try but comment down below let me know what car you want me to try next that you see me in as a daily driver and until next week be safe be well and god bless you people always ask me how i made my money you see the bugattis paganis and mclarens i’ve got it all from doing real estate i’ve been doing that for 30 years buying selling over 800 million

Dollars and now i’m here to teach you because you got to learn it to earn it so check out the links below and see you there hey this is a problem i can’t even put my persian barbecue back there

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TEST DRIVING THE BENTLEY FLYING SPUR || Manny Khoshbin By Manny Khoshbin