TFLTruck and BTBRV talk 2024 Chevy Silverado HD truck

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What’s going on guys so i am out here at the chevy silverado hd booth this is a 2024 chevy silverado hd i don’t want to call it a reveal because i sent out a ton of content that we could already publish but this is a cool video because i have some special guests with me today i got nathan hey and i got andre are you beautiful truck in the house if you guys don’t

Recognize these guys and you guys have been living under a youtube truck rock oh thanks yeah hey no problem plugging your channel because you guys put out absolutely fantastic content and in a lot of ways content that i just couldn’t do that i don’t have access to the terrain the environment the ike gauntlet i don’t have that stuff around me i could build one

I have an excavator but it wouldn’t be that long well we need you on a ranch then we have tumbleweed ranch we need an excavator actually if you’re in colorado you should come out dude yeah but but i want to say can i just say this that um i saw your message and i saw in detroit and then you had a health issue and you’re bounced back and you right here jd i really

Love that so so it’s great to see you i really appreciate that i do i do definitely foreign ly talk about the texas state fair and why we are here absolutely so producing a new truck yeah yeah there you go high country but more importantly new front end yeah yeah the front end is it’s it’s different completely but is it groundbreakingly different from the previous

Generation i don’t think so but here’s what they notably did right so the grill used to kind of protrude this way right yep and then they stop it here and they redesigned the headlight and they moved up the headlight elements actually they used to be down here all the way up and they look great the pods look fantastic i would agree with you there yeah you know we

Got to admit that the front end of a truck probably sells a good number of the truck right if you don’t have an attractive looking truck you’re not going to buy it and when the previous generation came out the front end with the pictures the teasers i’m not gonna lie i think everyone kind of it made us think they scoffed they scoffed yeah well it broke the internet

But not in the way that i think generally wanted to break the internet yeah this the reshaped headlights help reshape the grille which reshapes the face but i’m i have to point out the most important part what we’re right here there it is a little bow tie right there in the no but i think this is really huge uh the duramax is here physically as well yes i can take

Look at this of course that is functional yeah which is not what everybody does you’re right you’re right and they’ve been doing a functional intake for a while um but yeah it looks like it’s grown a little bit they’ve definitely decorated a little bit more and it and it accents the front end of this truck very well and that’s all because of these new numbers

470 horsepower 975 pound-feet of torque yeah i like how they say dm estimated yeah so and they actually had two estimates and i made that mistake earlier we did the video a few days ago right because the initial numbers were a little bit lower they were and then they updated the numbers and then here we are uh 470 that’s still a lot of power you’re right and in

2011 the manufacturers pretty much prove that you can increase power and torque by software update so it’s going to be interesting to see if they’re gonna hold true to that and with with 5g availability and a lot of these trucks the ability to actually push software updates out to them you got to kind of wonder if they want to increase horsepower and torque can

They do it over the air that would have been a good question to ask the engineers yeah very cool we’ll have another opportunity i think the engineers will be here in a bit so uh we’ll get more information out there absolutely there are a couple other things for one thing uh 10 speeds across the board for the heavy duties which is huge and then of course you have

The updated interiors which are now very similar to the 1500 trucks so i think your audience will be really happy to see that because that takes them into a new game right now they’re competing directly with ford and with ram in terms of high quality interiors yep and when you first saw the interior of the previous generation up here everyone was kind of you know

It’s it’s almost a carryover they did some things right they moved the trailer brake control to the uh to the the center stack as opposed to putting it on the left column which was a huge thing that they needed for a while in my opinion i would agree 100 but but this new interior is game changing for them it’s it’s going to make people who who went to a chevy lot

Looked at a truck then went to afford a ram lot looking at a truck it’s going to give you an entirely different perspective on the truck now because it now feels modern it feels luxurious it feels like what you’re paying for you’re getting foreign very cool so let’s go to the back because there’s a couple subtle changes back there as well i think okay so now we’re

At the back of the truck and the back is a departure but i’m going to be honest with you i don’t look at the back of chevy trucks every day to see exactly what’s changed i know the tail lights are different yeah i think it’s slightly different i mean it is a refresh right it’s not an all-new truck but i think it still looks very handsome absolutely and led lights i

Know are very predominant you know i had a comment from somebody who saw the super duty video saying i will not buy a super duty because they put incandescent lights and incandescent lights are here to stay as an option for most and it was a really good reason they’re super cheap to replace they break fleet owners need a cheap light that they can smack in there so

That was a good thing but leds optional on everything yeah my only pet peeve is the light has to be powerful enough right yeah if the some of those base lights especially headlights if they’re not powerful enough then what’s the point right yeah so and that’s the real question yes of course fleet owners can replace them because they’re cheaper but the other side of

It is led lights rarely need to be changed so there’s that balance so did you guys ever hear that story and from ford and this was a long time ago when when the 2017 came out and they said the reason why they keep incandescent lights as an option is because up north where it gets snowy and cold like where you guys are they melt snow so we can attest to that we’ve

Actually gone through that because we’re a snow country as well and we actually drove a heavy duty truck right there actually in moab i think that’s moab yep moab utah yeah and we discovered a lot of ice and snow that built up on the headlights and would not melt because leds run so cold and yes indeed incandescent lights are much warmer and they will help melt

That i think that the simple solution for that is of course headlight sprayers that are using the type of cleaning fluid that we use in cold country which basically does help melt ice so that might be a way of balancing it out but leds are superior for most lightings oh yeah and and quite frankly they help sell the truck too right right you know if you’re a fleet

Owner you could care less maybe but from a fleet owner perspective you do care about safety and having that down the road visibility that longevity of not knowing that your truck’s not coming back with a burnt out headlight should be pretty important i agree so from a spec’s perspective payload towing capacity i’m going to be the first one to admit i’m a geek but

He’s like super geek and he knows numbers so i’m just numbers that is like my passion i’m not a i wouldn’t say super geek oh i would just numbers yeah a numbers person so quizzes come on fire away yeah all right look what happens payload towing capacity on this specific truck now so payload and towing capacity what are we at so it depends on the configuration this

Is the high country right so the high country as soon as you add uh features and luxury appointments the payload comes down and brother people don’t understand that that’s the part that it’s hard to sell to people that i’m sorry to interrupt you but mid-spec and up to luxury spec trucks have a significantly reduced payload capacity because you have this fixed gvwr

And everything you add to the truck takes away from that and it leaves you with a payload capacity then in many cases can be significantly lower than a stripped down truck yeah but what they’ve done on these heavy duty three-quarter tons they move the gvwr to about 11 000 and maybe a little bit over 11 000 which gives them about 3 000 pounds of payload which is

A great number that is a great number uh also for dualies i mean we don’t have a dually here but those numbers can reach upwards you know five or six or seven thousand pounds because gvwr of course is up to 14k yeah okay um so that’s there but um what they did with the gas version of this new truck is they kept the v8 right the 66 gas v8 but they took away the

Six-speed the 10 speed is going to be across the board like you said right but they increased the towing numbers on the gas by about 2 000 pounds so it used to tow about twenty thousand now it’s about twenty two thousand in certain times that’s good that is good so that’s good numbers for not the top level trucks but actually trucks in the meat of the market yep

And you know the craziest thing about trucks that a lot of people often don’t understand is that yes you get a gas equipped truck your payload numbers go up because you have about 600 pounds less weight in the engine itself that’s correct you don’t have the lump of the diesel which of course takes away from the numbers and it’s a balancing game because you tow more

With the diesel yeah at least you know historically so there is a bit of a balance there for people who don’t really tow all that often a gas engine is a cheaper option yeah or if you stay within a healthy range for towing capacity because we all know you can get you can get a 10 000 pound dump trailer hook it up to the back and if you front load that dump trailer

You’ll have a ton of tongue weight on it but you might only have 10 000 pounds worth of weight that you’re towing down the road so a gas engine makes a very sensible choice for folks who are towing relatively heavy whether it’s a travel trailer maybe a small fifth wheel something like that you’ll get the tow capacity you need but you’ll really get the payload

Capacity that’s important so yeah you got to look at all the numbers and that’s the part that people often overlooking about the 10 speed actually is the lower gear the first gear is the low ratio it’s about 454 to one so you got that grunt of the gearing helping you uh where the six speed was a bit you know maybe compromised in this area before yeah you know the one

Thing that i always get asked about is 10-speed transmissions what is the fascination with 10-speed transmissions and the simplest answer i usually give people is now your truck is finding the most efficient gear to be in at the right time that’s the easiest way to say it right six speed you only have six speeds to play with so you might be stuck in a gear longer

Than you should be and it makes it less efficient less fuel efficient and with the technology going into these transmissions sure everyone had their their little little quirks and things like that with 10 speeds but by and large these trucks are super reliable now yeah and you have to to keep in mind that at least with the 1500 trucks ford and general motors did

Co-create the 10-speed granted they had two different algorithms they were working differently but they nonetheless put their minds together to build these transmissions meaning of course that they were building something beefy capable and that could be widespread used um it’s not the same of course ram or even toyota who developed you know orus quote about their

Own but nonetheless it’s something to look at they knew that 10 speed was the way to go and i do think that finding that right gear the right ratio is the most important thing and i think that’s what the 10-speed does and i think you’re absolutely right and it’s always good to know when you hear about those collaborations that they actually exist because there’s

Great engineers at gm there’s great engineers at ford there’s great engineers across the board but sometimes they don’t think of things the same way and when they get together which a lot of people think the fierce battle between this truck and ford and ram it exists yeah ford is just over there you can throw stone right now and hit a fourth yeah there’s another

Point which is this has the allison transmission i believe right yeah and so and allison-equipped vehicle now is it an allison branded transmission that goes through chevy’s you know checkbox how much time do you have i know seriously you got 30 seconds to explain all of it so ellison used to be a part of general motors it used to be the same company uh owned by

The same basically people but then they separate it but allison was always focused on transmissions right right they even make transmissions for giant semi trucks and buses and school buses and all that stuff um so gm basically developed this transmission they handed it over to allison they tested it and verified it checked off on it right and boom allison brand

Allison brand so that’s important to keep these things in mind because it’s the little things that some people might find an issue with or actually appreciate 10 11 30 seconds yeah good kind of like you know what it reminds me of rancho shocks on oem trucks you know what i mean sometimes it’s an oem produced shock but rancho tuned it they valved it they made it

Specific so it would do the certain thing for that vehicle yeah i i agree right like lucas ram as well you know they took the cummins engine and sometimes they do the ice and transmission and they put it in the truck so they’re picking the best components right or beach best brands and they’re putting them together sometimes sometimes they don’t always do that if

They always did that they’d probably be in a whole nother level but they don’t always do that yep do we know the information on the fuel pump on this one yet no no but the code on this new duramax is still l5p yeah there was some controversy on this where are they going to update it you know are they going to call it a new generation of the engine or is it just

An update on the l5p and apparently it’s it’s an update and we’ll know more information especially when the media drive occurs and things like that but the reality is is there’s always so many questions related to mechanical components that the engineers that are here oftentimes they can’t answer or they won’t answer because it’s just not publicly available yet

That’s exactly yes and we deal with a lot yeah absolutely because we wrap up on this uh judy i want to thank you for including us yeah appreciate it and also you you i love your camping trailers and travel trailers reviews because you’re so detailed you go to the nitty gritty details and you sh and like i learned a lot when from watching your stuff so i really

Appreciate it i don’t have the patience for that so that’s something that andre really loves getting into the weeds with that so well done we really do appreciate you doing that of course and this is a community it really as a community i i’m going to tell you guys i’ve probably watched tfl years before my channel even existed so understanding the the time and effort

It took to put into videos i didn’t have an understanding of it at the very beginning and you guys just put a lot of heart soul honesty credibility into your videos and it’s always good to run into you guys because quite frankly again it’s community so i love supporting my peers the folks who are out here doing the same thing because it’s more work than than a lot

Of people probably think we appreciate you guys watching so really thank you yeah definitely subscribe to all the tfl channels quickly in 10 seconds can you name them all go yes tfo cards classics tfl talk and cfl ev oh tfl bike yeah that’s a lot of money to do with that one you’re gonna have like tfl helicopter tfl jet tfl is that what we’re going to go with well

He’s the boat captain so i don’t know it’s hard to review boats in colorado with no water and winter so so we may have to wait come down to south texas i’m right on the coast man we’ll get you in a boat and we’ll uh we’ll we’ll see how it performs 100 miles out offshore very cool real one more question if somebody had to subscribe to one of your channels only which

One would you say to subscribe to it’s all right that’s a hard one it’s a beautiful truck tfl truck tfl truck yeah appreciate it guys if you haven’t had a chance please take a moment subscribe to all of these channels you’re gonna have like 15 new feeds coming into you from them and mine’s just one channel guys please take care of yourselves we’ll talk to you again very soon foreign

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