The 07,000 Luxury JEEP Grand Wagoneer Review | Overview Series II

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Overview

My name is corey this is cab driven i can’t see hold on i might put on my sunglasses for this one yeah i think i’m going to my name is corey this is cab driven welcome to the all new 2022 jeep grand wagoneer my name is corey this is cab driven this is the all new 2022 grand wagoneer this is the series 2 edition 22-inch rims all the way around obviously the

6.4 liter v8 is 471 horsepower tows about 8 200 pounds you got sensors all the way around you got side steps that do come out and the beauty about these side steps is if you were to get in with the ride height being edited as it is you don’t get your leg chopped off it’ll sense you and it’ll go back up the ride height the lowest it will go for ground clearance

Is about 6.4 inches of grid height the highest it will go is roughly 8 inches of ride height 7.4 is basically where it’s going to be out when you’re on the road highway style it’ll sit right about there for give you the best aerodynamics possible gas mileage on this thing is not very impressive between 13 and 18 miles per gallon 18 is bringing pretty optimistic

Probably on a downhill slope uh 15 is about average i would say you do unfortunately need to put 91 octane in this bad boy it does take 91 i’m pretty sure you’ll probably get away with the lower bit but it does recommend 91 octane overall she is absolutely gorgeous she’s big she’s gorgeous she’s got a fat she’s just big all the way around fat rear end fat front

End she’s made for long distance traveling absolute pure luxury this is gonna be just there’s three series to these this is the second one the third one’s got more options more items more of everything this one’s already got quite a bit going on for the 107 000 price tag it has so inside right off the bat as your side steps do come down for easy accessibility

Especially if you’re on the lowest ride height that’s just nice to have inside here you do have all of your seat controls in the door obviously you have your mirror controls you can what’s nice about this obviously have memory seats the memory seats do control the steering wheel the side mirrors the pedals the seats everything to adjust to that user which is pretty

Nice especially if you have someone who’s in your life who’s a little bit shorter and someone else is very tall instead of having to sit there and all day trying to figure out your your settings once again inside the truck here we’ve got cruise control auto adaptive cruise control you’ve got lane keeping assist the only thing that this thing does not do is drive

Itself i’m sure that’ll come out here pretty soon just like the chevy’s but this one does not drive itself unfortunately it will do a majority of it but it will not sit there and drive itself in the second row here you have three screens you have obviously the two behind the seat you got one in the middle the one in the middle here controls all your climate these

Control your entertainment your disney your netflix your prime everything goes through the screen so you can entertain your kids while you’re driving it also does come with remotes for each side plenty of storage on top to put a cell phone up here you got a charging port inside here you got more charging ports right here you even have a three prong right here

You even have an actual cigarette lighter um you can call it cigarette lighters anymore do you but there’s that one there got vents here plenty of storage in this one literally plenty of storage and i’m that’s that’s deep that is a deep amount of storage right there plenty plenty of storage back here for whatever your needs are for more storage under here plenty

Of plenty more storage right here obviously we got pockets in the back here both sides pockets in the doors and this does come with a macintosh audio system which obviously we can’t play anything for y’all because of copyright issues but it sounds really really good so if you have kids you even have sun shades and i have a toddler too and it’s so nice to have one

Of these built in instead of trying to figure out where the sun’s coming through it does cover basically 90 of the window which is very very useful and nice to have good grab handles here it’s all around very very comfortable back here i could see going 10 12 hours in the back seat here it’s it’s very nice it’s very comfortable you got plenty of vents all over the

Place you’re not you’re not sitting here hoping that the driver has got you know enough sense to give you some ac or heat um everything like i said is controlled here it’s quite quite nice all your fans you even have your own separate fan from up there you have your own separate fan back here so you can have your your system as hot as you want it’s as cold as you

Want it back here they have their temper controls i have my own temperature controls so if they’re crazy and they think it’s cold in 100 degree weather you know they can have their temperature higher than what i’ve got mine everything is universal what’s also beauty about it is this also controls their temperature so they don’t have their own we can control it

Here or you can control it up front to access the back simply just push this button here the whole seat will lunge forward back here obviously if you’re sitting there like have you got your kids or you got someone trying to get in the back seat how do you get the seats up now well you just push this button right here push these together or separate and the whole

Back seat will raise itself so as you get in you have actually some options back here you got a vent back here to give yourself nice and cool uh you do have two ports sitting on the right side here and on the left side to charge your phone uh you do have option to let the seat go back or even forward look at that that is awesome even got cup holders back here a

Little bit of storage this seat right here coming forward i’ve got plenty of knee room even in their seats uh style which you know probably average seat person can sit there plenty of knee room back here you do have your own sunroof this seat belt right here obviously if you forget that this is connected this seat will still go down completely flat there’s plenty

Of seat belt space for this thing to to roll around and obviously you can disconnect it and then hook it back up in here for storage the vent back here is it’s not like it’s coughing air at you it’s that’s a good amount of air coming through here it’s enough to keep you cool it’s enough to you know do what it needs to do you don’t have a lot of vents you only

Have one on each side but it’s better than nothing actually now as you come out understand this the seat is kind of heavy especially if you’re going to one arm it or if you’re you’ve got a family and you’ve got a kid in your arm and stuff this seat it’s a little heavy takes a little effort but actually pretty smooth it’s not one one click and another click it’s

Just one seamless click which is pretty nice moving on to the trunk obviously everything’s electronic anymore tailgate goes up so you can drop both sides down the only bummer part is you cannot raise the second seat the second layer of seats there you cannot raise it with this button but you can raise the rears with this so we got third right this seat will come

Up flip the headrest forwards or backwards and then there you go voila now you have your third row up and you have a bunch of groceries you come up to your car you wheel up your car or your cart i’m sorry you open up your trunk still got your hands full you throw everything in the trunk your kids your dogs everything else you go to close your trunk up the trunk

Closes up and you want to lock the whole system up obviously do not lock your dogs and your kids in the car with nobody in it and no ac there’s a button off the left here you just click that and it’ll lock the truck for you from here we’ll go up to the driver and we’ll show you all the functions that we can possibly give you all i mean there’s a lot going on but

Let’s let’s go ahead and take a look what this thing’s got to offer obviously in the front here we got even more screens you got a screen in front you got a screen in the middle this screen down here you also have a passenger side screen which can be turned on you can turn on through that right there when you turn on this screen the screen offers you the functions

To adjust the radio notification just basics nothing crazy you can also watch a movie or two on here if you like come across here we have an entire 12.3 inch screen that gives you all the options you need you got media you got comfort navigation phone the vehicles you know the more details on the vehicle apps this thing is completely loaded there is nothing

On this that is not hard to understand everything’s pretty basic everything’s pretty organized home media comfort navi phone vehicle apps everything’s everything’s centralized here it’s pretty easy to reach so you have heated and cooled seats you even have zones the zones right here are for you know you can put it on your back you can put it on your bum you can

Even there’s even a button right here to turn off the screen and this one even has its own turn off screen too you do also have a heated steering wheel this down here you can also control your heated cooled uh rear defroster fan auto ac hot and cold on one side hot and cold on the other side this little piece right here this is where the heaven starts you can

Control your aid conditioning once again here you can control your seats lumbar i mean every added option is right here massaging seats can also be controlled here this is probably the best part of this truck is the massaging seats you can also give them air air you can let them have control here or they you can control their air from here whichever either they

Can do it or you can do it or you can turn off your screen completely therefore it’s not in your way behind this screen is all your other plugs you have your auxiliary ones auxiliary twos you have enough room in there for plugging in six phones if you really wanted to you even have a wireless charger right there that’ll charge up your phone so while there’s also

A wireless charger here you can also take your giant phone and then stick it right there there’s also a little cubby hole so you can stick your phone or other devices right in there as you bring the screen down there’s just a lot going on right here you have your auto hold on so if you’re on a steep hill you can push that button and it will hold you in position or

Any position at all you do have basically this is lane key lane management this is the lane management assistance this is traction control on or off obviously your hazards this is a parking assist for parallel parking parallel parking this monster you have an assist on that that’s pretty cool if you do have parking sensors on and off you have tone haul mode and

Also you have the function this is to turn on and off the screen on the passenger side this lever right here is for your ride height this light right here obviously tells you where you are throughout the entire ride height all the way up to all the way down all the way top is off-road two mode all the way down is your entry and exit mode you also have functions

On here for rock mud snow auto and sport plenty of storage to go around you got storage in here same thing as in the back you got your area you can put another phone here there’s another charging port in here close this up open this up this can either be one of two things it can either be your refrigerator which this has been in here for about an hour and it’s nice

And cold you have an option to turn off the refrigerator and just make it a straight storage unit and yes a full size what is this a 17 16.9 fluid ounce bottle can fit in here very nicely with the door closed and no problems at all i’m actually really really thirsty so everything in this world now is touch screen dial knobs everything the beauty about this vehicle

Is when you go to touch some of these options and buttons it gives you a little vibrate little and it kind of tells you yeah you did push it or not which is a nice feature because sometimes you’re sitting there pushing in you don’t even know if you’ve hit it all the way or not there is shifting modes on this this does have an eight speed on it obviously you have

Your reverse neutral and drive and it’s solid boom boom boom you can’t go any further in park you can’t go any further and drive this is it it’s pretty responsive honestly put in reverse reverse drive immediate drive that is a very nice feature uh you do have options on the steering wheel here to control your gear limits so you go all the way up to six speeds

If you want or seven or eight which is the max all the way down to two speeds it really gives you the options to even to eliminate your gears or add or shift gears or whatever you like to do that is this option right here um this does come with an entire moon roof the moon roof does open up all the way here let’s open that up it does have sections where it stops

Halfway and you push it again and it goes full all the way back you do have the option where this piece will move this entire piece will move let’s even open it this piece will move but this this piece will not this is a stationary glass it opens up to that point if you want a little extra you push it again it opens up completely you have an entire room here for

Anything and everything it even has a windshield up here to help kind of divert some of the wind which is very very useful your rear view mirror has two different options on it you can either have the old fashioned way which is the old standard where you can look through the entire vehicle and see everything and out the back or you flip this little knob right here

And it gives you the digital mode so you can see everything that’s outside clear his day right behind the truck this also has a mode where if you have kids in the back and they’re forward-facing you click this button right here and it gives you a little mirror that you can look back and see the little twerps i’d like to thank today’s sponsor seth wadley of dodge

And jeep down here in pauls valley in oklahoma for sponsoring the vehicle today check them out they’re pretty well easy going they dress like everybody else which is kind of nice there’s no pressure in it they get a full showroom full lot full of cars ready to sell i’ve had no problems i actually appreciate the ford the chevy the gm versions of seth wadley we

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The $107,000 Luxury JEEP Grand Wagoneer Review | Overview Series II By CAB Driven