Okay guys welcome back to the channel uh welcome back to supercars specifics your supercar spaz just on the subway heading to something very very very special man do i have a video for you guys today so what’s my last trip of the season to the dealers after this it’s all car spotting but uh yeah subway’s on the way and uh i’ll continue this when we get to closer

To the dealers but it’s snowing it’s cold so much for the warm weather but let’s uh let’s do this you guys like share and subscribe huge help when you guys do that comment below it’s your favorite car but i think i know which one it will be okay guys so man this one’s a highly anticipated car of 2022. um i’m hoping i can get in to see it uh the front

Our friends at ferrari of toronto uh informed me that it’s there oh i gotta make this life okay so let’s crotch our way um there’s a couple other cars we’re gonna see too um pov on the way there and uh we’ll stop at mclaren too to see what’s there and there might be a cena i’m not sure but uh yeah you guys let’s get to it uh this one’s a big one okay you

Guys we’re here and i got the okay to shoot it so are you guys ready for this what boom new 812 competency oni the successor to the tdf look at this wow look at the carbon fiber 6.5 liter v12 6496 cc displacement 9 500 rpm wow look at this wow you guys look at the interior wow that’s crazy so you got ferrari roma how you doing good how are you good yeah

Awesome camp couldn’t resist to come see this yeah oh yeah it’s been wow it’s been quite a marvel to look at look at the air dots on unbelievable so i’m going to get some b-roll we got yeah wow thank you so much let me know if i can get you a coffee yeah i might take you off so whatever you like anything you like just say it i’ll bring it over to you thank

You so much of course man okay guys so i’m gonna get some b-roll of this then we’re gonna head over and get some more stuff but wow okay you guys like share and subscribe okay guys getting to sit in the new 812 competition look at the interior on this oh look at the carbon fiber got a big luggage space you got the a12 competitioning look at the carbon fiber

On this wow this is special got your mandatino switch got your dials or your uh your attack right there this look at the carbon fiber on the steering wheel this is stunning i can’t believe i’m sitting in this huge thank you to my friends over at ferrari of north toronto wow this is a very special very special car you guys v12 naturally aspirated revs to

9500 rpm how crazy is that got the old school sort of um drive selector just carbon fiber anywhere everywhere like this is insane my new favorite car i by far look at the hood up there just look you can see the haunches got your big v12 in front of you okay you guys so that’s an up close inside look at the a12 competition you got carbon fiber on the door

Cards just look at this got carbon fiber on the door swivel with the ferrari badge there’s the pedals this is insane you guys okay tell me what you guys think in the comments boom just a little heads up you guys there’s an f50 right there how sick is that one last look at the a12 competition with an absolute stunning car huge thank you to him for the

Coffee thanks buddy excited yeah thank you thank you so much again you guys huge thank you to ferrari of ontario for let me check out the a12 competition there

Transcribed from video