The 1st Video Of The Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype Road Testing

EXCLUSIVE: Maserati’s new 2022 Grecale SUV on video for the first time!

What’s good guys welcome back to ron’s rise welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another video and this isn’t how i was planning on starting april 1st no this is not an april fool’s joke this is actually the 2022 maserati grakale suv prototype yes the xero model the one that we talked about two months ago is now out here on the road and it is being

Seen in camouflage doing his road testing and this is crazy all right so this has to be the first video i haven’t seen any other videos posted online i haven’t seen anybody else cover it so this should be an exclusive for you guys here to see the first grakali suv prototype which they call the day 1 or aka 0 model out testing now again we talked about it being

Completed in the casino plant back at the end of january and it is now april 1st well we can finally see that zero model now being out on the road testing and with the maserati gricali suv coming out in october it makes perfect sense while we finally see this thing out on the road now you’ll notice the design cues uh first the front the headlights look a lot

Like the mc20 headlights and i know that kloss the maserati mc20 designer showed off a slide that showed off the mc20 and two other what looked like to be suv vehicles which one had to have been the grecoli as we now see the headlights in full action and the second which looked like a bigger suv could be the maserati levante redesign for 2023 makes a lot of

Sense right the grakali is supposed to be the smaller suv that’s built on the giorgio platform that comes from the casino plant on the same platform that the alpha male stelvio and julia is on so that’s going to be the smaller suv the larger one is going to be the levante and they both have this same front fascia as far as the headlights goes but with that

Said looking at this thing from the back you can definitely see a lot of maserati levante design language but you can see the new boomerang taillights that were just updated for 2021 you could also see four exhaust pipes which means this might not be necessarily a hybrid model testing maybe they might be fake exhaust tips but maserati hasn’t been known to do

Fake exhaust tips too much so maybe this is a different version maybe a twin turbo v6 version maybe this is a four-cylinder diesel version we’re not exactly sure yet but you see a lot of the design language from the google that has been borrowed from maserati models from the past respectively but with that said seeing it from the front and from the rear for

The first time this is big news this is the first time we’re actually seeing this and we get a great look at what those press release photos that maserati had revealed to us in a very blurry manner show up but clear as day so with that said what are you guys thinking about seeing the first xero model grakali out on the road testing for the first time ever let

Me know down in the comments below and so far from what you can see what do you think about its design what do you think about the four exhaust tips what do you think about the mc20 style headlights let me know down in the comments below now if you guys did enjoy the video today make sure you give it a big thumbs up giving it a thumbs up will help get up in the

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The 1st Video Of The Maserati Grecale SUV Prototype Road Testing By Rons Rides