The 2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Van | For Sale Review @ Ravenel Ford

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What’s up everybody welcome to rap now for today we’re gonna be taking a look at you got it the ford transit for 2014 this is the connect transit xlt stay with us nice-looking vehicle you know hey if you need something kind of like a minivan but not a minivan this is it so these are very interesting but nice cars got a lot of room on the inside great vehicle let’s

Say you’re an uber driver or a lyft driver this might be something to get right here okay you can fit more people in and just good transport vehicle should get good fuel economy as well look at the current condition of it it’s got any dents dings scratches imperfections will point them out to you white’s a nice looking color on it we got a silver one down there

So you got a nice little selection of these today this one has the steel wheels and with the ford hubcap continental tire is a plenty of tread i mean look at all the tread on those tires so that’s good to go price tag of 1970 80 15000 144 on the mileage wow a 2014 with 15,000 miles that’s low mileage their full four door all the way around very clean body back

Tires in great shape xlt lwb long wheelbase okay that’s what that means long wheelbase also has a backup camera here’s the key no power tailgate but does open right on up for you third row seats come standard in this vehicle this has got cloth interior it’s got cup holders in the back rear air vents you can fold the seats down even got a rear power outlet back

Here so all your people riding in here whether you’re transporting from the airport to their hotel or whatever’s going on they can plug in and charge their devices and all that good stuff so that’s pretty nice to see backup camera again right there got a weird wipe rear wiper blade got tinted windows keep that sun off everybody this is nice not bad at all let’s

Open this up again both sides open there’s your second row seats you got an armrest you could technically fit one two three four five so you can sit seven people in here if you need to three right in the back it’s one outlet they’re not bad at all cup holders right there this opens up more storage you get the car seat hookups to there you can throw maps tablets

And ipads in the back wow a lot of nice amenities with this vehicle power windows power door locks power mirrors no power seats all manual seats but that’s okay again you shouldn’t have to be moving the seats around too much once you get in here and get it situated you’re good to go you do have cruise control audio functions voice command bluetooth microsoft sync

Up top you got the sunwell and the thought there were sunglass holders but you do have lights you have your mirrors and your in your vanity and you’ve got storage up here and handles all the way around and everything you need to get the job done and get people down the road and you don’t know where to need to go right that’s what life’s all about taking you from

One place to the next get the job done come on down and get the job done at ravenel forward buy you a great looking vehicle here today at ravenel ford that is a 2014 ford transit connect wagon low mileage nineteen seven eighty two price we’ll see you soon

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The 2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Van | For Sale Review @ Ravenel Ford By CCV TV