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The 2016 INFINITI QX80 Limited Features Exclusive Trim and Interior Appointments

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The Limited package is the top trim level available on the QX80 for the 2016 model year featuring a gorgeous Truffle Brown interior with quilted leather accents throughout the interior, beautiful matte wood trim, black suede cloth on the roof liner and pillars along with unique exterior accents exclusive to the Limited trim. The Limited also comes equipped with pretty much every available option you can get on the QX80 making it one amazing full size luxury SUV. A 5.6L Direct Injection making 400-hp provides all the power you need and when properly equipped can help this full size INFINITI tow around 8k pounds.

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this absolutely beautiful 2016 infiniti qx80 limited that we have for sale uh the limited is the range topping trim level for the qx80 this thing is loaded to the brims pretty much every available option you get in 2016 is on this one and actually in 2022 we don’t have a limited version of the

Qx80 anymore 2020 was the last year infiniti offered a limited version of the qx80 hopefully they’ll come out with a newer one uh but right now uh if you’re looking for a limited qx80 uh you’d probably have to go in the pre-owned market and uh this particular one if you’re looking for a pre-owned one is a very nice one indeed clean carfax 43 585 miles serviced

And checked by our infiniti certified techs in fact who better to buy a prune infinity from than a new infinity retailer like us our techs work on these vehicles on a daily basis are very familiar with them and this is a great vehicle uh the qx80 has been a very reliable vehicle for us this same basic platform has been in production since 2011. we have never seen

Really any major issues with the qx80 it’s been a very robust platform it’s built and assembled in japan one of the few full-size luxury suvs that you can get that’s built and assembled in japan and i know some people say what about the land cruiser on the lx 570 well actually those are a size smaller they’re not really a true full-size suv they’re smaller uh than

The qx80 uh the qx80 is kind of like the same size as like a you know catholic escalade lincoln navigator uh gmc yukon denali where the uh land cruiser on the lx570 is actually a little bit more close to the size of like a durango or was it the mercedes-benz gls all right so talking more about this q80 the limited comes exclusive with this beautiful brown leather

Interior it matches really nicely with a bronze exterior we also have this beautiful wood and hourglass stitching on the center consoles for the second and front row passengers this unique open pore wood trim is also exclusive to the limited i also have that nice chocolate brown leather on the steering wheel and then on the outside i’ll show you some other things

That make the qx80 limited unique to the other ones then we have this beautiful alcantara headliner it’s a suede cloth material looks absolutely beautiful a little bit extra leather and stitching on this handle right here little nice touches that you get with a limited that you don’t get with the lower qx 80s heated and air conditioned front seats heated steering

Wheel the qx80 is a traditional body and frame full-size suv you have a two-speed transfer case you have auto autumn keeps it real driving sends part of the front wheels as needed or you can lock it in four wheel drive then for really sticky situations you have four wheel drive low there’s also a tow mode snow mode and that’s to shut the trucks and control off

And on seven speed automatic transmission also has a manual shift mode we have navigation a 360 degree round view camera hydraulic body motion uh uh transferred fluid into the uh different uh parts of the suspension to smooth out the ride cut down on body roll uh we have adaptive cruise control lane departure warning lane departure prevention blind spot warning

Blind spot prevention uh backup collision intervention with rear cross traffic alert power adjustable steering wheel at tilt and telescopes and even look at these small touches you have uh leather and stitching around the speaker housings really nice touches you don’t get that in any other qx80 and of course we have a top of line both audio system memory i have

Been with infiniti 18 years and i can tell you the qx80 is one of my favorite uh favorite products it’s our flagship full-size suv it’s our most expensive most opulent vehicle it’s our flagship vehicle and uh it’s absolutely amazing and even though it’s a big full-size suv the way infinity tunes the steering and stuff like that tunes the suspension actually is

Pretty pretty fun to drive it doesn’t have that much body roll it feels pretty light on its feet and then it’s actually not that heavy it’s a little over 5000 pounds if i remember correctly i think it’s like 52 50 300 pounds which for a big vehicle like this is not you know not that bad uh compared to you know some three-quarter ton diesel trucks they’re seven

Eight thousand pounds going up depending on how they’re equipped uh second row seats are heated you have this nice console center console lots of storage look at the headphones are still in the plastic previous owners never use them storage everywhere we have the rear entertainment system beautiful leather and stitching in the second row second third row space

Is pretty good too the qx80 is a great off-road vehicle even though it’s a beautiful luxury stv it’s actually pretty capable off-road even though most people probably won’t but even if it’s a beat up gravel or dirt road you’re driving in the snow it’s going to do remarkable underneath that cover right there is a receiver hitch when properly equipped you can tow

8 500 pounds with the qx80 third row seats are power adjustable they’re also power folding and reclining looks like we have almost four brand new tires on this qx80 tires are not cheap on these big 22 inch wheels so that’s a big maintenance item that you won’t have to worry quite a bit for i love the styling on the qx80 so also the limited uh normally uh these

Are bright chrome accents here and here on the roof rails of the limited they actually have a dark a little bit of a darker tint to the chrome accents it’s uh slight but it’s very nice when you look at it in person it’s really gives it that little extra pizazz puts it right over the top making it a little bit look a little bit more special than your regular qx80

When you park them side by side and of course the grand finale for this amazing product is this awesome 5.6 liter v8 butter smooth pumps up 400 horsepower no complicated force induction just old natural cubic inches natural aspiration sounds amazing people absolutely love this engine it’s an amazing engine and i’ve seen these engines with 150 plus thousand miles

On them still running strong this is a vehicle if you want to buy a full-size luxury suv and you want it to last a long time you want it to go potentially 150 200 000 miles i think you have a really good chance of getting a vehicle like this with a minimal amount of issues and some of the competition that’s just my opinion but you know what do i know i’ve only

Been the car business 25 years i’ve seen a lot of vehicles come in and trade and for service i see how they hold up and that’s just my personal observation but i think there’s some merit to it thanks for watching hope to see you soon and have a wonderful day

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The 2016 INFINITI QX80 Limited Features Exclusive Trim and Interior Appointments By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife