The 2020 Chevrolet Spark is The CHEAPEST BRAND NEW Car in America

👋 Today I check out the cheapest car you can buy that’s also brand new! This is the Chevy Spark and it’s a great car for the value, it has room for a family, gets great mpg and will get you from point A to point B!

Today i have the keys to the 2020 chevrolet spark ls huge shout out to randy mary and chevrolet for providing this vehicle for me today definitely take a look at their website because they have a ton of inventory to choose from this model here is finished off in red-hot it has an msrp just over $15,000 let’s go ahead and get into today’s review by going up underneath

The hood where you’ll find the 1.4 liter four-cylinder engine this is paired to the cvt transmission it produces 98 horsepower around 6200 rpm and 94 pound feet of torque around 4400 rpm that power sent to the front wheels this weighs in around 2300 pounds and it has a fuel capacity of 9 gallons so you can expect to see around 30 miles per gallon in the city and

38 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 93.9 inches it’s overall length is a hundred and forty three point one it has a width of sixty two point eight and a height of fifty eight point four inches with all those specifications out of the way now let’s go ahead and jump into the exterior walk-around on the spark we’re gonna start up front here with the halogen

Projector headlights they have a really cool design to them and i like the trim piece that separates the high beams from the headlights that just gives it a very cool look this has daytime running lights and down below you’ll see the fog lights along with the turn signals as we make our way to the center grille here you’ll see the chevy badge right in the center

Along with a nice chrome trim piece it kind of protrudes nicely into the headlight housings and you’ll see it’s around the lower section of the grille we have mesh in the lower section as well to help provide better cooling to the engine there’s also some contoured lines on each side of the bumper just to give it a little bit of an aggressive look and then working

Our way up to the hood you’ll see there’s three lines that run down it just to give it a clean look but now it’s time to work our way to the side profile of this spark this has 15-inch wheels you can see the headlights also wrap around to the side profile so you can see them from this angle the side mirrors are finished off in black and there’s really nice contour

Lines that run down the side you can see there’s one that starts just above the front tire that goes to the height of the front door handles and then we have a really nice curved line on the back door which i just think makes it look very nice you can see the window trim has been blacked out and then that leads us on to the rear end of the spark we have the integrated

Spoiler that’s finished off in half body colored and half gloss black along with the third brake light this has led tail lights and then we have the standard backup camera just underneath the chevy badge now it’s time to go ahead and jump into the interior of the chevrolet spark and with the key we’ll go ahead and insert it into the driver door turn it to the left

And that will unlock the door so we can go ahead and open it up you’ll notice on the door panel here we have a speaker down below this has a four-speaker audio sound system there’s a good amount of storage space in the lower section of the door as well this control here is for the windows as it has manuel up and down windows we have the release handle just above

That a little bit of storage space also in the grab handle and then working our way to the seats you’ll see there finished off in cloth they have a nice insert running down the middle of them of course we have all of these site adjustments for them and then the gas cap release is down on the floor moving on to the steering wheel you’ll see it has a nice three spoke

Design along with great notches on both sides for a good hand support as we look at the left side now you’ll see the traction control button along with all of your headlight controls and a dimmer switch for the gauges there’s one air vent and then just above that we have the manual control for your side mirror so you can easily adjust those and place them exactly

Where you’d like to we’ll take a look at the center gauge cluster now you’ll see the fuel gauge on the far left along with the tach and then the speedometer right in the center and then on the right side you’ll see a digital screen that shows your gear indicator along with your miles per gallon and the odometer and then working our way to the center you’ll see the

Seven-inch touchscreen system you can see we’re on the home setting right now where you can go into your audio your phone you have settings and onstar this vehicle does offer apple carplay and android auto which is nice to see so we can easily go into our settings and configure everything there just by clicking on the home button we are back to this screen here

You have shortcuts to your music along with going into any recent tabs and then a shortcut to your bluetooth when your phone is hooked up right next to that so it’s very easy to go through all of that information just underneath that we have a power and volume button for the radio along with your home button so you can easily get back to your home screen and you

Can’t actually swipe over so you have all of your different apps and then you can see your phone and your radio on the left and then down below there’s also another shortcut into your phone you can see two air events right in the center and then down below we have the ac control so you have your temperature on the left side fan speed right in the center and then

Where you’d like the air to go so it’s laid out very well and easy to use at the very bottom we have a good sized compartment so it’s really nice to have that furry phone or other items like that and there’s two cupholders just behind that as we work our way to the gear selector now with my foot on the brake i’ll just pull the release in the front we can go back

Into reverse and you can see the backup camera light up with the guidelines you can’t shut those lines off if you’d like to but this has a really good graphics for that backup camera we can go all the way down into drive there’s also a low range gear as well and then just behind that we have the manual parking brake a little bit of storage space on both sides if

You need it and then over on the passenger side you’ll see there’s a small compartment above the glove box it has plenty of room for all the information that needs to go there we’ll go ahead and take one last look at these seats and then up top we have the dome lights along with some onstar controls now in the back seats of the spark i’ll go ahead and show you the

Manual window control you don’t see that too often in a lot of vehicles but it’s very easy to do obviously can go up and down just by rolling it this is a four seater vehicle so you actually have a good amount of space in the back i’m five foot ten i have the front seat set up my height i have a perfect amount of legroom and a couple inches above my head so it’s

Very comfortable you have a cup holder in the center along with down below between both front seats a little bit of storage space if you want to put your phone and then you have a good amount of visibility the rear glass is right there so it doesn’t feel too claustrophobic the back seats also have a 60/40 split to them so just by pulling on this knob here i can go

Ahead and fold this seat down and that gives you a little bit more space into the trunk and now finishing up we’re gonna take a look at the trunk storage space the only way to do this is to insert the key just like you saw i did on the driver’s side door we’ll turn it to the left and that will release it you’ll see there’s a good amount of storage space behind the

Back seats and when you fold them down you can remove this cover as well just to give yourself a little bit more storage and then up underneath the floor this does have a full-size spare and a little bit more hidden storage space if you need it and then up top this does have a grab handle which makes it easy to close so getting this chevrolet spark out on the road

This is by far the cheapest car that i’ve ever driven but at the same time that’s not necessarily a bad thing either if you’re looking for a vehicle that’s going to get really good gas mileage you have a warranty on a brand new vehicle you can fit three other friends in here with you and you even have some storage space this is a really great option there is one

Trim level above this that gives you just a little bit more interior features but in the ls here you have plenty of features that you need i really love the fact that it has the touch screen system so it gives it a very nice interior and you have some options in there that you need like apple carplay and android auto you can hook up your music and have bluetooth

Going which is a plus a lot of people enjoy being able to do that you do have the manual side mirrors here that you can adjust from both sides it’s actually really easy to do with the little joystick that you have on both sides but other than that it’s a very basic car but it provides you what you need you have ac controls that are very easy to use it’s a simple

Interior but it gets the job done so if you’re looking for a good commuter vehicle and you don’t want to spend a lot of money this is a really good option this is a cheap brand new vehicle that you can buy there are some other cars out there that are just a little bit cheaper than this but i don’t think they’re as good as this vehicle this has a four-cylinder in

It there’s some other competitors that have smaller engines but this has been a really nice car to check out so far it’s been very smooth on the roads that i’m on right now you have a basic interior here but it’s really laid out well we have cloth on the seats that are actually pretty comfortable i like the two-tone design that they have or with the inserts running

Down them and the bolsters are actually pretty good so it gives you a lot of support but other than that it’s a very simple interior as i’ve mentioned we do have an armrest that i forgot to show earlier so it just gives you a really good comfortable driving position we can do a u-turn just like that that’s a pretty tight turning radius let’s go ahead and give it

A little bit more gas not doing anything crazy but we are up to the speed limit just like that it’s honestly not it doesn’t feel like it’s very slow for under a hundred horsepower and like i said i’m not gonna be you’re not going to be going 0 to 60 in this car but getting up to speed i don’t see any issues with merging or getting into traffic so this is a great

Daily driver if you’re looking to rack up a lot of miles on a car and get really good gas mileage 30 city 38 on the highway this is honestly a really good choice to go with i would love to have this as a good daily to commute doing review videos like this because it has all the space that i would need and like i said really good gas mileage i do like the fact that

You have the roll up and roll down windows that’s not something that i’ve ever reviewed in a vehicle before so that’s pretty cool you can’t opt for electric windows if you go with the higher trim level as i mentioned earlier but let’s talk about visibility now it’s very easy to see all around in this car you have the glass pretty much right there so looking over

My left shoulder i have easy access out of that back glass and then over my right shoulder you pretty much tell exactly where this vehicle is it’s not very large at all so you can easily place this vehicle i can see the passenger side there so to answer the question is this the best cheapest brand new vehicle that you can buy i think so this is a very easy car to

Afford if you’re looking for something that’s not expensive you have the option to drive this as much as you want because the gas mileage is incredibly awesome you can fit three of your friends with you you have plenty of space in the back and i just talked to an owner of one of these vehicles that said driving this out on the highway is actually very surprisingly

Good it turns around 2500 rpm around 70 75 miles an hour and it says that it drives very well i’m not going to get this out on the highway today to test that out but just driving it around town so far like i’ve said it’s been very comfortable and smooth and it rides pretty solid for this kind of vehicle well i think that’s gonna wrap up my walk-around review and

Test drive getting the wheel of the 2020 chevrolet spark ls once again huge shout out to randy marriage chevrolet for providing this vehicle for me today definitely check out their website if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up smash that subscribe button if you haven’t already i’ll see you guys in the next video

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