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The 2020 Chrysler 300 Still Exists

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2020 Chrysler 300 Review by The Straight Pipes. The Chrysler 300 is pumping out 300hp and 264lb-ft tq from a 3.6L V6. Would this be your pick over the Toyota Avalon, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, Nissan Maxima, Kia Cadenza?

On the earlham jacob food drive 2020 chrysler 300 limited all-wheel drive without launch control dad power definitely dad power horsepower torque 300 horsepower and 260 4 pound-feet of torque from a 3.6 liter v6 well it doesn’t feel like 300 horsepower but it definitely feels like around 260 pound feet of torque so why in the heck are we driving a chrysler

300 wasn’t this car made in 2005 why wouldn’t we drive a chrysler 300 we’ve driven other old cars like toyota tundras and mostly other just toyotas okay so how many chrysler vehicles exist to this and the pacifica yes this is the only car that chrysler makes and i had to double check that because i thought the 200 still existed i’m actually shocked that this

Still exists so i think the best way to describe this is if this was 2005 if somebody rolled up in like a buick lesabre that would be the equivalent cuz this is like old simple but still at 20/20 yeah and it’s still kind of relevant in this class of big non luxury sedans well i mean it’s that kind of luxury like american hope most luxury that’s the thing this

Is the most luxurious in its class because it’s not like an s-class but realistically this is an old people car oh for sure it is but it’s like it’s really comfortable and easy and like i don’t have a problem with that when i got in this car everything was simple the only confusing part was to change the direction where the fan blows i had to do that through

The infotainment and the heated seats and the heated steering wheel okay but not confusing for you but confusing for someone that’s older that would probably just get in here and think it’s a hard button yeah like auto would be their life and that’s it yeah so this is all wheel drive and it is built in canada i believe in brampton which also makes the hellcats

Muscle cars built in canada the fastest ones since its season oh yeah thank you thanks yeah that’s not a joke we’re actually just trying to protect ourselves everybody wash your hands yes psa this is the hand sanitizer subscription break so as i mentioned it is all-wheel drive but it’s a really cool all-wheel drive system which is mostly rear-wheel drive unless

A couple factors happen so if it sends a slip it will go to all-wheel-drive which means you probably can’t do a burnout just like the dodge challenger and then if it’s below 4 degrees canadian then it also goes all-wheel-drive that c stands for canadian that’s right yeah yeah and then f stands for american i’ve seen it switch around a lot it is pretty cool like

On the highway rule drive like that’s nice you know you’re saving fuel yeah you see it through the gauge cluster which is cool that they have that feature so i guess we should probably talk about looks even though you’ve been seeing them on the road forever i remember when they came out i’m like is this kind of like a bentley rolls royce knockoff it really is

It is a poor man’s bentley rolls royce for sure so they’ve changed the grille over the years and it’s not as big and wide and spaced out now it’s like a tighter cooler pattern which is more modern yeah but you can definitely still get aftermarket bentley grilles for it yeah yeah and then we got the chrysler logo up front which is kind of cool because you don’t

Really see it anymore that’s right yeah it’s on hill in pacifica or this headlights headlights look decent but the leds are disconnected which bothers me and it doesn’t go all the way around like i feel like there could be such a better headlight pattern but again this is old yeah so like whatever yeah i remember when they first came out there like halogen

Bulbs and stuff yeah yeah the first chrysler 300 kamo 2005 the last plymouth prowler was made in 2002 think about that everybody just unsubscribe from us think about how close that was right that is pretty shocking side view side view looks kind of like a tank which is really cool and that’s kind of what they did when they made this because everyone was kind of

Like in fear so i read this thing where when they designed it they wanted people to feel secure in it yeah well it definitely looks badass yeah it does still to this day it’s got a lot of wheel gap probably because the all-wheel-drive system but this car did a lot for people modding this like dub video games for playstation and stuff yeah this is a cover of

Everything 28 on it and thirty twos and whatever cuz i feel like this is one of the first cars that came out with big wheels yeah probably in this class and in the size they really embraced what people were doing in the aftermarket okay do you like the wheels on this no yeah they’re kind of like whatever looking but like the 300s and c always look better yeah

I mean this thing would look a lot better with 28 but you know yes and what is the continental recommended tire for the chrysler 300 the extreme contact dw so6 do you like the body lines on this i do it’s got really hard lines especially the fenders yeah on the back when you have the trunk the body line and defender flare it all pops really nicely but don’t

You feel like the trunk doesn’t look like it’s as long as it should be yeah but the trunk is really big but from the outside i know what you mean box test just kidding we do not box test sedans but here’s what the trunk space looks like pretty decent obviously fits some carry-ons you know we have a grocery bag hanger on either side that’s pretty nice because it’s

Church spec and then how about the back end back end looks pretty good i always thought the chrysler 300 look great from behind this one has nicer taillights then when they first came out obviously but it does have a cool led pattern around it yeah and then we’ve got some 2020 real exhausts yeah you can see right through it’s kind of gross but like unacceptable

At the same time this is class this is just such a weird car that the fact that like chrysler only has two cars and they’re still making this like pretty much everything is the past yeah i wouldn’t leave forgot that this existed for a little while and if we look for our reverse camera it’s right in our third brake light which is also where our trunk open button

Is yeah i actually just thought those were screws so great job on that one so overall looks-wise of the chrysler 300 i mean i still like it i didn’t not like it and it still looks cool yeah i feel like i feel like they’re mid-cycle refresh did a lot but it also didn’t do too much pretty much they need like a full model refresh maybe like the chrysler 400 i

Feel like this is just gonna die out and they’re only gonna make the pacifica well the chrysler 300 existed a long time ago so they’ll probably bring it back in a couple years do you remember what the old one looked like yeah it looked pretty wild do you remember that 300m or whatever it was that was basically like an intrepid it looked like an intrepid like

Wide-body and slugged out yeah that was weird it was kind of cool of like kind of weird well even like the pacifica was an suv before it was the minivan that is true chrysler’s just like and then there was an srt 8 version of this as well yeah like huh it’s interesting car yeah then if we move inside and start with the infotainment we’ve got the new style fca–

Infotainment like we have on like the dodge ram not the tall version yeah you get this on the hellcat you getting this in everything i guess the ram ram i’m sorry but yeah it’s like a good infotainment that works just fine yeah we’ve covered it many times we do have android auto apple carplay everything works flawlessly i’d say volume knob tuning knob which

Actually works that’s kind of been our biggest rant lately is how badly everybody in the industry has screwed up tuning knobs you have been butchering them in so many different ways just deleting them and just with nothing or like weird scrolling things that don’t work then we’ve got a cool gauge cluster with an analog tach and an analog speedo then a digital

Speedo in the middle that hits every number it’s big and clear it’s not cluttered it’s pretty much perfect the only thing that bothers me is the blue light around everything it’s like really bright well you can turn it down with this physical slider here on the left at night so it doesn’t become blinding but then it turns down everything not just like the glow

Yeah yeah i guess it’s like too much glow you know in photoshop when usually drag the outer glow a little too far that’s what it looks like to me and lastly there is a reverse camera here it’s the same quality as everything else they’re putting out right now it’s not the best but it’s okay it’s just it’s so dark in the middle and then it lightens up towards

The outside but you can definitely see out of it yes vision occurs through it all right so it’s your turn to drive so you can talk about the interior quality or the handling and power of that stuff but we should use an old meme to switch driver positions i just flip the switch flip flip sport mode that’s they just drive well i would have got to hockey by now

Okay it’s decent it’s definitely decent so first let’s talk about the drive modes there are none like zero there’s d and l l is not launch control if you get the s you actually do get a sport mode on the shifter oh nice well we just have low gear mode yeah and then we don’t have paddles which is fantastic because you don’t need them in this yes so both this

Engine when you’re already driving and you floor it it’s pretty decent and down shifts relatively quick it’s linear power it’s as much as you’d really need just a normal car stuff yeah like it’s not exciting and it’s not slow either so it’s like it’s right on where it should be yeah and i’m fine with it like driving it all week has been chilled yeah and the

Transmission is really smooth it’s an 8-speed auto i believe it is a zf unit so you know you’re getting something that’s pretty good it’s smooth when you’re just shifting normally it’s relatively smooth when you’re flooring it overall i really like this drivetrain the all-wheel drive system i haven’t really noticed being too intrusive or anything like that i

Haven’t driven it in winter but i’m sure it’s totally fine in the winter as well yeah it’ll get you out of any stuck situation that you’ll probably get it even though you really don’t need it if you just have good winter tires exactly well let’s send this into cliche corner and let’s see how much body roll we have there’s a lot and that’s all tire squeal so yet

You can’t really send this thing too hard i’m also moving around physically a lot because the seats are not bolstered at all you do slide but imagine how fun and srt8 version it’d be pretty fun like really cool yeah so talking about handling it is really comfortable you definitely don’t want to be sending this thing into corners too much unless you get the older

Srt8 probably but this thing for daily driving will be fantastic when for bumps potholes whatever great yeah and what i also like about daily driving this is how fat the tires are like you could parallel park this car maybe touch a curb and not scratch your wheels yeah because there’s so much sidewall yes like it’s so good so let’s talk about the steering it is

Exactly what you expect it feels like a boat it’s just kind of rocks everywhere it takes like a lot of input not like strength input just a lot of turning before something actually happened it’s definitely effortless yes sort of and it’s really nice for like parking lot turning real quick with what hand just ripping it real quick yeah and you’re also gripping

Grain you know much i’d like to do that we’re not at the interior part yet okay so you want to start that let’s start it right now grip and grain okay this have fake wood pattern and it’s old people style fake wood pattern but when we say old people we’re not saying in a bad way it’s just the style you know for them yeah that’s what you’d expect in a car for

People of that class yeah in class and it’s kind of nice like when the light hits it all right it’s pretty cool and because it’s not gloss black when it’s dirty you can’t even tell if it’s the pattern or if it’s dirty which is great and this pattern is a lot like the first g90 that we drove yeah i’d like that fire would kind of yeah yeah when i say firewood i

Mean like wood that looks like it’s on fire yeah and a staple in every luxury vehicle we have an analogue clock front and center yes it’s cursor 200 also has one oh that doesn’t exist though i know but i’m just saying okay that was not electrical and mmm did drive that car in an ad yes if it didn’t work i imported from detroit this is the motor city this is

What we do and i guess the next thing we gotta test is the visors okay three well two one yes and extensions man chrysler really nails it then the cup test i got this small cup of coffee why does it look like it’s already got some coffee spilled because i lifted it up from kind of the lid like i had to and it spilled absolutely everywhere and that’s why we do

The small cup test so that is a fail that is a fail but i think if it was like a name-brand like a tim user mcdonald’s they would have had a better lid so it would have been fine but you know that’s why i do the test or starbucks just in case there’s response for us nobody’s answering it if you are your name on a cup oh my straight pipes i

Am some new pants ah i know we gotta wipe this in theory that’s why i wear dark blue jeans so you can’t tell if i peed myself or spilled coffee should we pull over now it’s fine all right i’ll tell you it’s the lid moving along from that let’s talk about this class exclusive rotary e-shift er i mean it’s very intuitive but i just like to point out that they

Put it the second most foremost thing on the website about this vehicle after how luxurious it is in its class this is how important this is yeah i glass exclusive just ran out of stuff it’s got no what they have in the ram right yeah except it was like up on the dash yeah anyways i like it doesn’t get in the way i have no issues with it yeah because in the

Pacifica i had an issue with it because it was laggy remember how it would switch and it would delay them this is like right on so there’s no issues yes yeah thanks for putting me neutral hour jeff hey you know i want to talk about next what this weird pattern up above here cuz it’s soft material like it is in the challenger’s and stuff yeah but it’s like what

Material is this there’s just so much of it and it looks really cheap i think this material is called 2005 yes it must be but it’s soft like this car would get a big bump if it was something different like even how it looks here with the stitching in it it’s still weird okay and how about the soft touch brown we have everywhere i love it it’s super comfortable

For my elbows i got no issues with it my only issue is that the armrest in the middle doesn’t really slide forward so at my height this position it’s not really the best for keeping my elbows on for a long drives for you it’s probably perfect however you should telescope the wheel fully because it’s telescopes a lot and then it would probably help because for

Me i love this and what you think of the seats seats are super comfortable no bolstering but they’re super comfortable for daily driving road trips whatever we’ve got a lot of adjustable lumbar however they are somewhat firm seats i find them to be completely comfortable like no issues well like nowheres near as soft as an altima no whoa yeah yeah that’s not

A seat that’s that’s my gauge okay and then as for headrests they’re really far back i did notice laughs well yeah not really an issue i don’t think probably good if you have a pony tail yeah or if you have your hd vision glasses how about backseat room since this is a full-size sedan it is fantastic for me at six foot one and a half legroom and headroom how

Do you like this a double sunroof i actually really like it and it is an option you don’t have get it then we also have the garage door opener stuff up here as well you’re running out of things to talk about we also have radar cruise and a lane departure system which definitely does stop you from departing lay in space yeah it’s not a lane center anything no

Not at all so i guess that’s pretty much it with the 300 hit me with the price this one starts at forty eight thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars canadian and this one’s sitting at fifty four thousand six hundred and ninety dollars not gonna lie it’s a little high i think it is but this is a full-size sedan so you should expect to pay around that and

It is kind of luxurious like this is considered american luxury i think i’d say this is fairly luxurious so what does this compete with i actually had to look this up because these are some cars that i don’t really think about too often so the charger okay avalon ok avalon the impala which i didn’t know they still made interesting the nissan maxima and the kia

Cadenza ok so this wouldn’t be like this is like almost luxury exactly we’re like trying to be luxury it’s the most luxurious in its class because those are the competitors yes of all that i’d probably be team cadenza we haven’t reviewed any of those other cars so i don’t really know where i stand on that like we’ve checked them out and everything but like yeah

I think the avalon is the most refreshed the cadenza is also the most refreshed so i think this would be like second or third but again haven’t driven those and then my step-brother drives a chrysler 200 just by chance they happen to get one and i showed him this and he was actually so stoked on all the little features that this hasn’t that didn’t like he was

Actually stoked on this clock so you do a stoked on the heated seats all that stuff telescoping steering wheel yeah and reverse camera so i guess if you’re coming from a 200 you would probably like the 300 as well there he goes so let us know anything you can about the chrysler 300 tell us stories leave some comments we need to know more information about why

This cars still for sale ok i have a story i know it’s late in the video hit me with it i used to work for national car rental i was a jockey i used to drive these things between locations is the most fun i’ve ever had at her job so i drove a 300 c for the first time and it was faster than a mustang i was blown away at how fast it was that was the fastest car

I ever drove at the time when i had cool story bro thank you so check out this playlist upset dance look right here the band’s reasonably priced the dancers interest pulse again in a couple size playlists

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