The 2020 Ford F-150 RAPTOR SuperCab: What You Need To Know

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Hey everyone davis chasteen here at bud shell ford hope everybody’s staying safe and healthy out there today i’m going to be showing you this brand new 2020 ford f-150 raptor now i’m sure most of you are familiar with raptors they’re made by the ford performance team and they have unrivaled off-road capability but you probably haven’t seen a raptor quite like this

On our lot before most of them we’ve had have been the full four door crew cab but this one is a super cab now there are a lot of automotive journalists out there that would tell you that the super cab is the best-looking configuration of a raptor and it’s tough to deny this thing certainly looks sharp and you’re probably used to seeing raptors on dealer lots

That have a price tag approaching $80,000 this one has an msrp of 58 780 that’s considerably less than a lot of f150 lariat stu pending on how their specht if you’re looking at buying an f150 lariat you ought to consider a raptor like this it’s about the same price point for a ford performance truck the exterior color of this one is called magnetic and it sits on

A wheelbase of a hundred and thirty three inches and just by looking at the front you can tell this isn’t a regular f-150 for one thing it’s considerably a wider a regular f-150 has a width of seventy nine point nine inches the raptor has a width of eighty six point three inches not to mention the nine point nine inches of front ground clearance that’s an increase

Over a standard f150 as well the whole front bumper is unique to the raptor as well as this black ford block letter grille the grille has these three orange integrated marker lights that’s a nice touch it’s got these led auto high beam headlights and this signature lighting is orange to match those marker lights all of the housing around the headlights is painted

Black as well as this black hood scoop right here and here at the bottom you’ll notice these black tow hooks as well as the front skid plate you’re gonna love having that when you’re off-roading here along the side of the vehicle you’ll notice these big cast aluminum running boards they’re unique to the raptor and the side view mirrors have these very bright led

Spotlights you can turn on anytime you need them it’s also got these big wheel lip moldings and the front fenders have these dark colored flares that serve as air extractors it’s little details like this that help give the raptor that aggressive look it’s got as far as the wheels go these are 17 inch cast aluminum wheels they’ve got a really nice look to them and

This raptor will be ready to hit the trail as soon as you drive it off the lot thanks to these bf goodrich all-terrain tires here at the tailgate you’ll notice this big black forward applique that’s always a favorite of raptor owners you get this dual exhaust system with dual tailpipes and they’re painted black to match those tow hooks you see the tail lights

Are led just like the headlights and you’ve got led lighting up here to illuminate the cargo box at night and of course you get ford’s box link system back here it’s perfect for hooking up ramps or storage bins or whatever other accessories you have under the hood you get this 3.5 litre high output ecoboost v6 it’s a turbocharged 24-valve engine that produces 450

Horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque some people were apprehensive about the raptor switching to a v6 from a v8 but this ecoboost produces 39 more horsepower than the previous 6.2 liter v8 it’s got the super popular 10 speed automatic transmission and of course it’s got four-wheel drive with electronic shift on the fly one of my personal favorite features of

This truck are these fox live valve shocks these are mono tube shocks with internal bypass technology that technology allows the shocks to automatically adjust to changing terrain conditions the raptor has an independent front and rear suspension and it comes with a four-point ten electronic locking rear axle as well as a four-point ten front axle with torsen

Differential despite this being a lower-priced raptor it’s no slouch when it comes to the quality of the interior as you enter you’ll notice these ford performance scuff plates as well as the heated micro perforated black leather bucket seats with the raptor branded stitching front and center and you certainly won’t forget you’re driving a raptor there’s another

Logo right here at the bottom of this leather wrap steering wheel it’s got this flow through center console with a leather wrapped floor shifter you’re in the center stack you’ll see this 8 inch sink three touchscreen it’s where you’ll see your backup camera and there’s even a zoomed in view that’s perfect for hooking up a trailer the vehicle also comes with an

Onboard wi-fi hotspot for up to 10 devices at once the connection range even extends up to 50 feet outside the vehicle here there are six up fitter switches perfect for configuring whatever accessories you want to use it’s got a real neat steering wheel with this red band up here at the top as well as some nice silver accent stitching on the leather and it’s got

These very large paddle shifters that almost look like blades these are going to give you complete control over that 10 speed transmission anytime you want it behind the steering wheel you’ll notice this 8 inch productivity screen you can control all sorts of tech features here many of which are very helpful for off-roading like the terrain management them it

Has seven drive modes these include normal sport tow haul slippery rock crawl baja and deep snow and sand each of these drive modes adjust things like the throttle response the suspension as well as the shift points of that ten speed transmission the raptor also includes a revolutionary bit of tech called trail control think cruise control for off-roading just set

The speed and all you have to do on that tough terrain is worry about steering and speaking of steering you can actually adjust the steering feel to normal sport or comfort this truck also comes with some great safety features like pre collision assist that will automatically bring the vehicle to a complete stop if a collision is imminent there’s also blind spot

Monitoring that even works with a trailer you’re pulling and with this being a super cab the rear door opens a hundred and seventy degrees giving you plenty of space to get in and out of the back on top of that you get thirty 3.5 inches of rear seat legroom back here another thing you’ll really love about this truck is the remote start with your smartphone when

You download the four pass app so there you have it a 2020 raptor for about the same price as a new lariat sure a lot of people out there have dreamed of owning a raptor and with a configuration like this that dreams closer than ever i mean this is the truck that ran the baja 1000 with almost all stock parts none of the other manufacturers make a truck like this

And it really doesn’t have any rivals when it comes to off-road capability if you don’t want to come to the dealership for a test drive just let us know and we’ll bring it to you with the bud shell ford advantage program i guarantee you’ll be very impressed with it thanks for watching

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The 2020 Ford F-150 RAPTOR SuperCab: What You Need To Know By Bud Shell Ford