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The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is A Minivan Like No Other

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What do you think about the efficiency of this minivan?

Hi everyone and welcome to the channel on thursday we look into brand new efficient cars and check all the options and packages they come with then i put them in a chart and compare them today we are looking at the 2021 chrysler pacifica hybrid which is the minivan that you should buy together we will go through all the options and accessories that come with this

Car and then we will place it in our chart so this is our chart for efficient cars for an msrp of fifty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars we currently have three competitors here which is the lexus nx 450 h plus we have the 2022 volvo s60 t8 pulse star and the 2022 aud q5 prestige plug-in so the lexus comes with 304 horsepower and msrp of 56 900 and can do

37 miles on electric only and has an mpge of 84 miles so based on the mpge i will rank these cars in this chart and today we’re going to see how this minivan from chrysler will stand to this chart and compare to these cars so now we’re going to start and build the 2021 pacifica hybrid we will gonna check all the colors interiors and packages that come with this

Car so first we are presented with nine exterior colors who have no additional charge to the to the msrp which the msrp of this pacifica is 54 and 775 dollars which this is also the highest stream you can get on the pacifica so as you can see we have nine colors here uh with no additional charge so you can select any of them that you please and here we are

On the exterior design and they offer you splash guards for 150 dollars and then when it comes to the wheels they only offer you these standard wheels you cannot select any other ones on the tires they will give you all season tires 235 60 r18 here are some additional exterior features which is paint protection film by mopar for 285 dollars next we’re gonna go

In the interior and uh unfortunately on the interior we only have this uh interior available as you guys can see it’s these quilted napa leather bucket seats with this beige interior or brown as you can see so if you don’t don’t like this interior combination you are just pretty much screwed because they only offer you that then here they have some seat inserts

Caramel seat for zero dollars and then the entertainment it’s you connect five navigation with a 10 10.1 inch display that comes standard then some other interior designs which is the instrumental panel saturn silver basils and then we have some luxury interior accents as well on the packages uh this model has no available packages as you can see here so pretty

Much you don’t have any choices to to add to this car and on the powertrain this car comes with a 3.6 liter v6 hybrid engine and also has a si evt transmission and here we are in our summary so the most expensive pacifica is 55 and 210 dollars so now we’re gonna go put the specs in the chart and see how it compares with other cars so the 2021 chrysler pacifica

Hybrid comes with 260 horsepower a starting msrp of 44 000 this is the highest stream of course we could only add a thousand and one hundred and eighty dollars worth of options and packages and uh paints and whatever they they gave us which brought the total value of 55 and 210 dollars the cool stuff about this minivan is that it can do 32 miles on electric only

And it has an impressive 82 mpge so what do you guys think about this minivan uh i really like it because it really offers you a lot of electric range as you can see the audi q5 uh offers you 23 and the volvo versus 22 and this is a minivan and offers you much more than that comment down below your thoughts i’d like to hear about that i want to thank you for

Watching this video and thank you for subscribing to this channel i will see you guys on the next week video with another efficient car

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The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is A Minivan Like No Other By 4 Cars