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The 2021 Ford F-150 FINALLY Hits Dealerships – I Check Out The Budget-Friendly Work Truck Option

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( ) The new 2021 Ford F-150 FINALLY Hits Dealerships! I check out this budget-friendly XL STX F-150 4×4 truck. Thanks to our friends at Brighton Ford Colorado.

Well guys you asked for it and you got it what i have right here is a brand new 2021 ford f-150 work truck you’ve been asking for us to actually review and show you more affordable trucks and i have one right here right now it’s a xl work truck but it’s also dressed up it’s an stx package which makes it a little bit more sporty in this video i’m going to show

You all the features of this new truck it’s pretty hard to get these are still pretty rare this is the first one in colorado that i was able to find and it’s a four wheel drive and of course this video could not be possible without our friends at brighton ford colorado this truck is available for sale there they have many trucks actually including super duties

And rangers and everything else that ford has to offer and uh so let’s start let’s start with a wide view of this truck uh the wheelbase and kind of the size of the truck hasn’t changed much for 2021. this is what they call a supercab which is an extended cab with a clam shell design and that is a six and a half foot bed right there basically uh this truck starts

Life as an xl very very basic as you can kind of tell by the headlights pretty standard headlights but then of course it’s dressed up like i told you with an stx package which is now very very popular and i actually love this look because i don’t like chrome and when you look at this truck it’s kind of has a blacked out grille body colored bumpers so it actually

Looks kind of premium uh and still a little bit basic you might be surprised about how much it costs it’s nowhere near of course what a limited crew cab would be that we tested recently on tfl truck uh but yeah trucks are getting a little bit more expensive but they’re getting more advanced more efficient and better in basically every way so right here there’s

A clue this truck is powered by an ecoboost turbocharged engine let me give you a quick preview of the interior and then pop the hood to kind of tell you about what this truck has to offer and if you’re on the budget this is basically what you would be getting maybe an xlt also that’s of course another trim level that’s available from ford i’m not a huge fan

Of the clamshell door design but ford kept it for 2021 they did not redesign this cab of course it’s still all aluminum construction but they did redesign the interior as you can see with these um cloth seats in this case and kind of the kind of the ribbed design and fairly fairly actually well-equipped interior but let me pop the hood and show you the engine

So you can get an idea about how much power this truck has by the way if you haven’t seen it we have a new site called where it’s an auction site that we started recently and i’m actually selling my personal hummer h2 on that site so if you’re interested in cool trucks or suvs check out the website there’s going to be a link below in the description

Uh and yeah you can bid on my personal age too and yeah i’m hoping to get a decent price but but of course the whole point is to get it sold at an affordable price so yeah so that’s a quick plug right there so one thing to notice you know the hood lifts up on struts so i don’t have to mess around with a you know little holder stick this engine is a 2.7 liter

Ecoboost v6 this is basically the most popular engine option from uh ford in the f-150 truck now um you can kind of see how compact this engine is still the same power rating as before uh 325 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque i just drove about a couple miles to get over here and i gotta say it’s as quick as ever even in colorado at a mile above sea level

With a 10-speed automatic this is quite a good powertrain and it’s you know still the same power but still very very good powertrain i cannot say anything bad about it of course there is no v8 growl for this particular uh v6 but the efficiency is there and the power is there here as you can see the stx package is labeled right here on both sides let me give you

Actually a preview of the sticker so this is a fuel efficiency rating on this engine for a four wheel drive 24 highway 19 city 21 combined which is a pretty good pretty good number this color is called carbonized gray and a black sport interior as well 145 inch wheel base it’s got a tow hole towing package as well so you might be actually seeing some of the

Pricing here it starts at 36 five and it’s got about seven grand of options and i’m going to talk to you a little bit more about it of course twelve thousand twelve hundred dollars of that is the uh 2.7 liter v6 it’s got a 355 rear end and it’s got a couple of other options including the stx package let’s quickly look at the bed uh if you know f-150s you know

That this bed is pretty well it’s got points for attaching the tie-down systems the tailgate is a new and updated it’s not damped there’s no shock absorber there but it is new so you can tell there’s these clamp pockets so if you’re working on your tailgate you can actually put clamps here and cut some wood you got tie downs on your tailgate so those features

Are the same but there’s no work surface here there is no bed liner in this particular truck of course that’s still another about 500 option to get a bed line from the factory if you want that there is a tie down in each corner so for standard no lights in this basic model although there’s a cab light right there up above but no camera to see inside the bed this

Once again affordable truck camera of course mandated rear camera is right here a very basic towing setup seven pin four pin nothing fancy two inch receiver there’s a 355 axle and let me show you the capability of this truck as far as payload is concerned it’s pretty good actually 1684 pounds of total payload gross vehicle weight rating is about 6 500 pounds so

If you do a quick calculation let’s see in my head this truck weighs about 4 800 pounds and that’s why you can feel that power that turbocharged power is there if you’re wondering this glass rolls all the way down it’s powered i’ll show you that to you in a second let’s actually fire this beast up so as you can see once again the interior has been updated there’s

A little flag american flag here and by the way this truck was built at the kansas city facility uh not in the dearborn michigan facility so they have two truck plants to build f150s and this one did not come from michigan i know that because of that sticker right there still a regular key if you know four trucks you know this key i think pretty well so if it

Ain’t broke why fix it you can put it right there the location of the key ignition is a little bit changed a little bit different of course there’s the fourth chime now let me just show you the interior in a little bit more detail there’s a manual manually controlled climate control system very simple very large kind of rubberized knobs here and actually very

Easy to use very easy to understand you can actually see kind of how the air would be flowing i guess ac control rear defrost this does not have a rear sliding window very basic center mirror you’ve got here your sunglass holder uh this is still a pretty large screen for base model this is not a 12 inch you can kind of see where 12 inch screen would be in the

Premium truck but still very very nice uh system this is their latest sync let me give you a closer look so features of course wi-fi connectivity system updates uh over-the-air updates you have your general settings your vehicle settings so you can set a lot of different parameters here including wipers here’s your camera button a pretty good actually resolution

And has a column shift how cool is that still 2021 truck brand new column shift is there with manual mode and gear selector like i said it’s a 10 speed you can see the little digital display in the center too let me clear that message and you get quite a lot of information here in the center too let me show you some of it truck info off-road indicator you have

Your towing indicators uh power distribution for the four wheel drive system it will tell you kind of how that’s going which wheel is receiving power of course your fuel efficiency screens your towing screens this system will still help you remember the trailer just like with a big big huge uh big expensive truck it will still provide you with good information

Although if you can see right here i don’t have a trailer brake controller so i think that’s an extra that’s an extra option actually but the drive mode is here this is your four wheel drive connector um i’m sorry selector for four high four low and let me show you how the drive modes are actually the graphics are still here even though this is a bass truck

So it’s normal touhou mode eco sport and that mostly just selects how the transmission kind of shift points react it may also change a little bit of your steering feel there’s other modes for bad weather modern rats this is not an fx4 so it doesn’t have all the skid plates and all that stuff i’m gonna put it in sport mode because that’s cool um yeah there’s a

Little coin holder here but a couple of blank spots actually so um if i was getting this truck i would get a brake controller make sure that’s ordered here you have your some usbs 12 volt this does not have the pro charger uh generator system that’s that’s optional still very huge center console as you can kind of tell right here and this is kind of uh standard

What ford has had with this little tray uh for a while now but you can see in general the interior has been changed these materials are very simple you know obviously pretty hard um everything the quality and the fitment feels good except there’s a little uh kind of a connection point right here with the plastic but everything else looks very nicely done even

For this base model so of course you have also driver assistance technologies lane keep warning or lane departure warning i’m sorry of course your cruise control system your phone connectivity your menus right here um so this truck is actually pretty well equipped uh as far as a base model is concerned so let me actually show you the final price this is msrp this

Is not doesn’t include all the deals um of course uh one strange thing i think the door for the fuel fillers has been moved on the bed it’s a slightly different location if i’m remembering right easy fuel uh of course if this was a diesel that still be a df fluid holder there or filler so mirrors are standard as you can see with spotter mirrors right there so

Pretty simple so how much does it cost by the way this also has 20 inch wheels so that’s not as simple as you you know you might expect um i may not probably get the 20 inchers final price after some factory discounts is nine nine nine five five so almost 43 almost 45 just over 45 before this counts and 20 inch wheels are a thousand bucks sdx package packages

About eighteen hundred dollars the hitch is about two hundred dollars um so i may not be actually if i was getting a truck like this i may not get some of these options like the wheels and actually save a little bit of money but as you can see even a basic four wheel drive truck is just a little bit over uh 40 000 bucks actually 43 in this case so i hope that

Gives you a good perspective about what’s available from ford there are not a ton of these new trucks available right now but if you uh look hard enough if you want the new technology and the new look and then you feel which is a very comfortable truck actually a ride is really nice very quiet on the inside this is it and of course go back to for all

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The 2021 Ford F-150 FINALLY Hits Dealerships – I Check Out The Budget-Friendly Work Truck Option! By TFLnow