The 2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is A Shockingly Luxurious Mercedes GLS Competitor

Jeep has always made the most rugged SUVs in the world so when they drop one of the most luxurious offerings in the full-size SUV segment you don’t expect it cost over $100,000. However when you look at the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer you start to understand why it costs that much.

So big american suvs have been transporting cairns to buffalo wild wings for decades really but they’ve always been kind of lackluster but no more because jeep has just debuted their new grand wagoneer their new full-size seven or eight seater suv and my goodness it looks like it’s gonna challenge rivals like mercedes bmw and even audi so let’s get to it so

If you’re not familiar with the grand wagoneer nameplate and you’re under the age of 30 i don’t blame you essentially it’s been jeep’s big family suv and it was gone for quite a few years but now it’s come back and in a more luxurious fashion than ever now before we get too deep i should preface this by saying this is technically being called a concept however

Production vehicles will start hitting lots in mid 2021 so these pictures that i’m going to be showing you and what we’re going to be going through it’s going to be very close if not what you get at the production vehicle next year here’s what we know here are the high points the jeep wagoneer and grand wagoneer are going to be full-size seven or eight seat suvs

They’re going to be similar sizes as the tahoe and suburban from chevrolet you’re going to get a plug-in hybrid option as a powertrain and some of the top trims for the grand wagon here will start at 100 000 or more so it’s pretty expensive but we’re going to see why in a minute so let’s start with the exterior design and yes it does kind of retain a little bit

Of that boxy profile it’s still kinda jeep but it’s been very much streamlined very much smoothed around the edges and to be completely honest if they didn’t have the big seven piece uh jeep grill up front i would definitely think that this is the mercedes gls the proportions the design it’s very elegant it’s it’s a shocking deviation from some of the rugged

Things that we’re used to seeing from jeep this is so much more upscale this is partially due to the fact that you have these chrome pieces that are tastefully added overdoing chrome can make it have the opposite effect denali but you also have these led lights that are very reminiscent of modern mercedes specifically in their gt4 doors you also have 24 inch

Wheels which is ridiculous and probably won’t happen on production versions i think audi’s got some of the biggest wheels on their q8 which are i want to say 22 maybe 23 so 24 is pretty big and then possibly the most impressive thing is the football field size panoramic sunroof in the top it has a little bit of a party trick and we’ll get into that in a later

Video so we talked about the exterior but let’s talk about what’s happening under the body now under the skin this is very much a ram 1500 type architecture however instead of a fixed rear axle you have a more sophisticated independent rear suspension this will help the car field truck suv whatever you want to call it it’ll make it feel better handle better be

A little bit more smooth you won’t get that bounciness that you get in a lot of the trucks now that leads me to an important point so stay with me here you can get your jeep wagoneer in essentially one of two types it’s not really trimmed because you’ll have trims individually but you can get it in wagoneer or grand wagoneer the wagoneer is the base it’s going

To start around 60 thousand dollars and it competes with things like the chevy suburban the tahoe and the expedition from ford however if you want the luxury boy you want to go up to the grand wagoneer of course grand makes sense but that competes with things like the lincoln navigator the cadillac escalade and based on what i’m seeing bmw x7 audi q7 mercedes

Gls and even some range rovers but if we’re going to name drop vehicles like mercedes gls range rover vogue bmw x7 we have to talk about interior and luxury because that’s what those vehicles are built off of and when we get into the interior of the grand wagoneer it holds up it totally does the interior design is so elegant and dramatic it looks it shocks me

That it’s a jeep you wouldn’t get that impression from just looking at it you have a two spoke steering wheel that reminds me of the mid-2000s s-class yes the s-class the pinnacle the benchmark of luxury sedans you know and yes it’s a steering wheel but this is what i’m kind of trying to convey to you is that the sense of elegance and sophistication is kind of

Baffling for the fact that it’s wearing a jeep badge and it’s not just a design that’s really nice you have fantastic materials it looks like napple leather quilting stitching some hardwoods some aluminums all of this stuff comes together to make the cabin feel a lot more premium and granted these are photos but we can kind of assume and with that being said we

Have some of the most plush and comfy looking seats that i’ve ever seen this is something that fca does a great job at even in their more sporty cars where you wish you would have a little bit more sporty seat but you have the most comfortable seats there and to be honest at a hundred thousand dollars i’d be surprised if we didn’t see massage function coming

From these front seats but now that leads me to the thing that everyone cares about this is why you’re all here technology now this grand wagoneer we don’t know a whole lot i’m sure it’ll get the normal safety suite adaptive crews blind spot monitoring lane keep all that good stuff and you’ll probably have apple carplay obviously and all that stuff but you have

Seven screens upward of seven screens in this thing you have a fully digital gauge cluster you have a new uconnect 5 system for your normal dash and then you have kind of like a touch pro duo type thing that the range rovers have where you have like hvac and seat controls and stuff underneath that screen in its own separate screen and then for some reason the

Passenger has their own screen on the dash then you get to the back seats and you have two entertainment screens behind the the driver and passenger seat and then in the middle the remote to control those screens has a screen so yeah seven seven screens in there because i mean because a hundred thousand dollars why not now as we’re talking about the back seat

And the screens there we should talk about the actual back seats now you can as of now as of launch date today it’s only available in captain’s chairs and then you have a third row however i’m sure by the time we get to production by the time we get to the real rollout of the vehicles you will option a bench seat or you can option a bench seat to offer eight

Seat passengers because i mean they’d be foolish not to do that so you can expect that to come as well now this leads me to one of my favorite things and we’re going to talk about powertrains now not a lot has been confirmed so far about this grand wagoneer we do know that we will for sure be getting an available plug-in hybrid system we don’t know power figures

Yet but that’s going to be really cool and innovative and something we haven’t seen before now other than that you can assume that you’ll probably get similar power trains that you would get on the ram since they’re sharing a lot of that same architecture so that means you can get a 3.6 liter v6 hybrid trim you can get a 5.7 liter hemi v8 i just did a review on

That so go check that out up here and you probably will even be able to get a 3 liter turbo diesel at some point however that’s mostly educated speculation at this point now one other thing we do know and something that i am super stoked about is the fact that you will get four wheel drive as standard that’s fine but the coolest part is that you will get air ride

Suspension you know the same thing that the mercedes gls is riding on the mercedes s-class and some of the most luxurious cars and vehicles in the world ride on air suspension range rover gls i’m making this comparison because i think it warrants it and now that kind of rounds out what we know so far about the jeep grand wagoneer it’s day one it was launch day

Today so i’m sure as more gets announced i will have more videos for you but for now i hope you enjoyed this video if you did leave a thumbs up subscribe downshift mke on instagram and i’ll catch you guys next time you

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