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The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon Looks Great, But Heres Why The European Version Is Better

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( ) The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon takes a car that was already fairly new to the U.S. and gives it a mid-cycle refresh with new styling, better interior materials and more technology. However, we in the U.S. won’t be getting a wagon version, hybrid or the high-performance Arteon R. Here are the changes you need to know about for 2021!

Hey tommy there’s a new volkswagen in town okay it’s not new it’s refreshed yeah we have a refresh 20 21 art ian and we are going to go over all the things you need to know about this updated volkswagen model talk about the engine options talk about the exterior the interior and go over the things you need to know yeah and at the end of this video we’re gonna tell

You about the cool bits that we’re in america not getting because there’s a bunch of cool models and some pretty cool versions of the car that we’re not getting forbidden fruit i fear so why don’t we just get right into it and let’s talk about well the exterior styling right well it’s been slightly refreshed so we’ve got a new front end the way the headlights are

Incorporated into the grille is a little bit different the lower portion of the front end is definitely updated and there’s new wheel options the artino has been a good looking car so yeah i don’t honestly i don’t think the difference is that huge i think it looks pretty similar one yeah i think if i were to see this with a passing glance i wouldn’t know that

It’s very different from the previous one it’s always been kind of you know very svelte yeah there are new bumpers and of course there is the air line which is volkswagens sporty version and that’s an appearance package that now come standard on the rt on higher trim models and in my notes here it says that the airlines exterior gets a little bit more aggressive

Continuous lower air intakes and you can see those right yeah and there’s an led strip that runs through the grille meaning at the upper a vw badge which is uh yeah right there that’s pretty cool i feel like that does thank you yeah that’s pretty cool and standard rtems get a chrome strip above the lower lip on the front bumper i mean we’re talking about very

Small design changes and of course all versions will now get sharper looking led tail lights and three key new colors are available oh yeah yeah and those are kings metallic red king’s red metallic okay lapis blue onyx white on the airline models yeah cool names i love color names so on the interior we do see some more changes the steering wheel is updated and

The climate control now is more of a touch screen design rather than traditional knobs new ambient lighting which is cool and on the door panels looks like there’s some translucent light strips so you can kind of spruce up the interior you’re our teen with some cool lighting options new steering wheel with touch sensitive buttons which we mentioned it’s got the

Latest version of volkswagens mp3 infotainment system and now it’s got wireless apple carplay and android auto capability you know this has always been a car that’s been more focused i think on european buyers and an american buyers i think you know the germans have been having kind of a cold war when it comes to creating the ultimate sexy four-door coupe or sedan

Whatever you want to call i mean you know i say four-door coupe a four-door coupe is a sedan all right by definition well i mean it’s got the well yeah so so i still have my i have a hard time wrapping my my i don’t have a hard time wrapping my brain around it but you know traditionally if you put four doors it’s a sedan if you put two doors it’s a coupe right

Powertrain only one option here in the u.s. is a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder 260 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque 8-speed auto in europe they have a choice of options ranging all the way to over 300 horsepower but in the us there’s only that one option and there’s no diesel option available either so as long as you like your rt on with four-cylinder in

An 8-speed you’re gonna be happy yeah so there are three trim levels before we get to the forbidden fruit you kind of foreshadow there a little bit of the things that europe gets so you let’s go over the three different trim levels as always with volkswagen there is the se which is the base yep you get the standard digital cockpit touchscreen sensitive steering

Wheel and dual zone climate zones wow yep and then either the sel are line which gives you wireless charging that light bar in the front elaine assist traffic sign recognition and then there’s the sel premium bar line which gets to 20 inch wheels and in a 700 watt harman kardon stereo system all right and then sc is front wheel drive only and the four motion

Or the all-wheel drive is available in the sel our line standard on the sel premium air line and of course pricing has not yet been announced the current are teen starts at about $37,000 all right well there you have all of the changes coming to america but the exciting stuff is the stuff that we’re not getting so let’s talk about that because you know i love

Forbidden fruit and every time i go to europe i’m amazed i mean just how many different options they have like the golf right here in america the golf has like three variants or something right in europe there’s dozens of variants so the rtm also is like that so let’s talk about that so first of all the cool one the one that i would buy if came to america is

The shooting brake which is a wagon yeah for sure and that’s got more of a squared off rear roofline for additional storage in europe of course they have the sporty passat wagons which you don’t get in the us and we’re also not getting the wagon our tune which makes sense because volkswagens pretty much killed most of their wagons for the american market so the

Fact that we are not getting the more squared-off version is also against is the demand for wagons is too low to justify the cost of getting it ready for sale here yep i’m not sure you know i love i love a lot of volkswagen models and sometimes to me it seems like volkswagen makes a lot of decisions for america not in america but in wolfsburg where the headquarter

I’ll give you a classic example of that you know the van right which you can get in europe would sell like hotcakes over here yes but wagons are different dead nobody buys wagons in the states i mean there’s a reason that the jaguar wagon they sell like 330 oh yeah this yeah this is just not popular call the shooting break i’m sure there’s some special i don’t know

Google i’m sure it has to do something with like rifles and hunting and taking your vehicle to the estate and going grouse hunting or something but yeah it’s just you know in america grouse something and shooting breaks probably don’t make a lot of sense but wagons do and yeah i know there’s this thing about auto journalists all-loving wagons and unfortunately

A lot of people here don’t but wagons are just freaking good-looking alright the other thing that you can get in here which we can’t get here is the rt on our version with a much needed i think boost in horsepower 315 horsepower yeah exactly and that one’s not coming to the us so we are getting the are line which is the appearance package but not the additional

Horsepower and there’s also an e hybrid plug-in model which will also launch in in the world market but not in the us yeah so you know it’s one of those like vehicles that i think volkswagen brought over here and is actually kept over here because it represents i think some of the best design and some of the kind of kind of coolest look of volkswagens so it does

Give the brand can have a more premium feel kind of a more premium look but i don’t know i would love to see a wagon of that but then again i’m a journalist and i can only buy one and they’re not gonna make money selling only one all right guys well thank you for joining us for this just quick update on the new 2021 rtn update let us know in the comments below

What do you think of the new vehicle and as always check out tfl car comm for more news views and of course if you want to see more pictures of this arty on reviews see you guys next time ciao see it

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