The 2022 Audi E-tron GT RS is the fastest Audi on the planet


Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to italy city this is and today i’m gonna show you and we’re gonna test uh not a unusual car for our channel an electric vehicle okay okay don’t make a face like that please but it’s one of the fastest electric vehicle on the market so say welcome to this two tons and 300 kilograms of audi e-tron gt rs the longest name for an audi

Ever made 650 horsepower 060 3.3 second quite the most between the four strike and turbo ass and it’s quite nice i don’t know why audi every time you present some cars you put the gray color on where you can’t find shapes you can’t see the lines beat it yellow building white building red so boring that’s so boring ugly wheels for an ugly engine if we can call an

Engine a power train with batteries a huge golf cart but it’s quite fast we just did two miles now and it’s pretty pretty unbelievable how it’s brutal the acceleration i’m going to show you the interior and then we’re gonna make just a test drive between 0-60 and all the kind of things now we are in austria we are not in italy so we can we can’t go as fast as we

Want here police works because in italy we can in italy italy is italy italy italian spaghetti pizza laura really really so this is the front i can’t add carbon fiber as we need the lightweight materials for this huge metal block nice dealing with infotainment as always as an audi today if you can get on board on an audi with blinded eyes and you open once

You’re inside you can understand which model you’re driving they’re all the same every model it’s so boring as ginny said now no roof otherwise we had to add more and more weight to reinforce the upper body of the car and uh i don’t know how to switch off the head-up display that i hate with all my heart and then i’m gonna show you the back this one net just for

A three-year-old children very tiniest days my empty backpack mix only because it’s empty there is space otherwise exactly no way i don’t know let me check this one because i never took a look inside kind of generous not so small come on vision one and and then we call additional last one here maybe we can have more space there’s a spell oh we can put a lot of a

Lot of iphones a lot of money a lot of iphones right there alex it’s on lots of carbon this car looks like a sport car as the we as the lions are beautiful but audi you can’t include on the design the real taillights you can’t lock the car from here and let’s see understand that if i remove the taillights the design will be a lot of better a lot better design why

Would you put this but there’s a quite funny thing in the front come here baby yeah if i’m gonna watch the lights if i’m gonna close it and i’m going to open them they play that’s pretty nice huh yeah it looks like uh winds meeting uh i robot with the r8 with all the bubbles on the wheels let’s go on board guys let’s go it’s broken it’s broken it doesn’t start i

Don’t know where’s alexa now before we leave um heated steering wheel we have like eight degrees today it’s raining it’s ugly then car and uh drive select dynamic or individual and then we’re gonna put everything sound profile what the hell is it’s not black mine it’s gray i want to go down but you don’t like those kind of things right yes like a pneumatic

Suspension as an suv so you can go off-road now let’s go whoa that was something that was something one of the the most uh interesting things on board an electric car is the acceleration for sure also if he’s overdrive so it can do like this i think it’s faster than 3.3 seconds i don’t know maybe you know declared that time for safety i don’t know i think so

But remember one thing the electric powertrain goes just between the autonomy the long range and the power if you want you can put like 2 000 horsepower with this engine with deselected engine and have like 30 miles of distance so it’s just a balance but imagine we have like 150 kilometers left on the battery level and we just took the car 15 minutes ago so i i

Don’t know that’s disappointing actually exactly what do you think i think in my opinion electric vehicles are good just if they are more than 600 horsepower and if you can use them for 15 minutes okay so they’re totally useless exactly but super fun super fun for 15 minutes hey is ryan he’s not driving every time lane assist like scares me because if you live

In the steering wheel it drives and then it it stops that’s not fair i wanna an autopilot yeah yeah i mean useless pointless if it’s doing something for you just one time and the second time it doesn’t doesn’t exactly i know that sucks so um let me find a spot where we can do some not drives but accelerations we don’t do donuts uh i don’t know maybe if you

Can find a space i don’t know uh police thing what do you think i want to put off the stupid lane assist otherwise we’re gonna crash this car it’s always trying to catch my steering wheel that’s my steering wheel not yours my taxi hello did you enjoy i had so much fun it doesn’t break no breaks at all no breaks no it doesn’t but it’s okay it’s fast okay let’s go

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The 2022 Audi E-tron GT RS is the fastest Audi on the planet By Italian Impostor